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 1. Coronavirus Too many children with long COVID are suffering in silence. Their greatest challenge? The myth that the virus is 'harmless' for kids
2024-06-15 18:38:56 EST Source
 2. Virology Natural Infection with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A/H5N1 Virus in Pet Ferrets
2024-06-15 15:39:19 EST Source
 3. ID_news Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome cases in Japan hit record high | since the beginning of this year reached 977 as of June 2. That's a 2.8-fold increase from the same period last year and already more than that year's total of 941 ― the highest figure ever registered
2024-06-15 14:12:24 EST Source
 4. ID_news Measles case reported in Somerset County NJ, contact tracing underway
2024-06-15 12:59:45 EST Source
 5. ID_news Possible measles exposure at Franciscan Urgent Care - West Seattle - King County, Washington: The child was not vaccinated, and the infection was likely associated with travel outside the United States.
2024-06-15 12:30:48 EST Source
 6. ID_news Gavi to boost access to life-saving human rabies vaccines in over 50 countries: Gavi, WHO and UAR
2024-06-15 09:58:04 EST Source
 7. Coronavirus Yes, Everyone Really Is Sick a Lot More Often After Covid
2024-06-15 08:38:36 EST Source
 8. COVID19 Duration of Symptoms and Association With Positive Home Rapid Antigen Test Results After Infection With SARS-CoV-2
2024-06-15 08:09:00 EST Source
 9. Virology H5N1 Detections in Mammals as reported by APHIS (full list is below the map)
2024-06-15 00:02:49 EST Source
 10. ID_news How the Paris Olympics could become a super-spreader event for dengue | CNN
2024-06-14 19:59:17 EST Source
 11. ID_news More U.S. hospitals than ever require staff to get flu shots: 96% of hospitals serving veterans and 74% of hospitals serving the general public now require staff to get vaccinated against influenza or seek an exemption.
2024-06-14 18:08:39 EST Source
 12. Coronavirus Third-party review of New York COVID response released
2024-06-14 17:30:53 EST Source
 13. ID_news Dozens of hikers sickened after visiting Grand Canyon's Havasupai Falls
2024-06-14 13:43:37 EST Source
 14. Virology SARS CoV-2 antibodies
2024-06-14 13:13:03 EST Source
 15. COVID19 Updated COVID-19 Vaccines for Use in the United States Beginning in Fall 2024. FDA Updates Advice to Manufacturers of COVID-19 Vaccines (2024-2025 Formula): If Feasible Use KP.2 Strain of JN.1-Lineage
2024-06-14 12:39:56 EST Source
 16. Coronavirus FDA Updates Advice to Manufacturers of COVID-19 Vaccines (2024-2025 Formula): If Feasible Use KP.2 Strain of JN.1-Lineage
2024-06-14 09:55:48 EST Source
 17. ID_news Study details reduced Tamiflu susceptibility in H1N1 flu cases | CIDRAP
2024-06-14 09:50:11 EST Source
 18. Coronavirus Fact Check: Study does not say COVID vaccines may have fuelled excess deaths
2024-06-14 08:50:55 EST Source
 19. Coronavirus Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to incite fear of China vaccines
2024-06-14 07:44:31 EST Source
 20. Virology Is ebola virus/Marburg variants still circling in unknown animal hosts in parts of the world?
2024-06-13 15:42:41 EST Source
 21. ID_news WHO confirms human case of bird flu in India
2024-06-13 13:31:39 EST Source
 22. ID_news Spread of tiger mosquito behind rise of dengue fever in Europe
2024-06-13 12:09:36 EST Source
 23. Coronavirus Billionaires at Davos don't think COVID is just a cold
2024-06-13 10:54:24 EST Source
 24. ID_news Is it COVID, the flu, or RSV? A Roche test could soon provide the answer in 20 minutes
2024-06-13 10:29:02 EST Source
 25. ID_news Hepatitis Awareness Month 2024: Understanding the five types of Hepatitis and prevention – India TV
2024-06-13 10:11:56 EST Source
 26. ID_news Undercooked pork liver linked to hepatitis E outbreak in China
2024-06-13 10:04:56 EST Source
 27. ID_news Rabid Cat and Kitten Confirmed in Florence County; Nineteen People Exposed | “If you see an animal in need, avoid touching it and contact someone trained in handling animals, such as your local animal control officer, wildlife control operator, or wildlife rehabilitator - Florence County, SC
2024-06-13 10:02:12 EST Source
 28. ID_news Australia - Concerning detail in ‘severe’ flu season: a 22 per cent jump in people presenting to hospital emergency departments with flu-like illnesses
2024-06-13 04:58:13 EST Source
 29. ID_news European heath Commission secures access to 665,000 doses of zoonotic influenza vaccines
2024-06-13 03:50:55 EST Source
 30. Virology Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin–Neuraminidase–Receptor Balance: Preserving Virus Motility
2024-06-12 22:02:34 EST Source
 31. Virology Sialic Acid Receptor Specificity in Mammary Gland of Dairy Cattle Infected with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Virus
2024-06-12 19:08:58 EST Source
 32. ID_news Drug-resistant "dual mutant" flu strains now being tracked in U.S., CDC says: the new H1N1 flu viruses with these two concerning mutations – which scientists call I223V and S247N
2024-06-12 17:57:17 EST Source
 33. COVID19 Heterotypic immunity from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection but not COVID-19 vaccination associates with lower endemic coronavirus incidence
2024-06-12 16:00:05 EST Source
 34. Coronavirus COVID is coming for Calif., and viral wastewater levels show it’s already hitting the Bay Area the hardest
2024-06-12 14:36:18 EST Source
 35. ID_news Worsening spread of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in EU/EEA, according to latest ECDC figures: upward trend in the number of cases of dengue imported from dengue-endemic regions, as well as an increasing number of local outbreaks of West Nile virus infections & dengue within the EU/EEA
2024-06-12 13:05:31 EST Source
 36. ID_news South Africa records first mpox death after five cases confirmed
2024-06-12 13:03:08 EST Source
 37. Coronavirus Covid Can Cause Long-Term Damage Inside Eye If Not Treated - KFF Health News
2024-06-12 12:45:14 EST Source
 38. ID_news Raw meat-based diet for pets linked to drug-resistant bacteria, prompting concerns over public health risks
2024-06-12 11:41:21 EST Source
 39. ID_news Pertussis outbreak in neonates and young infants across Italy, January to May 2024: implications for vaccination strategies - the resurgence of pertussis (whooping cough) in Europe since the end of 2023 represents a pressing public health concern
2024-06-12 11:34:18 EST Source
 40. ID_news As mpox cases rise, experts urge complete, two-part vaccinations
2024-06-12 11:31:33 EST Source
 41. ID_news Chad hepatitis E outbreak: How the dangerous liver disease spreads and how it can be treated
2024-06-12 10:13:33 EST Source
 42. ID_news Las Vegas is buzzing with a record number of mosquitoes, many carrying viruses: st louis encephalitis & west nile
2024-06-12 10:10:00 EST Source
 43. Virology Question about influenza neuraminidase
2024-06-11 22:13:32 EST Source
 44. Virology Is the probability of an H5N1 pandemic getting higher, or is it just the media?
2024-06-11 21:16:43 EST Source
 45. ID_news LFCHD confirms more cases in Lexington, KY whooping cough outbreak: Lexington has had more cases in the past six weeks than the previous five years combined.
2024-06-11 17:25:22 EST Source
 46. Coronavirus Strong evidence of the value of masking
2024-06-11 16:45:31 EST Source
 47. Virology Plaque Assay Issues: Cells Not Sticking to the Bottom of Wells
2024-06-11 16:27:30 EST Source
 48. Virology Plaque Assay Issues
2024-06-11 16:21:12 EST Source
 49. Virology Question about HPV (verruca vulgaris) in the genital area
2024-06-11 15:04:44 EST Source
 50. Coronavirus What to know about Moderna’s combined covid-flu vaccine on the horizon
2024-06-11 10:27:24 EST Source
 51. Coronavirus Feeling Rough After Your COVID Shot? Congrats, It’s Working! | Headache, chills, tiredness may be evidence of a supercharged defense, according to UCSF-led study.
2024-06-11 08:42:12 EST Source
 52. Coronavirus Pfizer's Paxlovid fails as 15-day treatment for long COVID, study finds
2024-06-10 18:11:38 EST Source
 53. ID_news Household study suggests infants may spread C difficile
2024-06-10 17:15:21 EST Source
 54. ID_news ECDC report highlights rising drug-resistance in gonorrhea
2024-06-10 17:14:30 EST Source
 55. Virology If you knew that H5N1 was going to become a human pandemic in exactly 30 days, would you go play with infected cows?
2024-06-10 10:31:35 EST Source
 56. ID_news Moderna Announces Positive Phase 3 Data for Combination Vaccine Against Influenza and COVID-19
2024-06-10 08:54:34 EST Source
 57. Coronavirus Two-in-one flu and Covid jab passes advanced trial
2024-06-10 08:49:56 EST Source
 58. ID_news EU to secure 40 million avian flu vaccines for 15 countries - officials | Reuters
2024-06-10 08:38:41 EST Source
 59. Virology Diversity and evolution of the animal virome - Nature Reviews Microbiology
2024-06-09 20:29:23 EST Source
 60. Coronavirus 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules mRNA COVID-19 Jab is NOT a Vaccine Under Traditional Medical Definitions
2024-06-09 17:58:16 EST Source
 61. COVID19 Impact of in vitro SARS-CoV-2 infection on breast cancer cells
2024-06-09 12:56:59 EST Source
 62. ID_news Template letter to clinicians caring for immunosuppressed patients on measles - UK Health Security Agency - updated 7 June 2024
2024-06-09 06:24:12 EST Source
 63. ID_news Pakistan: Measles, pneumonia outbreak escalates in Pattoki, claiming more young lives” | bringing the total fatalities to ten in the past twenty days.
2024-06-09 06:18:04 EST Source
 64. ID_news Whooping Cough Kills Eighth Baby As Cases Surge In England: Nearly 4,800 cases have been recorded so far this year, with figures rising every month
2024-06-09 05:19:21 EST Source
 65. COVID19 Cognitive deficits and cortical volume loss in COVID-19-related hyposmia
2024-06-09 01:52:45 EST Source
 66. COVID19 Intranasal SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant vaccines elicit humoral and cellular mucosal immunity in female mice
2024-06-08 21:49:29 EST Source
 67. ID_news Whooping Cough surging across US, CDC reports 45 in Georgia: Nationally, the CDC said 4,800 cases were reported this year
2024-06-08 16:09:20 EST Source
 68. ID_news Finland to receive first EU procured bird flu shots: The EU’s health crisis authority will sign a contract with Seqirus next Tuesday to secure hundreds of thousands of doses of its H5N1 flu shot adapted to protect people
2024-06-08 13:32:09 EST Source
 69. Coronavirus Paxlovid Might Not Be the Long COVID Cure We Hoped For
2024-06-08 09:04:45 EST Source
 70. ID_news FDA approves GSK's RSV vaccine for high-risk adults ages 50 to 59, expanding shot's reach
2024-06-08 08:55:38 EST Source
 71. Virology CDC Reports A(H5N1) Ferret Study Results. Is 33% inefficient? And does the ferret IFR have ramifications for human severity?
2024-06-08 00:25:24 EST Source
 72. Virology What would be a good (non pathogenic) host bacterium to isolate soil phages?
2024-06-07 21:15:14 EST Source
 73. ID_news Texas bird flu strain kills ferrets used to mimic disease in humans, US CDC says
2024-06-07 18:44:45 EST Source
 74. ID_news Only About Half of Folks Would Tell New Sex Partner If They Had an STD
2024-06-07 17:05:01 EST Source
 75. ID_news NJ Health Department Alerts Residents of Travel-Associated Confirmed Measles Case, Urges Individuals To Stay Up to Date on Vaccines: a resident of Somerset County & developed measles following travel from a country that is currently experiencing an ongoing outbreak of measles
2024-06-07 17:02:04 EST Source
 76. COVID19 Stanford Medicine trial: 15-day Paxlovid regimen safe but adds no clear long-COVID benefit
2024-06-07 16:46:03 EST Source
 77. Coronavirus New COVID variant KP.3 climbs to 25%, now largest in CDC estimates
2024-06-07 15:31:41 EST Source
 78. Virology What is the best Virology textbook?
2024-06-07 15:09:51 EST Source
 79. ID_news Texas rancher develops anthrax from butchered lamb meat: he rancher, who survived his ordeal, caught the anthrax germ after butchering and consuming meat from a lamb that had died unexpectedly on his ranch,
2024-06-07 12:49:43 EST Source
 80. Coronavirus COVID vaccines saved millions of lives – linking them to excess deaths is a mistake
2024-06-07 10:36:10 EST Source
 81. ID_news Adult vaccination programmes deliver socio-economic benefits up to 19 times initial investment, according to new report: equivalent to up to USD 4,637 in net monetary benefits to society per individual full vaccination course. - OHE
2024-06-07 10:32:17 EST Source
 82. ID_news US: FDA advised states against the sale and consumption of raw milk due to the H5N1 outbreak in dairy cattle
2024-06-07 09:20:25 EST Source
 83. ID_news Epstein-Barr virus and brain cross-reactivity: Possible mechanism for multiple sclerosis detected
2024-06-07 03:38:12 EST Source
 84. Virology Does pasteurization inactivate bird flu virus in milk? (Discussion: is commercial milk an exception?)
2024-06-06 22:59:07 EST Source
 85. Virology Is the H5N1 avian influenza rod shaped or a icosahedron particle? I’m seeing conflicting information from reputable sources
2024-06-06 22:03:32 EST Source
 86. COVID19 Long-Term Health Effects of COVID-19: Disability and Function Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection
2024-06-06 15:40:05 EST Source
 87. ID_news A new initiative will help leaders fight the next pandemic - STAT
2024-06-06 15:02:54 EST Source
 88. Coronavirus ‘Unusual’ cancers emerged after the pandemic. Doctors ask if covid is to blame. — It’s not a new idea that viruses can cause or accelerate cancer. But it will probably be years before answers emerge about covid and cancer.
2024-06-06 13:21:14 EST Source
 89. ID_news NIH researchers never said there is no risk of CWD spillover to humans
2024-06-06 13:06:26 EST Source
 90. ID_news UK Three more babies die from whooping cough: a total of 8 babies have died from the disease since the start of the year; some 181 babies under the age of three months were diagnosed with whooping cough
2024-06-06 11:34:47 EST Source
 91. Coronavirus ‘Unusual’ cancers emerged after the pandemic. Doctors ask if covid is to blame.
2024-06-06 09:45:39 EST Source
 92. Coronavirus New Report Underscores the Seriousness of Long Covid
2024-06-06 07:01:05 EST Source
 93. ID_news Antibiotics for common childhood infections no longer effective: Alarmingly high rates of bacterial resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat children and babies has been found in the Asia -Pacific. - The University of Sydney
2024-06-06 05:57:44 EST Source
 94. ID_news Experts Warn of Drug-Resistant Jock Itch, Athlete's Foot: the rashes can look very different from the neat, regular circles seen in most forms of ringworm, researchers said. They might be confused with eczema, and go for months without proper treatmen
2024-06-06 05:24:26 EST Source
 95. ID_news HPV vaccine reduces head and neck cancer risk in men by more than 50%
2024-06-06 02:06:49 EST Source
 96. ID_news Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Cucumbers | CDC
2024-06-05 21:43:12 EST Source

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