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 1. China_flu Airflow dynamics are as important as the volume of air flow in dispersing pathogens, study finds
2024-03-07 16:03:24 EST Source
 2. China_flu Thousands of seniors are still dying of Covid-19. Do we not care anymore? | CNN
2024-02-08 14:51:34 EST Source
 3. China_flu China experiments with deadly coronavirus-like virus that's '100% fatal to mice'
2024-01-25 01:06:19 EST Source
 4. China_flu Wisconsin bill to restrict pathogen studies worries scientists
2024-01-13 08:57:31 EST Source
 5. China_flu If You Get Sick with COVID-19, Antiviral Treatments Can Protect You Against Severe Illness
2023-12-23 10:35:37 EST Source
 6. China_flu Life expectancy rises for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic
2023-11-30 08:40:07 EST Source
 7. China_flu Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for November 26, 2023
2023-11-26 10:56:58 EST Source
 8. China_flu Stress in America™ 2023: A nation grappling with psychological impacts of collective trauma
2023-11-08 15:47:24 EST Source
 9. China_flu Lab Leak Fight Casts Chill Over Virology Research (Gift Article)
2023-10-16 11:01:07 EST Source
 10. China_flu The Flu Vaccine Works--In a Way Most People Don't Appreciate
2023-10-11 10:17:23 EST Source
 11. China_flu F.D.A. Approves New Covid Shots
2023-09-11 21:19:15 EST Source
 12. China_flu Sustained and Boosted Antibody Responses in Breast Milk After Maternal SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination | Breastfeeding Medicine
2023-09-06 09:18:25 EST Source
 13. China_flu Rheumatoid arthritis and older age are associated with lower humoral and cellular immune response to primary series COVID-19 mRNA vaccine
2023-09-06 09:14:29 EST Source
 14. China_flu Fears of new global pandemic soar as new mutant strain of virus discovered in China
2023-09-06 07:27:38 EST Source
 15. China_flu Long COVID | NIH COVID-19 Research
2023-09-01 14:08:38 EST Source
 16. China_flu Measuring the Psychological Distress of COVID-19
2023-09-01 14:07:39 EST Source
 17. China_flu Variant in Immune Gene Linked to Lack of Symptoms During COVID-19
2023-09-01 14:03:59 EST Source
 18. China_flu Montana judge hands historic win to young plaintiffs in climate change case
2023-08-15 12:38:38 EST Source
 19. China_flu Long COVID is devastating and far from rare. As infections rise again, why are we still ignoring it?
2023-08-13 20:56:11 EST Source
 20. China_flu Cyprus allows human COVID-19 medications to be used against deadly virus mutation in cats
2023-08-04 17:19:05 EST Source
 21. China_flu The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin (Gift Article)
2023-07-25 10:15:56 EST Source
 22. China_flu Pro-lockdowners: Would you have supported more than one year long lockdowns in 2019?
2023-07-19 10:56:40 EST Source
 23. China_flu Peru: The country with the world's highest death toll per capita, and the world's toughest lockdowns
2023-07-19 09:26:33 EST Source
 24. China_flu No-Lockdown Sweden Seemingly Tied for Lowest All-Causes Mortality in OECD Since COVID Arrived
2023-07-18 10:11:00 EST Source
 25. China_flu Neil Ferguson: 200 million people will die in bird flu (2005)
2023-07-17 17:31:13 EST Source
 26. China_flu Neil Ferguson Said That Schools Needed to Close for Swine Flu
2023-07-17 15:30:24 EST Source
 27. China_flu Frontiers in Public Health: Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink
2023-07-17 14:44:22 EST Source
 28. China_flu NIH study: Lockdowns May Claim 20 Times as Many Life Years as They Save
2023-07-14 19:02:36 EST Source
 29. China_flu I was sentenced to three and a half years in China for providing VPN services.
2023-06-28 22:50:28 EST Source
 30. China_flu Has COVID’s Patient Zero Finally Been Named?
2023-06-23 20:10:57 EST Source
 31. China_flu Notes from the Field: Comparison of COVID-19 Mortality Rates Among Adults Aged ≥65 Years Who Were Unvaccinated and Those Who Received a Bivalent Booster Dose Within the Preceding 6 Months — 20 U.S. Jurisdictions, September 18, 2022–April 1, 2023
2023-06-18 09:48:28 EST Source
 32. China_flu First People Sickened By COVID-19 Were Chinese Scientists At Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Say US Government Sources
2023-06-15 10:12:50 EST Source
 33. China_flu Wuhan lab staff sought hospital care before COVID-19 outbreak disclosed - WSJ
2023-06-15 09:18:25 EST Source
 34. China_flu Large study provides scientists with deeper insight into long COVID symptoms
2023-06-14 08:26:11 EST Source
 35. China_flu Designing a SARS-CoV-2 decoy | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
2023-06-13 14:16:18 EST Source
 36. China_flu Acute kidney disease following COVID-19 vaccination: a single-center retrospective study
2023-06-11 08:52:10 EST Source
 37. China_flu An immediate way to lower pandemic risk: (not) seizing the low-hanging fruit (bat)
2023-06-10 08:51:10 EST Source
 38. China_flu Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine | Open Forum Infectious Diseases
2023-06-09 09:23:12 EST Source
 39. China_flu CDC: Bivalent vaccine 24% effective against hospitalization compared to the unvaccinated
2023-06-06 11:08:23 EST Source
 40. China_flu Participatory Surveillance to Discern the Role of Children in Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2
2023-06-03 09:54:41 EST Source
 41. China_flu Brain fog in long COVID limits function and health status, independently of hospital severity and preexisting conditions
2023-05-31 12:09:01 EST Source
 42. China_flu SARS-CoV-2 transmission with and without mask wearing or air cleaners in schools in Switzerland: A modeling study of epidemiological, environmental, and molecular data
2023-05-21 10:08:30 EST Source
 43. China_flu Association Between Vaccination Status and Outcomes in Patie... : Critical Care Medicine
2023-05-19 09:56:45 EST Source
 44. China_flu Risk of post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection associated with pre-coronavirus disease obstructive sleep apnea diagnoses: an electronic health record-based analysis from the RECOVER initiative | SLEEP
2023-05-17 10:02:06 EST Source
 45. China_flu A Narrative Review on the Potential Role of Vitamin D3 in the Prevention, Protection, and Disease Mitigation of Acute and Long COVID-19 - Current Nutrition Reports
2023-05-06 09:50:17 EST Source
 46. China_flu Wisconsin Supreme Court won't order ivermectin use for COVID
2023-05-03 09:58:40 EST Source
 47. China_flu Changes in Depression and Anxiety Among Children and Adolescents From Before to During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
2023-05-03 08:53:36 EST Source
 48. China_flu Anti‐science conspiracies pose new threats to US biomedicine in 2023
2023-05-02 23:20:38 EST Source
 49. China_flu Randomized Trial of BCG Vaccine to Protect against Covid-19 in Health Care Workers
2023-04-27 11:28:46 EST Source
 50. China_flu Reactive arthritis after COVID19 vaccination: 17 cases | Rheumatology
2023-04-25 10:36:19 EST Source
 51. China_flu Why long COVID could be a ticking time bomb for public health
2023-04-24 12:16:36 EST Source
 52. China_flu Eurosurveillance | Cryptic SARS-CoV-2 lineage identified on two mink farms as a possible result of long-term undetected circulation in an unknown animal reservoir, Poland, November 2022 to January 2023
2023-04-23 09:31:16 EST Source
 53. China_flu Rational Discourse on Virology and Pandemics
2023-04-20 10:13:13 EST Source
 54. China_flu Cognitive impairment in young adults with post COVID-19 syndrome
2023-04-20 08:15:57 EST Source
 55. China_flu Mayo Clinic expert talks about the new omicron variant - Mayo Clinic News Network
2023-04-19 10:40:35 EST Source
 56. China_flu Sex-Specific Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Among Offspring of Mothers With SARS-CoV-2 Infection During Pregnancy (Twice the Risk)
2023-04-18 21:26:47 EST Source
 57. China_flu The Latest Promising Long COVID Treatment? Psychedelic Drugs
2023-04-18 20:29:33 EST Source
 58. China_flu Excess death estimates from multiverse analysis in 2009–2021
2023-04-15 12:08:30 EST Source
 59. China_flu Selective visuoconstructional impairment following mild COVID-19
2023-04-12 19:36:30 EST Source
 60. China_flu Viruses linked to neurodegenerative disease
2023-04-11 08:19:12 EST Source
 61. China_flu Biomarker of Parkinson's disease in the Olfactory Mucosa of COVID-19
2023-04-11 07:26:07 EST Source
 62. China_flu Sowing SARS-CoV-2 to reap neurodegeneration: A hamster study
2023-04-10 20:44:52 EST Source
 63. China_flu Isolated REM Sleep Without Atonia Following COVID-19 Infection: A Case-Control Study
2023-04-09 08:12:41 EST Source
 64. China_flu Fix the backlash against public health
2023-04-02 09:54:22 EST Source
 65. China_flu Association of Treatment With Nirmatrelvir and the Risk of Post-COVID-19 Condition
2023-03-25 16:40:45 EST Source
 66. China_flu Biden signs bill on Covid origins declassification
2023-03-21 18:56:07 EST Source
 67. China_flu "I suspected a China lab leak early on—but my research was rejected"
2023-03-21 12:28:52 EST Source
 68. China_flu Prior COVID-19 infection associated with increased risk of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction
2023-03-19 13:06:03 EST Source
 69. China_flu Nutritional deficiencies that may predispose to long COVID
2023-03-17 13:09:49 EST Source
 70. China_flu The SARS-CoV-2 main protease induces neurotoxic TDP-43 cleavage and aggregates
2023-03-12 11:43:34 EST Source
 71. China_flu Hear Dr. Fauci's response to Covid lab leak theory
2023-03-11 23:38:14 EST Source
 72. China_flu SARS-CoV-2 Exposure in Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus) from New York City
2023-03-11 10:51:51 EST Source
 73. China_flu Indoor air is full of flu and COVID viruses. Will countries clean it up?
2023-03-09 09:37:30 EST Source
 74. China_flu Low vitamin D levels predict outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with both severe and non-severe disease at hospitalization
2023-03-03 10:09:10 EST Source
 75. China_flu SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Hippopotamus, Hanoi, Vietnam - Volume 29, Number 3—March 2023 - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal
2023-03-01 11:15:58 EST Source
 76. China_flu National security adviser: No ‘definitive answer’ on COVID lab leak
2023-02-26 15:16:22 EST Source
 77. China_flu Moderna to make milestone payments to NIH for COVID vaccine
2023-02-26 10:52:50 EST Source
 78. China_flu Opinion | Biology Is Dangerously Outpacing Policy
2023-02-20 08:13:31 EST Source
 79. China_flu HOUSE BILL 154 – Idaho State Legislature
2023-02-17 17:26:58 EST Source
 80. China_flu COVID-19 is associated with higher diabetes and hypertension risk
2023-02-15 22:38:20 EST Source
 81. China_flu Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Dizziness in COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis | Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences | Cambridge Core
2023-02-14 07:16:18 EST Source
 82. China_flu The political polarization of COVID-19 treatments among physicians and laypeople in the United States
2023-02-10 10:13:02 EST Source
 83. China_flu Excess Mortality Among US Physicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2023-02-07 08:33:13 EST Source
 84. China_flu The NIH-led research response to COVID-19
2023-02-03 12:11:57 EST Source
 85. China_flu COVID-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people in the United States
2023-01-30 22:36:24 EST Source
 86. China_flu Expert Panel Votes for Stricter Rules on Risky Virus Research
2023-01-29 08:24:46 EST Source
 87. China_flu Could getting Covid raise cholesterol?
2023-01-26 11:35:19 EST Source
 88. China_flu Assessment of Efficacy and Safety of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Children Aged 5 to 11 Years
2023-01-24 09:09:48 EST Source
 89. China_flu Unredacted NIH Emails Show Efforts to Rule Out Lab Origin of Covid
2023-01-19 10:58:26 EST Source
 90. China_flu Israeli ministry of health comity: Treatment of side effects reported shortly after getting covid vaccine (12/2021-06/2022)
2023-01-18 09:38:04 EST Source
 91. China_flu WHO appeals to China to release more COVID-19 information
2023-01-15 07:20:53 EST Source
 92. China_flu Covid cases in China touch 900 million - study
2023-01-13 11:18:56 EST Source
 93. China_flu Detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgA and IgG in human milk and breastfeeding infant stool 6 months after maternal COVID-19 vaccination
2023-01-13 08:21:20 EST Source
 94. China_flu Increasing ventilation reduces SARS-CoV-2 airborne transmission in schools: A retrospective cohort study in Italy's Marche region
2023-01-11 12:17:11 EST Source
 95. China_flu Anti-vaxxer nurse injected some 8,600 patients with fake Covid vaccine
2023-01-09 22:22:21 EST Source
 96. China_flu Fla. surgeon general used ‘flawed’ vaccine science, faculty peers say
2023-01-04 14:25:48 EST Source

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