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 1. epidemic The first reported cases of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus from domestic sick camel to humans in China
2024-05-05 09:27:58 EST Source
 2. epidemic John Snow and the Map that Saved Soho
2024-03-29 10:07:02 EST Source
 3. epidemic Epidemic Sound
2024-02-06 06:27:15 EST Source
 4. epidemic HIV estimates
2024-02-03 03:45:45 EST Source
 5. epidemic Those Sickos!
2024-01-20 19:02:37 EST Source
 6. epidemic 'Zombie Deer Disease' Spreading Across US Raises Concerns That Humans Could Possibly Become Infected
2023-12-24 01:17:29 EST Source
 7. epidemic Americans can now get an updated COVID-19 vaccine
2023-09-12 20:50:59 EST Source
 8. epidemic Understanding the Burden of Kidney Failure in Trinidad and Tobago: A Review of the Epidemiological Data From a Regional Center
2023-09-05 17:15:45 EST Source
 9. epidemic WHO Widens Global Access to COVID-19 Tools Through Three Licensing Agreements
2023-09-04 16:03:04 EST Source
 10. epidemic The CDC is in crisis — can its new leader save it?
2023-07-12 10:21:06 EST Source
 11. epidemic "In Fentanyl We Trust" | United States of Addicted
2023-06-30 08:43:18 EST Source
 12. epidemic A single COVID-19 pandemic or multiple SARS pandemics? [“…Under this framework there have so far been two indisputable SARS pandemics – the 2019-2021 SARS-2 one… and a second, Omicron pandemic, in 2021-2023. There was also the abortive SARS-1 pandemic in 2003…”]
2023-06-18 22:13:58 EST Source
 13. epidemic Funders thought watching bats wasn’t important. Then wildlife ecologist Peggy Eby helped solve the mystery of a deadly virus. Her team’s research, published in the journal Nature in November 2022, shows that studying bats can help predict and prevent the next pandemic.
2023-05-30 16:41:10 EST Source
 14. epidemic ‘Have courage’: Tokelau records its first four community Covid-19 cases
2023-05-26 07:43:19 EST Source
 15. epidemic Old-Timey Epidemic Survival Guide
2023-05-18 18:09:17 EST Source
 16. epidemic Climate change could lead to more fungal disease in humans, says expert
2023-05-14 08:35:41 EST Source
 17. epidemic Chinese who reported on COVID to be released after 3 years - AP News - 30 April 2023
2023-05-06 05:10:46 EST Source
 18. epidemic Coinfections in the lung: How viral infection creates a favorable environment for bacterial and fungal infections
2023-05-06 04:18:31 EST Source
 19. epidemic No link between COVID-19 vaccine and sudden cardiac arrest: new study
2023-04-27 22:29:07 EST Source
 20. epidemic A fungus known for killing trees has infected a human for the first time, causing a pus-filled abscess to grow in his throat
2023-04-27 22:17:31 EST Source
 21. epidemic Retrospective Observational Study of Complete Blood Count (CBC) Parameters and ICU Mortality of COVID-19 Disease in Delta Variant and Omicron Variant in a Community-Based Hospital in New York City
2023-03-31 14:12:46 EST Source
 22. epidemic 3/10/2023 Miles Guo’s GETTR: In yesterday’s interview with Mr. Grant, Prince Li mentioned the CCP’s 13579 Plan once again, in addition to revealing the incredible intimacy between Fauci and Wang Yanyi.
2023-03-12 20:10:03 EST Source
 23. epidemic 2017s . Miles revealed evil bio attack
2023-03-11 04:37:09 EST Source
 24. epidemic The Relationship Between Access to Abortion and Mental Health in Women of Childbearing Age: Analyses of Data From the Global Burden of Disease Studies
2023-01-18 13:50:51 EST Source
 25. epidemic Victorian floodwaters raise risk of mosquito-borne viruses this Christmas
2022-12-14 06:41:14 EST Source
 26. epidemic RSV
2022-12-02 23:04:50 EST Source
 27. epidemic First Ebola case detected in Uganda's east as outbreak spreads
2022-11-13 10:39:24 EST Source
 28. epidemic Why does Ebola keep coming back? [A look at the reservoirs that lead to reintroduction of Ebola in humans]
2022-11-10 21:36:49 EST Source
 29. epidemic Leaked documents: Ugandan government expects explosion in Ebola cases, 500 deaths by May
2022-11-08 10:38:15 EST Source
 30. epidemic New website launches for tracking Ebola hospitalizations, ICU usage, deaths, cases, and recoveries (includes charts and graphs) [Ugandan Ministry of Health Data - 2022]
2022-11-06 18:44:45 EST Source
 31. epidemic An international conference to discuss the future of fighting epidemics in the world, how to prepare for them, and ways to limit their effects, will be held in Dubai, UAE. Experts and specialists from around the world will participate in the conference sessions.
2022-10-24 05:30:43 EST Source
 32. epidemic Fauci Edited Paper on Bat Virus Research at Wuhan Lab — 2 Weeks Before COVID Outbreak
2022-10-18 10:39:33 EST Source
 33. epidemic In Vitro Virucidal Effect of Intranasally Delivered Chlorpheniramine Maleate Compound Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2
2022-10-11 10:54:51 EST Source
 34. epidemic Virginia respiratory disease increase 2019?
2022-10-03 16:59:31 EST Source
 35. epidemic WHO renames two monkeypox variants to avoid geographic references
2022-08-14 15:40:22 EST Source
 36. epidemic Intruder who broke into monkey enclosure in Tasmania at risk of ‘potentially fatal’ herpes | Tasmania
2022-08-13 06:42:59 EST Source
 37. epidemic Global Cases of Monkeypox as of August 2, 2022
2022-08-12 20:42:59 EST Source
 38. epidemic Polio fears rise in New York amid possible community spread
2022-08-04 22:35:48 EST Source
 39. epidemic U.S. Monkeypox Cases Jump 33% In 3 Days—But Risk Is Low For Most Travelers, Say Health Experts
2022-07-26 22:43:17 EST Source
 40. epidemic Letter from Dr. Kevin O'Connor: President Biden SARS-CoV-2 Update
2022-07-26 12:32:55 EST Source
 41. epidemic Monkeypox: How it spreads, who’s at risk - here’s what you need to know
2022-07-26 12:09:51 EST Source
 42. epidemic Letter from Dr. Kevin O'Connor: President Biden SARS-CoV-2 Update DAY FOUR OF PAXLOVID
2022-07-25 12:30:51 EST Source
 43. epidemic Quest Diagnostics Launches Monkeypox Virus Testing
2022-07-24 22:33:01 EST Source
 44. epidemic ‘’Coronary Blindness: Desensitization after excessive exposure to coronavirus-related information‘’
2022-06-19 19:20:32 EST Source
 45. epidemic Survey on health communication and the flu
2022-05-24 09:05:34 EST Source
 46. epidemic When do you think The COVID-19 pandemic (also known as the coronavirus pandemic) will finally end & society can return to the way it was before the novel virus was first identified from an outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December 2019?
2022-04-07 18:53:17 EST Source
 47. epidemic What is Cholera Cause Diagnosis and how to Treat?
2022-03-01 04:28:03 EST Source
 48. epidemic The epidemic volatility index, a novel early warning tool for identifying new waves in an epidemic
2021-12-18 18:03:55 EST Source
 49. epidemic Chinese Scientists have Discovered Antibodies (35B5) that Neutralizes all Covid-19 Variants by Targeting a Unique Part of the Virus that Does not Change During the Mutation Process. The Antibody also Targets the New Omicron Variant.
2021-12-02 14:39:41 EST Source
 50. epidemic India Scrambles To Contain Spread Of New Nipah Virus Epidemic - US Daily News
2021-09-07 13:43:25 EST Source
 51. epidemic Hospitals in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. Videos are from several hospitals. 8/28/21.
2021-09-01 08:44:06 EST Source
 52. epidemic Statement on Melioidosis Cases
2021-08-10 11:19:37 EST Source
 53. epidemic West Africa’s first-ever case of Marburg virus disease confirmed in Guinea
2021-08-09 15:12:56 EST Source
 54. epidemic First day of school in a Georgia town
2021-08-06 10:25:37 EST Source
 55. epidemic Covid-19 Spike Protein - Delta Variant in Virtual Reality
2021-07-31 20:05:36 EST Source
 56. epidemic KN95 filtering facepiece respirators distributed in South Africa fail safety testing protocols: "KN95 filtration efficacy varied from 12% to 78%, compared with 56% for a surgical mask and &99% for the N95 masks at the 0.3 µm particle size"
2021-07-26 01:13:42 EST Source
 57. epidemic Could Vaccinating Young People Before Old People Save More Lives?
2021-07-25 17:14:28 EST Source
 58. epidemic Gain-of-Function: Should supercharging viruses be banned? | DW News
2021-07-22 16:46:14 EST Source
 59. epidemic My thoughts on why I got the vaccine - listening to both sides of the argument
2021-07-21 20:23:07 EST Source
 60. epidemic Chinese biomedical researcher who became first human case of Monkey B virus has died - The Independent - 19 June 2021
2021-07-19 10:10:17 EST Source
 61. epidemic Could COVID-19 be mutating in animals without us knowing?
2021-07-15 12:09:59 EST Source
 62. epidemic The Association of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Inhibitors With Outcomes Among a Predominantly Ethnic Minority Patient Population Hospitalized With COVID-19: The Bronx Experience - Cureus Journal of Medical Science - September 20, 2020
2021-07-14 08:17:42 EST Source
 63. epidemic COVID-19 / SARS-COV-2 Survey
2021-07-07 23:52:19 EST Source
 64. epidemic The third wave of Covid is here… and it’s weird
2021-06-28 03:12:27 EST Source
 65. epidemic Canada: Delta variant 'growing rapidly' in Ontario, warns Yaffe
2021-06-20 13:03:48 EST Source
 66. epidemic EU internal draft about lessons learned from covid-19 pandemic
2021-06-17 15:19:20 EST Source
 67. epidemic https://everydocuments.com/products/20-pcs-cdc-certificates?variant=40190893031609
2021-06-14 23:00:40 EST Source
 68. epidemic NBC Sh-t Show: 'Ultimate Slip 'N Slide' Production Shut Down Over 'Explosive Diarrhea' Outbreak
2021-06-12 08:49:07 EST Source
 69. epidemic Monthly Review | Capital and the Ecology of Disease
2021-06-03 11:12:40 EST Source
 70. epidemic Misinformation or Misinformed?
2021-05-31 08:13:09 EST Source
 71. epidemic Countries around the world are racing to deliver COVID-19 Vaccine
2021-05-29 18:16:08 EST Source
 72. epidemic Uttar Pradesh Govt to Declare Black Fungus Notifiable Disease
2021-05-22 05:29:28 EST Source
 73. epidemic The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill — All pandemic long, scientists brawled over how the virus spreads. Droplets! No, aerosols! At the heart of the fight was a teensy error with huge consequences.
2021-05-13 20:31:47 EST Source
 74. epidemic FRIKKIN' FINALLY! united states moves towards lifting patent restrictions on vaccines
2021-05-07 13:37:44 EST Source
 75. epidemic New Wikipedia article about software for COVID-19 pandemic mitigation (also relevant to other epidemics and pandemics)
2021-04-28 04:38:00 EST Source
 76. epidemic Survey about how to address problems that depend on experts, in the context of coronavirus pandemic
2021-04-26 19:27:17 EST Source
 77. epidemic Canada: Doctor criticizes NACI's advice: 'We're talking about four blood clots in the entire country'
2021-04-25 18:15:39 EST Source
 78. epidemic City announces new mass vaccination sites at Cubs’ Gallagher Way, Chicago State University
2021-03-31 00:26:58 EST Source
 79. epidemic Mask Safety and Effectiveness: Fact: Face masks are effective. They create a barrier between your mouth and nose and those around you. This makes it more difficult for the droplets that spread coronavirus through coughs, sneezes, and talking to reach other people. Are you with a trusted Face Mask?
2021-03-14 18:28:21 EST Source
 80. epidemic Electronic vaccination certificates: avoiding a repeat of the contact-tracing ‘format wars’
2021-03-07 06:58:45 EST Source
 81. epidemic History of immunization: How vaccines saved the world
2021-03-03 19:05:51 EST Source
 82. epidemic The Week in COVID-19 Research — February 21–27, 2021
2021-02-28 20:32:22 EST Source
 83. epidemic Getting to the Bottom of “Brain Fog” from COVID-19
2021-02-19 14:49:56 EST Source
 84. epidemic Big Pharma Must Share Their Vaccine Knowledge and Technology With the World—Now - Common Dreams - Feb 15, 2021
2021-02-16 23:23:51 EST Source
 85. epidemic Fauci and Friends on Coronavirus Mutants and the Novel Southern California Variant
2021-02-15 17:16:12 EST Source
 86. epidemic i casi di coronavirus negli Stati Uniti potrebbero derivare solo da Wuhan
2021-02-14 13:44:27 EST Source
 87. epidemic the world pandemic is underway
2021-02-14 13:43:49 EST Source
 88. epidemic Why aren't basketball players wearing masks?
2021-02-07 21:12:31 EST Source
 89. epidemic I'm breaking rule 3: you guys all lick sweaty nuts and deserve to get your socks wet
2021-02-06 02:02:55 EST Source
 90. epidemic Check it out
2021-02-04 09:50:59 EST Source
 91. epidemic Preventing COVID-19 variant spread in Canada
2021-02-02 21:00:17 EST Source
 92. epidemic Vaiolo alta mortalità
2021-01-31 03:18:11 EST Source
 93. epidemic La peste nera
2021-01-31 03:16:24 EST Source
 94. epidemic sindrome Mers
2021-01-31 01:34:29 EST Source
 95. epidemic zika – VIRALSITA
2021-01-31 01:33:04 EST Source
 96. epidemic Marburg virus – VIRALSITA
2021-01-30 16:31:57 EST Source

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