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 157441. China_flu China's top medical adviser warns country is vulnerable to second wave of COVID-19 infections
2020-05-17 12:21:39 EST Source
 157442. China_flu Long queues as Thai malls reopen after virus shutdown
2020-05-17 12:19:42 EST Source
 157443. COVID19_sp I got a job that could change the whole trajectory of my career, but I’m terrified to go out
2020-05-17 11:54:48 EST Source
 157444. COVID19 Convergent Antibody Responses to SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Convalescent Individuals
2020-05-17 11:54:08 EST Source
 157445. COVID19 THIMK
2020-05-17 11:50:11 EST Source
 157446. epidemic COVID-19 in USA: States ranked by Confirmed Cases from Jan to May 2020
2020-05-17 11:30:47 EST Source
 157447. COVID19 Compassionate Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
2020-05-17 10:41:05 EST Source
 157448. COVID19_sp People are getting reinfected with COVID19, so are we done as a human species?
2020-05-17 10:36:17 EST Source
 157449. COVID19 Improved survival outcome in SARs-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome patients with Tocilizumab administration
2020-05-17 10:02:59 EST Source
 157450. COVID19 Cytokine profile in plasma of severe COVID-19 does not differ from ARDS and sepsis
2020-05-17 09:44:55 EST Source
 157451. COVID19_sp I'm just lost and don't know how to balance anymore....
2020-05-17 09:42:40 EST Source
 157452. COVID19 Immunoregulation with mTOR inhibitors to prevent COVID‐19 severity: A novel intervention strategy beyond vaccines and specific antiviral medicines
2020-05-17 05:27:02 EST Source
 157453. epidemic Soil pathogens rise as temperatures do - Cosmos Magazine - 13 May 2020
2020-05-17 05:57:28 EST Source
 157454. epidemic COVID-19 and Superbugs: There’s something in the water… - British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy - 28 April 2020
2020-05-17 05:55:43 EST Source
 157455. COVID19 Further evidence does not support hydroxychloroquine for patients with COVID-19: Adverse events were more common in those receiving the drug.
2020-05-17 01:05:51 EST Source
 157456. COVID19_sp I need positivity about survival rates right now.
2020-05-17 05:00:17 EST Source
 157457. epidemic Two Biology PhDs discuss what implications would it have if COVID-19 has had escaped from the lab.
2020-05-17 04:31:48 EST Source
 157458. COVID19_sp i know this was a stupid move but...
2020-05-17 04:23:34 EST Source
 157459. COVID19_sp grandmother thinks it's all a joke and aint sure what to do ;/
2020-05-17 00:13:55 EST Source
 157460. epidemic Parrot fever alert issued after three people test positive to bird disease in Blue Mountains
2020-05-17 04:13:46 EST Source
 157461. COVID19_sp My state's open...so, I'm still normal, right?
2020-05-16 23:16:32 EST Source
 157462. COVID19_sp Really missing my boyfriend.. should I take the risk?
2020-05-16 22:56:01 EST Source
 157463. Virology What difference does it make if this virus emerged in a lab?
2020-05-17 02:42:34 EST Source
 157464. Virology I feel like I've ruined my future
2020-05-17 02:12:35 EST Source
 157465. COVID19_sp when can i see parents?
2020-05-16 22:07:55 EST Source
 157466. COVID19_sp I honestly don't think I'll feel better until things are back to normal
2020-05-16 21:51:35 EST Source
 157467. COVID19_sp Re-entering The Work Force. I'm Concerned.
2020-05-16 21:32:38 EST Source
 157468. COVID19_sp Chances of me or my dad getting it?
2020-05-16 21:25:39 EST Source
 157469. COVID19_sp School Schedule for Senior Year and after seeing it I feel like giving up
2020-05-16 20:12:13 EST Source
 157470. COVID19_sp I go back to work next week
2020-05-16 16:49:04 EST Source
 157471. Virology Is there an epidemiological assessment/prediction of the magnitude of a second wave of SARS2 infections or is it impossible to say anything scientific about it at the moment?
2020-05-16 20:14:19 EST Source
 157472. Virology With over 200 possible cases, doctors warn reports of rare, coronavirus-linked child inflammatory illness likely to rise
2020-05-16 19:58:56 EST Source
 157473. COVID19_sp Things seem to be falling apart
2020-05-16 15:51:16 EST Source
 157474. COVID19_sp Overwhelmed at the thought of losing a parent again
2020-05-16 15:26:24 EST Source
 157475. COVID19_sp When do you think we will be able to have large events again?
2020-05-16 14:49:08 EST Source
 157476. COVID19_sp I'm angry because I've fallen through the cracks
2020-05-16 13:34:10 EST Source
 157477. COVID19_sp New York Public Library Online Events-Book Clubs and More
2020-05-16 13:10:34 EST Source
 157478. COVID19_sp Is this the End ?
2020-05-16 09:50:09 EST Source
 157479. Virology Research shows antiviral drug "Interferon alfa-2b" can speed up recovery of COVID-19 patient
2020-05-16 10:10:02 EST Source
 157480. COVID19_sp It is 4:30 AM and I haven't slept
2020-05-16 04:48:46 EST Source
 157481. COVID19_sp My skin hurts from wearing a mask for several hours each day.
2020-05-16 01:47:20 EST Source
 157482. Virology Virologists of Reddit! Please critique my ELI5 paragraph for how to mass produce a vaccine. My father-in-law tried to Google it and got frustrated, so he turned to me for help.
2020-05-16 04:35:08 EST Source
 157483. COVID19_sp Missing my girlfriend, is it a bad idea to visit?
2020-05-15 23:04:02 EST Source
 157484. COVID19_sp New Child Killer?
2020-05-15 22:34:03 EST Source
 157485. COVID19_sp Update
2020-05-15 22:33:05 EST Source
 157486. COVID19_sp I wrote this song as my own contribution, giving support to everyone as we all go through this pandemic. I hope it makes your days a little better and easier to cope with.
2020-05-15 22:07:06 EST Source
 157487. COVID19_sp Has anyone ever had a totally mild "mild" case?
2020-05-15 22:00:21 EST Source
 157488. COVID19_sp Nonresident spouses of US citizens- has anyone successfully gotten into the country?
2020-05-15 16:24:01 EST Source
 157489. ID_news Mike Bowen: US medical mask maker says 'I've been ignored for so long' - CNNPolitics
2020-05-15 19:39:46 EST Source
 157490. ID_news Severe Covid-19 | NEJM
2020-05-15 19:24:24 EST Source
 157491. COVID19_sp I'm having suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life.
2020-05-15 15:16:06 EST Source
 157492. Virology Hey r/Virology, if you have any time or interest, could use the help talking about CoVID conspiracy theories on this post! It's a whack-a-mole and my mallet's getting pretty sore
2020-05-15 13:56:59 EST Source
 157493. epidemic Top Countries with Most Coronavirus Deaths CDC reports first China Case - Reuters - Jan. 22, 2020
2020-05-15 17:12:10 EST Source
 157494. COVID19_sp Anyone know when we can visit family again?
2020-05-15 11:33:54 EST Source
 157495. COVID19_sp Show your support for the healthcare workers battling COVID-19. Share messages of support directly to 1000's of doctors and nurses everyday.
2020-05-15 10:41:21 EST Source
 157496. COVID19_sp I'm starting to feel like the medicine is worse than the virus
2020-05-15 10:37:54 EST Source
 157497. COVID19_sp COVID really had to come for my menstrual cycle too among other things
2020-05-15 09:45:17 EST Source
 157498. COVID19_sp When your female friend makes you feel horrible during an pandemic. She said that I'm not allowed to be sad or upset about a relationship because of covid-19
2020-05-15 09:25:12 EST Source
 157499. COVID19_sp There’s a joke that goes something like, “What’s worse than a break-up? A pandemic. What’s worse than a pandemic? A break-up during a pandemic.” Currently it appears that my life is structured on enhancing this joke with extra punchlines.
2020-05-15 07:06:09 EST Source
 157500. Virology Can SARS-nCoV-2 infect bats?
2020-05-15 06:53:47 EST Source
 157501. COVID19_sp essential worker, moving, helpless
2020-05-15 03:12:09 EST Source
 157502. COVID19_sp Are you guys going to see your friends after social distancing guidelines are loosened somewhat?
2020-05-15 01:59:58 EST Source
 157503. Virology How do health authorities uncover the source of an outbreak?
2020-05-14 23:59:02 EST Source
 157504. COVID19_sp My boss is pressuring me to go back to work in the office.
2020-05-14 23:38:07 EST Source
 157505. COVID19_sp Higher taxes next year- sign of improvement?
2020-05-14 22:38:07 EST Source
 157506. Virology Viral Typogram by Aaron Kuehn (2020)
2020-05-14 22:23:10 EST Source
 157507. COVID19_sp Okay, I need some factual, preferably non-anxiety inducing info here about a COVID-19 complication
2020-05-14 21:40:55 EST Source
 157508. COVID19_sp I'm done
2020-05-14 21:14:10 EST Source
 157509. COVID19_sp I feel this virus has ruined my life.
2020-05-14 21:08:33 EST Source
 157510. COVID19_sp Are there people reporting getting the virus from touching surfaces still and going outside without a mask?
2020-05-14 21:04:45 EST Source
 157511. Virology Why is the novel coronavirus so contagious?
2020-05-14 20:50:24 EST Source
 157512. COVID19_sp It's getting hard not to give up hope.
2020-05-14 19:45:38 EST Source
 157513. COVID19_sp I cried over a wet burrito the other night...
2020-05-14 19:44:16 EST Source
 157514. COVID19_sp I am trying to make a WebFeed with the best Covid19 resources I can find. Check it out and please pass me a link if you see an important one missing.
2020-05-14 19:31:05 EST Source
 157515. COVID19_sp Anxiety about Re-Opening (Ontario)
2020-05-14 19:12:26 EST Source
 157516. COVID19_sp Does anyone know if this situation is getting better or worse?
2020-05-14 18:07:29 EST Source
 157517. COVID19_sp I promised myself not to look up coronavirus-related news, and I have constantly broken that promise
2020-05-14 17:30:04 EST Source
 157518. COVID19_sp Do you still order take-out? What precautions do you take?
2020-05-14 17:22:23 EST Source
 157519. ID_news Which U.S. States Meet Recommended Positivity Levels?
2020-05-14 21:03:16 EST Source
 157520. COVID19_sp Anxious taking in-person vocal lessons again.
2020-05-14 16:40:46 EST Source
 157521. COVID19_sp Anxiety about air travel
2020-05-14 14:32:18 EST Source
 157522. Virology Are there examples of self-extinguished viruses?
2020-05-14 10:20:25 EST Source
 157523. COVID19_sp Mom needs me but everyone else is sure I'm going to get sick.
2020-05-14 10:13:47 EST Source
 157524. Virology Can anyone comment on the following study?
2020-05-14 09:44:34 EST Source
 157525. epidemic The Red Square. Walking in Moscow During Pandemic
2020-05-14 09:42:53 EST Source
 157526. COVID19_sp Trinkets
2020-05-14 07:19:28 EST Source
 157527. ID_news 23andMe expands study to unravel role of genetics in Covid-19
2020-05-14 10:49:39 EST Source
 157528. COVID19_sp I genuinely think I’m depressed
2020-05-14 02:59:18 EST Source
 157529. COVID19_sp Getting really sick of and worn down by people shaming others for literallt going outside
2020-05-14 00:38:14 EST Source
 157530. COVID19_sp If you HAD to go to the hospital would you feel comfortable? How to manage that anxiety?
2020-05-13 23:50:28 EST Source
 157531. COVID19_sp My mom will not stop leaving the house
2020-05-13 23:47:21 EST Source
 157532. COVID19_sp Something positive
2020-05-13 23:38:46 EST Source
 157533. COVID19_sp If you think wearing a mask is too much, just avoid crowded places by checking in advance!
2020-05-13 23:33:54 EST Source
 157534. ID_news Autopsy series of 27 patients shows that SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in multiple organs, including the lungs, pharynx, heart, liver, brain, and kidneys.
2020-05-14 03:12:27 EST Source
 157535. COVID19_sp Navigating Extended Family and Social Distancing/Boundaries
2020-05-13 22:24:25 EST Source
 157536. Virology Why has an HIV Vaccine never developed?
2020-05-13 21:59:43 EST Source

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