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 157345. COVID19_sp WEEKLY GOOD NEWS STICKY: 18-24 May 2020
2020-05-17 22:56:48 EST Source
 157346. Coronavirus Coronavirus vaccine lessons learnt from swine flu, as pharmaceutical giants look for COVID-19 solution - ABC News
2020-05-17 22:56:34 EST Source
 157347. Coronavirus New signs that coronavirus restrictions are here for the long haul in California
2020-05-17 22:54:34 EST Source
 157348. Coronavirus Second-trimester miscarriage attributed to a coronavirus infection of placenta
2020-05-17 22:51:43 EST Source
 157349. China_flu Evidences that the coronavirus originated in the U.S.
2020-05-17 22:46:44 EST Source
 157350. COVID19_sp May(be) -- Or "when this is done I'm gonna have a really shitty book of bad pandemic poetry about my stupid FEELINGS during this crisis".
2020-05-17 22:44:25 EST Source
 157351. Coronavirus Surviving This Pandemic Isn’t Enough: We need to remake the world we left behind. And we need to start with how we care for one another.
2020-05-17 22:40:52 EST Source
 157352. Coronavirus Partisanship, Health Behavior, and Policy Attitudes in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-05-17 22:39:52 EST Source
 157353. Coronavirus Don’t Fight the Boredom: Monotony may be one of the hardest things about living in lockdown, but it has its upsides.
2020-05-17 22:39:49 EST Source
 157354. China_flu Idea: A fictional black and white movie set in the current pandemic with red used to indicate areas in each scene where the virus represents an invisible threat.
2020-05-17 22:33:02 EST Source
 157355. Coronavirus Egypt coronavirus death toll is 630
2020-05-17 22:31:57 EST Source
 157356. Coronavirus Big crowds hit Virginia Beach Oceanfront after Phase One reopening plan
2020-05-17 22:29:05 EST Source
 157357. Coronavirus UK plans £38m centre to start production of coronavirus vaccine
2020-05-17 22:28:57 EST Source
 157358. Coronavirus Maryland COVID-19 hospitalizations reaches 3-week low
2020-05-17 22:28:23 EST Source
 157359. Coronavirus After FDA authorizes at-home saliva test for Covid-19, startups begin selling test kits - MedCity News
2020-05-17 22:28:21 EST Source
 157360. Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak in Nigeria Is Just One of Africa’s Alarming Hot Spots
2020-05-17 22:27:04 EST Source
 157361. Coronavirus Almost 90,000 dead and no hint of national mourning. Are these deaths not ‘ours’?
2020-05-17 22:26:08 EST Source
 157362. Coronavirus "Flattening the curve" doesn't eliminate deaths, it merely staggers them. So the closing down of America was never about saving lives - it was about preventing the overwhelming of hospitals. That has been accomplished, so why not begin opening up until hospital capacity seems in jeopardy again?
2020-05-17 22:24:42 EST Source
 157363. Coronavirus Japan's top business lobby calls for 4-day workweek in virus fight
2020-05-17 22:23:08 EST Source
 157364. Coronavirus Florida man accused of killing wife, blaming disappearance on coronavirus infection
2020-05-17 22:21:06 EST Source
 157365. Coronavirus Half the UK population could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by September if Oxford trials are successful
2020-05-17 22:19:50 EST Source
 157366. Coronavirus New paper calls into question benefits of Swedish strategy
2020-05-17 22:19:40 EST Source
 157367. Coronavirus The line for beach badges in this Shore town draws outcry. ‘What were you thinking opening the beaches?’
2020-05-17 22:17:32 EST Source
 157368. Coronavirus New Zealand quashes Coronavirus in 49 days
2020-05-17 22:16:31 EST Source
 157369. China_flu If a Covid-19 vaccine never gets developed, then what?
2020-05-17 22:13:56 EST Source
 157370. COVID19_sp Really want to see my ex.
2020-05-17 22:13:06 EST Source
 157371. COVID19 Magnesium supplementation for preventing sudden cardiac death by COVID-19 viroporins in patients with pre-existing hypertension
2020-05-17 22:07:27 EST Source
 157372. China_flu UK to be first in the world to make 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine by September
2020-05-17 22:03:39 EST Source
 157373. China_flu China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade
2020-05-17 21:42:50 EST Source
 157374. China_flu Mental health - Dr. John Campbell
2020-05-17 21:42:28 EST Source
 157375. China_flu Other Chinese Flu their attractive high interest loans for one belt one road
2020-05-17 21:25:24 EST Source
 157376. Coronavirus Does contact tracing necessarily sacrifice privacy? (via Nicky Case)
2020-05-17 21:05:39 EST Source
 157377. COVID19 Cluster of Coronavirus Disease Associated with Fitness Dance Classes, South Korea
2020-05-17 20:16:59 EST Source
 157378. ID_news Early Release - Cluster of Coronavirus Disease Associated with Fitness Dance Classes, South Korea
2020-05-17 20:11:51 EST Source
 157379. China_flu Defying stay-at-home order, Maryland pastor holds services for 250 in 500-seat church
2020-05-17 20:11:06 EST Source
 157380. China_flu Background checks to buy guns breaks records during COVID-19
2020-05-17 20:09:49 EST Source
 157381. Virology Why is it so difficult to find an effective vaccine against SARS COV 2?
2020-05-17 19:43:16 EST Source
 157382. China_flu China to be held accountable at World Health Assembly amid Coronavirus crisis: Sources
2020-05-17 19:26:38 EST Source
 157383. Coronavirus Protesters in downtown Phoenix ask for monthly pay during pandemic
2020-05-17 19:11:43 EST Source
 157384. Coronavirus Frustrated protesters outside Fremont Tesla factory want to see CEO Musk put behind bars
2020-05-17 19:11:22 EST Source
 157385. Coronavirus People hit Arizona bars, restaurants and malls as stay-at-home order ends
2020-05-17 19:09:06 EST Source
 157386. Coronavirus Austria coronavirus death toll is 629
2020-05-17 19:08:55 EST Source
 157387. Coronavirus Coronavirus vaccine could come from California and not require a shot.
2020-05-17 19:06:39 EST Source
 157388. China_flu China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World
2020-05-17 19:03:10 EST Source
 157389. Virology Anti-HBs titer levels in vaccinated individuals.
2020-05-17 19:02:57 EST Source
 157390. epidemic what you shouldn't know about major crimes (1995)
2020-05-17 19:02:02 EST Source
 157391. COVID19_sp Have you been seeing people around you having parties & no social distancing?
2020-05-17 19:01:17 EST Source
 157392. Coronavirus Can the Coronavirus-Panic-Creating Media be Sued for Closed Businesses and Lost Jobs?
2020-05-17 18:48:07 EST Source
 157393. Coronavirus Israeli HIV drug successfully treats coronavirus patients in Congo
2020-05-17 18:47:30 EST Source
 157394. Coronavirus Where states are reopening after America’s shutdown
2020-05-17 18:47:29 EST Source
 157395. Coronavirus Resource for parents: Paul stays home
2020-05-17 18:46:29 EST Source
 157396. Coronavirus Southwest CEO Says Airline Industry Facing Possible Radical Restructure
2020-05-17 18:45:19 EST Source
 157397. COVID19 Predicting the Immunogenicity of T cell epitopes: From HIV to SARS-CoV-2
2020-05-17 18:30:37 EST Source
 157398. Virology Herpes Virus Linked to Alzheimer’s
2020-05-17 18:24:08 EST Source
 157399. COVID19_sp Would it be a terrible idea to fly home to New York?
2020-05-17 18:18:17 EST Source
 157400. China_flu Coronavirus: Cats emerging as potential vectors of virus
2020-05-17 18:15:20 EST Source
 157401. China_flu Beijing announces wearing masks outdoors not necessary
2020-05-17 18:13:09 EST Source
 157402. China_flu Coronavirus will 'delete Yemen from maps all over the world' | World News
2020-05-17 18:12:05 EST Source
 157403. Virology Has there been any great virologist in many fields?
2020-05-17 18:11:34 EST Source
 157404. COVID19_sp Will I likely get a long term disorder from COVID even if I survive it?
2020-05-17 18:10:50 EST Source
 157405. Coronavirus WHO blocks Taiwan from attending World Health Assembly today despite calls from world leaders for its inclusion
2020-05-17 17:40:52 EST Source
 157406. China_flu Behavior that is getting obnoxious
2020-05-17 17:39:48 EST Source
 157407. Coronavirus Texas reports largest single-day jump in coronavirus cases
2020-05-17 17:35:53 EST Source
 157408. Coronavirus Coronavirus may ‘burn out naturally’ before any vaccine is developed, former WHO chief claims
2020-05-17 17:35:07 EST Source
 157409. Coronavirus NY Forward: A Guide to Reopening New York and Building Back Better
2020-05-17 17:34:26 EST Source
 157410. Coronavirus N.J. coronavirus deaths climb to 10,356 with 146,334 total cases. Patients hospitalized drops to 6-week low.
2020-05-17 17:30:24 EST Source
 157411. China_flu Chinese Officials Have Quarantined Thousands of People as New Cases Emerged
2020-05-17 17:00:17 EST Source
 157412. COVID19_sp Scared my dad might have contracted covid at work
2020-05-17 16:57:38 EST Source
 157413. China_flu Pakistan Medical Association unhappy with easing of lockdown; The government will be responsible for the spread of Covid-19 and any unnecessary deaths that come with easing the lockdown, claimed Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) doctors in Karachi on Saturday
2020-05-17 16:56:28 EST Source
 157414. China_flu Coronavirus poses test for Russia and China’s friendship
2020-05-17 16:23:43 EST Source
 157415. China_flu Wuhan Residents Hold Massive Dance After Coronavirus Lockdown
2020-05-17 16:20:05 EST Source
 157416. COVID19 Could live attenuated MMR vaccine booster protect against the worst of COVID-19?
2020-05-17 16:09:51 EST Source
 157417. COVID19 Benefit-risk analysis of health benefits of routine childhood immunisation against the excess risk of SARS-CoV-2 infections during the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa
2020-05-17 15:42:45 EST Source
 157418. COVID19_sp Rite Aid not delivering my drugs on Sundays is just flagrant irresponsibility
2020-05-17 15:30:46 EST Source
 157419. Coronavirus Where coronavirus isn't: What's kept cases officially at zero in these 200 counties?
2020-05-17 15:10:22 EST Source
 157420. Coronavirus Researchers Need The Help Of Recovered COVID-19 Patients. Donate Plasma To Speed Up Research. Could Help Researchers Begin To Understand The Virus, And How We Can Start To Tackle It. Interested In Donating? See If You're Eligible Here:
2020-05-17 15:04:26 EST Source
 157421. Coronavirus University of Hong Kong study shows masks prevent spread of coronavirus
2020-05-17 15:03:23 EST Source
 157422. China_flu r/coronavirus is floating with ccp supporters
2020-05-17 14:59:17 EST Source
 157423. Coronavirus No spike in coronavirus in places reopening, U.S. health secretary says
2020-05-17 14:57:14 EST Source
 157424. Coronavirus As if firefighting wasn’t dangerous enough, crews grapple with COVID-19
2020-05-17 14:54:50 EST Source
 157425. China_flu 8,000 Quarantined in China Amid New Coronavirus Infections
2020-05-17 14:22:59 EST Source
 157426. China_flu Colorado COVID-19 death count down almost 25%, as state differentiates 'dying with,' 'dying from'
2020-05-17 14:22:54 EST Source
 157427. COVID19 Yeast-Expressed SARS-CoV Recombinant Receptor-Binding Domain (RBD219-N1) Formulated with Alum Induces Protective Immunity and Reduces Immune Enhancement
2020-05-17 14:19:22 EST Source
 157428. China_flu NE China's Jilin City removes 5 officials after new COVID-19 cluster infections
2020-05-17 14:18:54 EST Source
 157429. China_flu "Our observations suggest that by the time SARS-CoV-2 was first detected in late 2019, it was already pre-adapted to human transmission"
2020-05-17 14:14:48 EST Source
 157430. ID_news Wrong but Useful — What Covid-19 Epidemiologic Models Can and Cannot Tell Us
2020-05-17 14:03:36 EST Source
 157431. COVID19 Structural Basis for Potent Neutralization of Betacoronaviruses by Single-Domain Camelid Antibodies
2020-05-17 13:11:26 EST Source
 157432. Coronavirus China's Wuhan nearly doubles number of COVID-19 tests per day, conducting 222,675 nucleic acid tests
2020-05-17 12:50:42 EST Source
 157433. COVID19 Why herd immunity to COVID-19 is reached much earlier than thought
2020-05-17 12:48:35 EST Source
 157434. Coronavirus Schools 'safe' to reopen, Michael Gove insists
2020-05-17 12:48:34 EST Source
 157435. Coronavirus US and UK ‘lead push against global patent pool for Covid-19 drugs’
2020-05-17 12:47:00 EST Source
 157436. China_flu Australia secures support of 62 countries in COVID-19 probe
2020-05-17 12:39:35 EST Source
 157437. China_flu Landmark study: Virus didn't come from animals in Wuhan market
2020-05-17 12:37:49 EST Source
 157438. China_flu Report: Anti-lockdown protests in Germany - the clash between personal freedom and public safety
2020-05-17 12:35:25 EST Source
 157439. Coronavirus 2nd death reported in Nepal.
2020-05-17 12:33:18 EST Source
 157440. Coronavirus Antiviral mask to kill coronavirus on contact in development by researchers
2020-05-17 12:27:26 EST Source

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