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 1. ID_news To deal with the next pandemic, the FDA needs an Office of Preparedness and Response
2023-04-01 19:01:39 EST Source
 2. ID_news South African Measles Outbreak Update 2023 ( 31 March ) - NICD
2023-04-01 16:25:47 EST Source
 3. ID_news WHO tracking Omicron XBB.1.16 subvariant, rising cases in some countries
2023-04-01 10:15:03 EST Source
 4. ID_news Metformin reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load, study finds
2023-04-01 10:14:36 EST Source
 5. ID_news Marburg virus: WHO ready to test vaccine candidates in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania - Globe Echo
2023-04-01 01:35:28 EST Source
 6. ID_news FDA, and CDC say flour is the source of the Salmonella outbreak; brands not known yet
2023-03-31 21:47:00 EST Source
 7. ID_news Norovirus confirmed on three recent cruises: 2023 to date, nine cruise ship voyages have had outbreaks investigated by the CDC. Four had norovirus as the etiology, while the other five remain unknown
2023-03-31 17:32:01 EST Source
 8. ID_news Study finds recent shingles infection increases the risk of myocardial infarction: Several studies link VZV infection and shingles to increased MI risk.
2023-03-31 14:55:59 EST Source
 9. ID_news Low vaccine coverage fuels recurrence of diphtheria in Nigeria: 21 states had reported a total of 1,064 suspected cases... majority (78%) of confirmed cases are children aged two to 14 years and 62 of them have died from the disease.
2023-03-31 14:46:55 EST Source
 10. ID_news More than 1,900 Windsor-Essex elementary students suspended over vaccination records: Health unit offering vaccine clinics this week to help students catch up | CBC News
2023-03-31 14:38:23 EST Source
 11. ID_news What’s Going Around: Whooping cough hits local school | penn
2023-03-31 14:33:26 EST Source
 12. ID_news What’s Driving A Rise In Mumps Cases In The United States?
2023-03-31 10:37:00 EST Source
 13. ID_news Philippines measles cases top 200, Dengue cases doubled from last year
2023-03-31 10:33:25 EST Source
 14. ID_news New Zealand reports its first case of rabies
2023-03-31 09:18:00 EST Source
 15. ID_news Chile reports human H5N1 avian influenza case
2023-03-31 09:17:27 EST Source
 16. ID_news Most health care facilities have no plans to discontinue universal masking, survey shows
2023-03-31 09:16:29 EST Source
 17. ID_news Lassa Fever: Nigeria records 784 confirmed cases, 142 deaths - Vanguard News
2023-03-31 04:04:54 EST Source
 18. ID_news Severe Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to Common Childhood Viruses: AAVs are not known to cause hepatitis on their own. They need “helper” viruses, such as adenoviruses that cause colds and flus, to replicate in the liver | UC San Francisco
2023-03-31 02:04:54 EST Source
 19. ID_news Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease. They need better long-term monitoring, says researcher
2023-03-31 02:02:50 EST Source
 20. ID_news Marburg virus disease - Equatorial Guinea - WHO 22 March 2023
2023-03-31 01:58:40 EST Source
 21. ID_news Viruses in sewage help to pinpoint typhoid hotspots: Targeting the virus that infects the disease-causing bacterium could be a cheap way to prioritize populations for vaccination campaigns
2023-03-30 20:22:28 EST Source
 22. ID_news Parents Urged To Ensure Children Are Protected Against Measles Before Travelling Over Easter Break
2023-03-30 13:44:12 EST Source
 23. ID_news A new flu is spilling over from cows to people in the U.S. How worried should we be?
2023-03-30 01:51:12 EST Source
 24. ID_news Chile reports human case of H5N1 bird flu
2023-03-29 20:02:06 EST Source
 25. ID_news Babesiosis and what you need to know about the 2023 tick season - Mayo Clinic News Network
2023-03-29 17:16:37 EST Source
 26. ID_news Method for improving seasonal flu vaccines also aids pandemic prediction: Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital found mutations that can improve or impair flu vaccines and may give clues to assess the pandemic potential of flu viruses in nature. - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
2023-03-29 16:36:56 EST Source
 27. ID_news Heart attack risk increases six times higher after getting flu, study finds | The Independent
2023-03-29 01:23:12 EST Source
 28. ID_news Ohio: Kettering school reports confirmed case of whooping cough
2023-03-29 01:19:52 EST Source
 29. ID_news Symptoms, risks of whooping cough amid case rise in southern Ontario
2023-03-29 01:15:57 EST Source
 30. ID_news Two cases of measles detected on the Sunshine Coast - Australia
2023-03-29 01:07:08 EST Source
 31. ID_news Measles situation worsens in Kazakhstan: 11 of the measles cases were recorded among arrivals, including five from Türkiye, three from Egypt, two from Tajikistan, and one from Kyrgyzstan.
2023-03-28 15:59:13 EST Source
 32. ID_news Hidden ‘super spreaders’ spur dengue fever transmission: Our findings show that any public health intervention that focuses on responding to symptomatic cases of dengue is going to fail to control an outbreak,”
2023-03-28 15:56:06 EST Source
 33. ID_news China reports human H3N8 avian influenza case in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province - Outbreak News Today
2023-03-28 03:46:35 EST Source
 34. ID_news Deadly Ebola-like Marburg virus spreads to Equatorial Guinea's commercial capital of Bata
2023-03-28 03:07:07 EST Source
 35. ID_news Dogs Can Carry Mutant Flu Strains: A mutant human influenza found in two dogs shows the importance of viral surveillance in companion animals - Scientific American
2023-03-27 21:26:39 EST Source
 36. ID_news Maharashtra reports 427 H1N1 and 309 H3N2 and cases between Jan and March 25
2023-03-27 03:51:05 EST Source
 37. ID_news Tackling HPV: UH researchers find new ways to treat the virus responsible for rising rates of throat cancers
2023-03-26 18:35:05 EST Source
 38. ID_news Surge in gonorrhoea cases recorded across Scotland
2023-03-26 00:21:08 EST Source
 39. ID_news H1N1 cluster reported at Ho Chi Minh City school - Outbreak News Today
2023-03-26 00:18:08 EST Source
 40. ID_news Marburg virus outbreaks are increasing in frequency and geographic spread – three virologists explain
2023-03-25 21:37:42 EST Source
 41. ID_news Seattle virologists preparing for next 'inevitable pandemic' | PATH and the Washington State University Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health have been closely tracking and further researching viruses with the most potential cause of an outbreak.
2023-03-25 17:14:09 EST Source
 42. ID_news South Korea reports increase of mosquito-borne diseases in travelers to Southeast Asia
2023-03-25 17:08:05 EST Source
 43. ID_news Your questions on hidden viruses, answered : NPR
2023-03-25 17:03:00 EST Source
 44. ID_news South Australia records first measles case since 2019
2023-03-24 22:46:18 EST Source
 45. ID_news Salt lake County HD Confirms Measles Case in SLCo - Health Department | SLCo
2023-03-24 22:40:21 EST Source
 46. ID_news Outbreak of highly resistant Pseudomonas linked to eye drops grows to 68
2023-03-24 20:13:55 EST Source
 47. ID_news CDC says US TB incidence rose by 5% in 2022
2023-03-24 20:13:12 EST Source
 48. ID_news Marburg fever outbreak in Equatorial Guinea widens, WHO reports
2023-03-24 18:32:22 EST Source
 49. ID_news Bacteria from meat likely to cause more than half a million urinary tract infections in the U.S. every year – The NAU Review
2023-03-24 17:13:15 EST Source
 50. ID_news Stanford researchers expand disease tracking in wastewater | Researchers have developed methods for using wastewater to track the levels of various respiratory viruses in a population. This can provide real-time information about virus circulation in a community.
2023-03-24 17:11:14 EST Source
 51. ID_news Michigan wastewater testing expanded to include flu, other viruses
2023-03-23 00:27:24 EST Source
 52. ID_news Ghana: Mad rush for childhood immunization vaccine at Dome
2023-03-23 00:22:50 EST Source
 53. ID_news Heartland Virus: U.S. Tickborne Disease May Be Expanding
2023-03-22 17:10:03 EST Source
 54. ID_news Measles outbreak risky for newborns, who may lack antibodies, CHOP study finds: In the event of an outbreak, it might make sense to vaccinate these unprotected children at a younger-than-usual age.
2023-03-22 02:57:22 EST Source
 55. ID_news Vaccine Makers Ready to Test Bird Flu Vaccine in Humans
2023-03-22 02:11:16 EST Source
 56. ID_news Dogs and cats could be passing on drug-resistant bugs to owners, study finds | Drug resistance
2023-03-21 21:30:24 EST Source
 57. ID_news Tanzania says five dead in Marburg virus outbreak
2023-03-21 21:26:10 EST Source
 58. ID_news U.S. logs 25 million flu cases so far in 2023 | As of Feb. 24, Atlanta’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated 25 million illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths from the flu this season.
2023-03-21 14:53:07 EST Source
 59. ID_news Scientists in Pittsburgh work to prevent next pandemic: currently working with viruses from many different groups. The hope is that if one of them does turn into a pandemic, they already have some understanding of what could be used as a vaccine against it
2023-03-21 14:36:35 EST Source
 60. ID_news Candida auris fungus spreading in U.S. hospitals - CDC
2023-03-21 14:28:54 EST Source
 61. ID_news Mountain West’s Dry Climates Allow Some Airborne Viruses To Live Twice As Long, Study Finds
2023-03-20 18:35:00 EST Source
 62. ID_news GSK's 5-in-1 meningococcal vaccine meets phase 3 goals, sets stage for new race with Pfizer
2023-03-20 17:27:39 EST Source
 63. ID_news KUOW - Can you catch a hidden virus from a dog kiss or a cat cuddle?
2023-03-19 19:16:35 EST Source
 64. ID_news Nigeria diphtheria outbreak: More than 1,000 suspected cases reported from 21 states
2023-03-18 23:38:10 EST Source
 65. ID_news Kenya: Solar Powered Freezer Improving Immunization Coverage in Hard-to-Reach Rural Villages; Without a cold chain capacity to store vital vaccines and drugs, health facilities records show vaccination coverage across these villages was well below 25%
2023-03-18 13:52:11 EST Source
 66. ID_news 'Red alert for child health': A nationwide vaccine shortage hits Ghana amid measles outbreak | has mothers traveling from hospital to hospital in search of immunizations to protect their infants.
2023-03-18 09:18:44 EST Source
 67. ID_news Notes From the Field: First Evidence of Locally Acquired Dengue Virus Infection — Maricopa County, Arizona, November 2022
2023-03-18 05:28:02 EST Source
 68. ID_news West Nile, Lyme, and other diseases are on the rise with climate change. Experts warn the U.S. is not prepared
2023-03-17 17:28:50 EST Source
 69. ID_news Technical Report: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Viruses
2023-03-17 13:34:46 EST Source
 70. ID_news Botulism outbreak in Europe linked to weight loss procedure
2023-03-17 09:25:57 EST Source
 71. ID_news FDA OKs Pfizer’s bivalent COVID-19 booster for young children with three monovalent shots
2023-03-17 09:25:07 EST Source
 72. ID_news Polio cases derived from new oral vaccine reported for first time
2023-03-17 09:24:36 EST Source
 73. ID_news Paxlovid 80% effective against severe COVID when taken in first 5 days
2023-03-17 09:24:15 EST Source
 74. ID_news Nepal hit by measles outbreak | 690 cases measles cases have been reported from seven districts in western Nepal and three in eastern Nepal
2023-03-16 20:33:38 EST Source
 75. ID_news Beyond cervical cancer: How Bhutan is winning the war against HPV - sees vaccinating boys as well as girls as being crucial to that goal.
2023-03-16 15:30:38 EST Source
 76. ID_news Two people infected with Anthrax in Russia
2023-03-16 14:31:10 EST Source
 77. ID_news Mayo Clinic monitoring rising avian influenza cases, preparing for potential human-to-human outbreak - Mayo Clinic News Network
2023-03-15 15:09:36 EST Source
 78. ID_news Venezuela: 3 diphtheria cases confirmed in Bolívar State - Outbreak News Today
2023-03-15 09:51:01 EST Source
 79. ID_news European scientists highlight worrisome H5N1 avian flu mutations
2023-03-15 02:01:31 EST Source
 80. ID_news Elevated measles activity reported in Armenia in March | over 50 cases reported Jan. 1-March 13. This is compared to the 15 cases reported nationwide in Armenia in 2022
2023-03-14 12:05:24 EST Source
 81. ID_news Throat disease outbreak kills 61 in Kano, Nigeria
2023-03-14 00:26:43 EST Source
 82. ID_news Two whooping cough deaths in New Zealand, low vaccination rates mean spread more likely - NZ Herald
2023-03-14 00:24:34 EST Source
 83. ID_news SWPH Warns Community of Rising Cases of Pertussis - Southwestern Public Health Ontario Canada
2023-03-14 00:23:36 EST Source
 84. ID_news H3N2 virus: Health experts call for masks, better hygiene and flu shots
2023-03-13 16:37:42 EST Source
 85. ID_news Multidrug-resistant Mycobacteria outbreak linked to water purification system
2023-03-11 22:43:59 EST Source
 86. ID_news PAHO warns of rising chikungunya cases in the Americas, some fatal
2023-03-11 22:42:57 EST Source
 87. ID_news The controversy over the Cochrane review on Covid masks, explained
2023-03-11 22:39:17 EST Source
 88. ID_news Their Faith Prohibited Vaccinations. Then Measles Killed Their Children: a measles outbreak in Zimbabwe that, as of October 2022, had led to 744 deaths and 7,504 new cases recorded.
2023-03-11 18:06:10 EST Source
 89. ID_news Virginia Department of Health Monitoring Community Outbreak of Meningococcal Disease in Eastern Virginia: three patients have died from complications associated with the disease, indicating this outbreak strain might cause more severe illness than is usually seen in type Y cases
2023-03-11 08:18:08 EST Source
 90. ID_news Measles cases up 565% in the Philippines: also reports increases in multiple vaccine-preventable diseases during the first two months of 2023: diphtheria up 233 percent, rubella cases up 300 percent and pertussis up 400 percent
2023-03-11 07:58:59 EST Source
 91. ID_news H3N2 Influenza: India Sees 2 Deaths From This Virus - Check Symptoms
2023-03-10 04:38:38 EST Source
 92. ID_news Meningococcal outbreak update, all patients residents of Hampton Roads, Virginia
2023-03-09 07:06:36 EST Source
 93. ID_news H3N2 Virus Hits Uttar Pradesh: Cases of 'Hong Kong Flu' With COVID-19 Like Symptoms Rise in Kanpur, Long Queue of Patients Seen at Hospitals | 📰 LatestLY
2023-03-09 06:51:15 EST Source
 94. ID_news More than 300 sickened on Ruby Princess cruise ship, CDC says
2023-03-08 19:14:54 EST Source
 95. ID_news Bangladesh reports 3 more Nipah virus cases, brings seasonal total to 14 - Outbreak News Today
2023-03-08 03:51:26 EST Source
 96. ID_news Victoria: Two new cases of Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) virus infection confirmed - Outbreak News Today
2023-03-08 03:49:15 EST Source

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