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 1. ID_news The world is facing a major cholera vaccine shortage amid outbreaks
2024-04-13 01:23:46 EST Source
 2. ID_news Thousands of penguins may have died from H5N1
2024-04-12 17:30:25 EST Source
 3. ID_news Whooping Cough Is Surging in China With Tens of Thousands of Cases and Over a Dozen Deaths
2024-04-12 08:58:02 EST Source
 4. ID_news 49 die of pertussis since Jan.; DOH keeps close watch - Manila Standard
2024-04-12 08:56:03 EST Source
 5. ID_news DOH investigating two confirmed cases of whooping cough on Hawaiʻi Island
2024-04-12 08:55:25 EST Source
 6. ID_news Peru's dengue deaths triple as climate change swells mosquito population
2024-04-12 08:02:34 EST Source
 7. ID_news The Push for a Better Dengue Vaccine Grows More Urgent
2024-04-12 08:02:06 EST Source
 8. ID_news Measles outbreak: 43 confirmed cases of measles have been reported since the beginning of 2024: | Gouvernement du Québec
2024-04-12 06:22:57 EST Source
 9. ID_news Georgia DPH Confirms Third Measles Case in 2024 | Georgia Department of Public Health
2024-04-12 06:18:01 EST Source
 10. ID_news Babies Are Getting Dangerous Salmonella From Backyard Chickens: The case illustrates the importance of hygiene for parents (or others) who tend poultry and then have contact with babies
2024-04-12 06:13:39 EST Source
 11. ID_news The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned about the surge in dengue cases in the Americas. Over 3.5 million cases & >1,000 deaths have been reported in the region. The hardest-hit countries are Brazil (83%), Paraguay (5.3%) & Argentina (3.7%), which account for 92% of cases.
2024-04-12 05:49:00 EST Source
 12. ID_news Flu, RSV, and COVID triple whammy of viruses join whooping cough surge as doctors urge to vaccinate - ABC News
2024-04-12 04:32:55 EST Source
 13. ID_news A rare fungal infection was found in two cats in Kansas. The vet tech also got sick. - Sporothrix schenckii.
2024-04-11 13:14:21 EST Source
 14. ID_news Why is Syphilis Spiking in the U.S.? | Johns Hopkins | Bloomberg School of Public Health
2024-04-11 05:56:20 EST Source
 15. ID_news Mexico reports its first case of measles in 2024: calls for intensive vaccination - the SSA claims that it is an imported case, not indigenous. It was detected as a probable case on March 14, 2024, in Mexico City, on a flight from London, United Kingdom.
2024-04-11 04:35:19 EST Source
 16. ID_news Disease Severity Similar for RSV As Unvaccinated COVID-19, Influenza: Odds of invasive mechanical ventilation, death significantly increased for those with RSV versus vaccinated COVID, flu
2024-04-11 03:17:13 EST Source
 17. ID_news YS Biopharma Announces Positive Interim Results of Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Study of PIKA Rabies Vaccine – has the potential to achieve best-in-class accelerated protection and meet the WHO's goal of a one-week rabies vaccine regimen to replace the conventional three- or four-week regimens.
2024-04-10 07:01:40 EST Source
 18. ID_news After Nine Years, Oral Spray UTI Vaccine Remains Highly Effective — Precision Vaccinations News
2024-04-10 04:06:14 EST Source
 19. ID_news Pfizer's RSV vaccine shows potential to protect high-risk adults ages 18-59, widening possible use
2024-04-10 02:22:38 EST Source
 20. ID_news Hepatitis viruses kill 3,500 people a day: WHO
2024-04-09 12:12:44 EST Source
 21. ID_news CDC to consider changing adolescent meningococcal vaccination schedule: ”89% of kids in this country get that 11 to 12-year-old dose, but only 61% get the 2nd dose. So by eliminating that 1st dose, we’re going to open this bacteria up to a significant number of adolescents...
2024-04-09 11:54:06 EST Source
 22. ID_news Denmark's pertussis epidemic reveals the power of maternal vaccination
2024-04-09 04:28:40 EST Source
 23. ID_news Philippines: All 54 recorded pertussis deaths are kids under 5—DOH - Manila Standard
2024-04-09 04:19:09 EST Source
 24. ID_news Measles is a humanitarian issue, and its unwelcome reappearance in Canada is a reminder of its importance
2024-04-09 00:16:43 EST Source
 25. ID_news Frequent contact with young children linked to increased pneumococcus risk in adults | CIDRAP
2024-04-08 13:12:56 EST Source
 26. ID_news Surveillance study finds high levels of drug-resistant gonorrhea in Cambodia
2024-04-08 12:42:59 EST Source
 27. ID_news Bird flu may be spreading in cows via milking and herd transport
2024-04-07 17:30:21 EST Source
 28. ID_news DNR reports first-ever positive case of deadly chronic wasting disease in deer in Indiana
2024-04-06 00:34:56 EST Source
 29. ID_news Eye syphilis is on the rise: Doctor explains 'devastating' complication of syphilis epidemic - More than 207,000 Americans were diagnosed with the disease in 2022, an 80% increase since 2018 and the highest levels since the 1950s
2024-04-04 03:44:35 EST Source
 30. ID_news Health Department investigating confirmed case of measles in Durham Region, canada
2024-04-04 01:47:15 EST Source
 31. ID_news Vaccines do not increase risk for lupus, meta-analysis finds
2024-04-03 09:07:09 EST Source
 32. ID_news What we know about H5N1 bird flu in cows — and the risk to humans
2024-04-03 09:05:05 EST Source
 33. ID_news US data show only 16% of adults 27 to 45 have received an HPV vaccine
2024-04-03 09:04:14 EST Source
 34. ID_news Schools in North Korean province remain closed amid respiratory outbreak — Radio Free Asia
2024-04-03 02:58:17 EST Source
 35. ID_news Ross River virus: more than 1,500 cases recorded in Queensland as mosquito numbers spike
2024-04-03 01:01:54 EST Source
 36. ID_news Far-UVC Light Can Virtually Eliminate Airborne Virus in an Occupied Room | Columbia University Irving Medical Center
2024-04-02 20:21:04 EST Source
 37. ID_news National Measles Standard Incident - measles epidemiology (from October 2023) - 182 newly confirmed measles cases with a date of onset in the past 4 weeks (since 26 February)
2024-04-02 20:17:39 EST Source
 38. ID_news 461 mumps cases reported in Tamil Nadu; doctors suspect mutation of virus
2024-04-02 02:56:35 EST Source
 39. ID_news New testing approach improves detection of rare but emerging Powassan virus spread by deer ticks
2024-04-02 02:25:56 EST Source
 40. ID_news Health Workers Fear It’s Profits Before Protection as CDC Revisits Airborne Transmission
2024-04-02 01:24:38 EST Source
 41. ID_news Health Alert: First Case of Novel Influenza A (H5N1) in Texas, March 2024 | Texas DSHS
2024-04-01 15:27:48 EST Source
 42. ID_news Pneumococcal vaccines may protect against viral respiratory infections, study finds | CIDRAP
2024-04-01 14:07:31 EST Source
 43. ID_news Second Measles Case This Year Confirmed in San Diego County, Officials Report
2024-04-01 12:04:14 EST Source
 44. ID_news The CDC Is Squandering the Breakthrough RSV Vaccine
2024-04-01 02:15:00 EST Source
 45. ID_news Smallpox may be gone but U.S. should better prepare for its return, report says | Improved vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics needed for old foe, and could also help against new ones like the mpox virus, panel concludes
2024-03-31 15:49:31 EST Source
 46. ID_news ‘My life was over’: Chronic UTI patients demand non-antibiotic treatments
2024-03-31 10:49:45 EST Source
 47. ID_news Scientists close in on TB blood test which could detect millions of silent spreaders | University of Southampton
2024-03-31 02:57:50 EST Source
 48. ID_news Mpox is on the rise: Who's eligible for a vaccine, and do you need a booster?
2024-03-30 21:38:24 EST Source
 49. ID_news Tick populations to flourish in Ottawa after mild winter and warm spring, warns uOttawa researcher
2024-03-30 07:11:10 EST Source
 50. ID_news New Testing Approach Improves Detection of Rare but Emerging Powassan Virus Spread by Deer Ticks : UMass Amherst
2024-03-30 06:28:43 EST Source
 51. ID_news Cases of drug-resistant gonorrhea have tripled in China, posing a global threat
2024-03-30 04:26:53 EST Source
 52. ID_news Ho Chi Minh City urgently responds to rabies amid fatality spike | Tuoi Tre News
2024-03-30 03:48:54 EST Source
 53. ID_news DOH reports 568 pertussis cases, 40 deaths from Jan.1-March 16 | Philippine News Agency
2024-03-30 02:34:27 EST Source
 54. ID_news Clinical and economic burden of invasive pneumococcal disease and non-invasive all-cause pneumonia in hospitalized US adults: A multicenter analysis from 2015-2020: IPD and non-invasive ACP are associated with substantial clinical and economic burden across all adult age groups
2024-03-30 02:00:44 EST Source
 55. ID_news 'Novel' swine flu virus sickens Pennsylvania child in 1st case of the year | h1n2
2024-03-30 00:49:02 EST Source
 56. ID_news Meat products linked to the majority of hepatitis E cases in Finland
2024-03-30 00:30:35 EST Source
 57. ID_news Health Alert Network (HAN) - 00504 | Increase in Global and Domestic Measles Cases and Outbreaks: Ensure Children in the United States and Those Traveling Internationally 6 Months and Older are Current on MMR Vaccination
2024-03-29 20:39:59 EST Source
 58. ID_news National Experts Warn Doctors: 2 Old-School Sicknesses Are on a Perplexing Rise - TB & Meningitis Y
2024-03-29 18:30:23 EST Source
 59. ID_news Philippines DOH: 40 child deaths due to pertussis logged, so far this year
2024-03-29 06:56:08 EST Source
 60. ID_news Cases of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Have Tripled in China, Posing a Global Threat
2024-03-29 01:56:26 EST Source
 61. ID_news Measles is highly contagious, but vaccine-preventable: A primer on recent outbreaks, transmission, symptoms and complications, including ‘immune amnesia’
2024-03-28 21:15:16 EST Source
 62. ID_news Annual two-dose SARS-CoV-2 vaccination campaign beneficial: A second booster dose resulted in 123,869 fewer hospitalizations and 5,524 fewer deaths compared with a single-dose campaign, averting $3.63 billion in costs over one year.
2024-03-28 20:47:00 EST Source
 63. ID_news 'Concerning' disparities in HPV vaccine uptake among US adults, with men and Hispanic people among those least protected
2024-03-28 20:44:05 EST Source
 64. ID_news How do we halt the next pandemic? Be kind to critters like bats, says a new paper
2024-03-28 20:37:31 EST Source
 65. ID_news PAHO calls for collective action in response to record increase in dengue cases in the Americas
2024-03-28 20:35:10 EST Source
 66. ID_news New Data: Long COVID Cases Surge
2024-03-28 19:28:51 EST Source
 67. ID_news Nasal spray with antibodies could prevent COVID-19: nasal drops with IgA antibodies can protect mice from SARS-CoV-2 infection. The results imply a new way to protect individuals at high risk from different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus &possibly other infection
2024-03-28 18:54:26 EST Source
 68. ID_news New study shows how the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus enters our cells | Karolinska Institutet
2024-03-28 18:50:53 EST Source
 69. ID_news Tick study wants people in North Carolina to mail them in
2024-03-28 11:23:21 EST Source
 70. ID_news Valneva Initiates Phase 1 Trial of Second-Generation Zika Vaccine Candidate - Valneva
2024-03-28 11:15:47 EST Source
 71. ID_news Even people born before 1970 are encouraged to get measles shot for international travel: The advice comes amid a surge of measles in Europe and a rise in cases across North America, | CBC News
2024-03-28 09:51:47 EST Source
 72. ID_news Almost 1,500 cases of exposure to rabies confirmed in Florida. Lee County is in Top-10
2024-03-28 09:49:50 EST Source
 73. ID_news Needless suffering: Dutch pediatricians urge vaccination after whooping cough deaths |
2024-03-28 01:51:47 EST Source
 74. ID_news Avian flu detections in dairy cows raise more key questions | Armstrong said the possibility that that infectious virus might be in milk from sick cows is another reason to avoid drinking raw milk.
2024-03-27 22:39:16 EST Source
 75. ID_news Effect of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines on viral respiratory infections: a systematic literature review | The Journal of Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic
2024-03-27 04:00:11 EST Source
 76. ID_news Tokyo issues warning as rare but deadly STSS bacterial infections rise: streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS), often dubbed the “flesh-eating disease,”
2024-03-26 22:05:22 EST Source
 77. ID_news Surge In Mumps Cases Among Kids, Docs Advise Vaccine | Kolkata News - Times of India
2024-03-26 21:53:17 EST Source
 78. ID_news Marin health officials report whooping cough spike: reported 93 cases overall since mid-December, including 65 at the high school
2024-03-26 17:08:11 EST Source
 79. ID_news Ventilation Can Reduce Exposure to Respiratory Viruses in Indoor Spaces | CDC
2024-03-26 16:25:33 EST Source
 80. ID_news Ireland: Number of measles cases in State rises to nine
2024-03-26 07:57:27 EST Source
 81. ID_news Puerto Rico has declared an epidemic following a spike in dengue cases
2024-03-26 07:56:09 EST Source
 82. ID_news Florida reports 11th measles case of 2024, this time linked to international travel: The case was identified in South Florida's Martin County, in an individual aged between 55 and 59
2024-03-26 07:55:31 EST Source
 83. ID_news Alberta pharmacists can't offer publicly funded measles vaccine as outbreak worries grow
2024-03-26 00:29:20 EST Source
 84. ID_news Measles spreads to Long Island; Nassau County reports case – NBC New York
2024-03-25 21:04:24 EST Source
 85. ID_news Dairy cattle in Texas and Kansas test positive for bird flu - Federal officials say milk from dairy cows in Texas and Kansas has tested positive for bird flu
2024-03-25 20:58:56 EST Source
 86. ID_news Humans pass more viruses to other animals than we catch from them | University College London
2024-03-25 20:53:22 EST Source
 87. ID_news Mosquito warning for British holidaymakers as imported infections return to pre-pandemic levels
2024-03-25 18:41:12 EST Source
 88. ID_news Dengue outbreak in Argentina on track to break records | Reuters
2024-03-23 15:48:16 EST Source
 89. ID_news Dengue is erupting in Brazil and around the world. Can new vaccines stop it? - Dengue is erupting in South America — and has even found its way to the US.
2024-03-23 13:57:18 EST Source
 90. ID_news This startup wants to fight growing global dengue outbreaks with drones
2024-03-23 13:53:02 EST Source
 91. ID_news DOH to procure at least 800K vaccine doses to fight pertussis | Philippine News Agency
2024-03-23 13:49:52 EST Source
 92. ID_news Nigeria: Lassa Fever - Nigeria Records 109 Cases, 20 Deaths in One Week
2024-03-23 01:46:21 EST Source
 93. ID_news Merck announces promising data for adult-targeted pneumococcal vaccine candidate - v116
2024-03-22 20:43:16 EST Source
 94. ID_news Pasig: 2 of 17 kids die of ‘whooping cough’ - Philippines
2024-03-22 19:45:25 EST Source
 95. ID_news She could have died from meningitis. Now this student wants more people to get vaccinated
2024-03-22 17:04:12 EST Source
 96. ID_news Scientists close in on TB blood test that could detect millions of silent spreaders
2024-03-22 15:03:06 EST Source

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