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 1. Virology Can aerosol disinfectants (lysol) spread viruses from the initial spray onto the surface by displacing the air with force before the disinfectant can reach the surface?
2024-07-12 00:50:12 EST Source
 2. Virology A new mammal adaptive H5N1 mutation showed up for the first time today in the US cattle outbreak.
2024-07-11 20:25:48 EST Source
 3. Virology Can Hepatitis C Virus re-emerge in human host and cause chronic infection
2024-07-11 08:03:40 EST Source
 4. Virology Pathogenicity and transmissibility of bovine H5N1 influenza virus
2024-07-09 19:51:31 EST Source
 5. Virology Rabies Vaccine
2024-07-09 13:10:52 EST Source
 6. Virology Have viruses gotten more complex?
2024-07-08 23:48:29 EST Source
 7. Virology Why do we get a 'cold' just because we got too cold
2024-07-08 17:28:25 EST Source
 8. Virology how do prions replicate?
2024-07-08 05:36:56 EST Source
 9. Virology Could seasonal reasevoir or vector hosts be the reason why Marburg and Ebola viruses have not yet been identified in kitum cave?
2024-07-06 19:52:10 EST Source
 10. Virology Covid KP.x incubation times?
2024-07-06 19:36:01 EST Source
 11. Virology How do viruses go "dormant" for so many years and can we test for them inside the body when they are dormant?
2024-07-06 07:10:10 EST Source
 12. Virology US halts funding to controversial virus-hunting group: what researchers think - Nature
2024-07-05 12:01:25 EST Source
 13. Virology How does High Risk HPV work inside the body once infected?
2024-07-03 19:10:38 EST Source
 14. Virology Are even the rarest HIV-1 strains detectable by 4th gen assays and modern viral load assays?
2024-07-02 08:51:51 EST Source
 15. Virology Emerging viruses
2024-07-01 21:29:51 EST Source
 16. Virology On the Fly: Interactions Between Birds, Mosquitoes, and Environment That Have Molded West Nile Virus Genomic Structure Over Two Decades
2024-06-29 21:11:57 EST Source
 17. Virology Virological characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 KP.3, LB.1 and KP.2.3 variants
2024-06-29 14:48:02 EST Source
 18. Virology Resolving Viral Evolution and Quasispecies Diversity with HiFi Sequencing
2024-06-28 21:36:21 EST Source
 19. Virology HIV evolve?
2024-06-28 20:08:42 EST Source
 20. Virology Delta Agents like Hepatitis D
2024-06-28 16:26:32 EST Source
 21. Virology FDA & USDA preprint - Inactivation of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus with high temperature short time 1 continuous flow pasteurization and virus detection in bulk milk tanks
2024-06-28 15:32:31 EST Source
 22. Virology Hep B
2024-06-27 15:47:33 EST Source
 23. Virology Is human flu season going to increase the danger of H5N1?
2024-06-23 15:39:09 EST Source
 24. Virology What advantage does having dsRNA genome give to its virus if dsRNA is easier to detect by a host cell 'cause dsRNA occur mostly only in viruses?
2024-06-22 10:48:04 EST Source
 25. Virology I'm lost on multiplicity of infection and Poisson distribution.
2024-06-22 10:17:04 EST Source
 26. Virology Diversity and evolution of the emerging Pandoraviridae family - Nature Communications
2024-06-21 18:07:40 EST Source
 27. Virology New twice-yearly prophylactic HIV medication showed 100% efficacy in Phase 3 trials
2024-06-21 11:18:20 EST Source
 28. Virology What are the most common cytopathic effects (CPE) of the family Filoviridae?
2024-06-21 02:39:07 EST Source
 29. Virology Transmission of influenza A/H5N1 viruses in mammals
2024-06-20 23:07:27 EST Source
 30. Virology Influenza A(H5N1) Virus Infections in 2 Free-Ranging Black Bears (Ursus americanus), Quebec, Canada
2024-06-20 22:55:50 EST Source
 31. Virology Question about public health and outbreaks
2024-06-19 20:35:21 EST Source
 32. Virology HPV
2024-06-16 13:05:30 EST Source
 33. Virology Natural Infection with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A/H5N1 Virus in Pet Ferrets
2024-06-15 15:39:19 EST Source
 34. Virology H5N1 Detections in Mammals as reported by APHIS (full list is below the map)
2024-06-15 00:02:49 EST Source
 35. Virology SARS CoV-2 antibodies
2024-06-14 13:13:03 EST Source
 36. Virology Is ebola virus/Marburg variants still circling in unknown animal hosts in parts of the world?
2024-06-13 15:42:41 EST Source
 37. Virology Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin–Neuraminidase–Receptor Balance: Preserving Virus Motility
2024-06-12 22:02:34 EST Source
 38. Virology Sialic Acid Receptor Specificity in Mammary Gland of Dairy Cattle Infected with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Virus
2024-06-12 19:08:58 EST Source
 39. Virology Question about influenza neuraminidase
2024-06-11 22:13:32 EST Source
 40. Virology Is the probability of an H5N1 pandemic getting higher, or is it just the media?
2024-06-11 21:16:43 EST Source
 41. Virology Plaque Assay Issues: Cells Not Sticking to the Bottom of Wells
2024-06-11 16:27:30 EST Source
 42. Virology Plaque Assay Issues
2024-06-11 16:21:12 EST Source
 43. Virology Question about HPV (verruca vulgaris) in the genital area
2024-06-11 15:04:44 EST Source
 44. Virology If you knew that H5N1 was going to become a human pandemic in exactly 30 days, would you go play with infected cows?
2024-06-10 10:31:35 EST Source
 45. Virology Diversity and evolution of the animal virome - Nature Reviews Microbiology
2024-06-09 20:29:23 EST Source
 46. Virology CDC Reports A(H5N1) Ferret Study Results. Is 33% inefficient? And does the ferret IFR have ramifications for human severity?
2024-06-08 00:25:24 EST Source
 47. Virology What would be a good (non pathogenic) host bacterium to isolate soil phages?
2024-06-07 21:15:14 EST Source
 48. Virology What is the best Virology textbook?
2024-06-07 15:09:51 EST Source
 49. Virology Does pasteurization inactivate bird flu virus in milk? (Discussion: is commercial milk an exception?)
2024-06-06 22:59:07 EST Source
 50. Virology Is the H5N1 avian influenza rod shaped or a icosahedron particle? I’m seeing conflicting information from reputable sources
2024-06-06 22:03:32 EST Source
 51. Virology Human infection caused by avian Influenza A(H5N2)- Mexico
2024-06-05 17:09:40 EST Source
 52. Virology Viral Ecology lecture by Vincent Racaniello
2024-06-05 00:31:03 EST Source
 53. Virology NYT Opinion-COVID Started in a Lab
2024-06-04 22:50:47 EST Source
 54. Virology Endemic viruses
2024-06-04 04:20:04 EST Source
 55. Virology Would H5N1 infections spread from human to human after being acquired from mammals be different from the infections we’ve seen this year (and the last two decades)
2024-06-04 00:03:05 EST Source
 56. Virology Starting to study with 27 possible?
2024-06-03 16:30:29 EST Source
 57. Virology Looking for a PhD program in virology or microbiology
2024-06-03 15:24:39 EST Source
 58. Virology NYT publishes an opinion piece from Alina Chan presenting her arguments for Covid-19 Lab Leak
2024-06-03 06:16:04 EST Source
 59. Virology Is the latest Michigan H5N1 sequencing being “hidden” from scientists and the public?
2024-06-02 23:44:37 EST Source
 60. Virology Can a virologist or epidemiologist start a science-based sub like /r/COVID19 for H5N1?
2024-06-02 11:50:33 EST Source
 61. Virology Mammalian Adaptation in the PB2 Gene of Avian H5N1 Influenza Virus. Older paper but was informative for a novice like me
2024-06-01 10:42:42 EST Source
 62. Virology Continued COVID MRNA Vaccine Concerns/Regret
2024-05-31 12:47:12 EST Source
 63. Virology What it would take for H5N1 to become a pandemic by Kai Kupferschmidt. Where are we now? (Thinking about hemagglutinin)
2024-05-28 18:26:12 EST Source
 64. Virology Significance of spread in alpacas?
2024-05-28 17:51:13 EST Source
 65. Virology I'm supposed to get my second dose of the QDENGA (dengue fever) vaccine after three months. What happens if I wait four months instead of three?
2024-05-27 03:44:09 EST Source
 66. Virology The Airborne Multi Virus, Bacteria and Fungi Detector soon at the EUROSATORY exhibition in Paris from June 17 to 21, 2024.
2024-05-26 03:32:29 EST Source
 67. Virology If animals already have H5N1 does that make it less difficult for a future mutation to infect?
2024-05-25 11:15:09 EST Source
 68. Virology COVID-19: Did the Masks Work?
2024-05-25 05:09:17 EST Source
 69. Virology Understanding Bacteriophage Tail Fiber Interaction with Host Surface Receptor: The Key “Blueprint” for Reprogramming Phage Host Range
2024-05-23 23:01:11 EST Source
 70. Virology I’ve read online many times that over 200 viruses are capable of causing the common cold, but what are they?
2024-05-23 03:47:30 EST Source
 71. Virology Swollen lymph nodes for months and body pain
2024-05-20 04:42:42 EST Source
 72. Virology Birds falling out of trees
2024-05-19 07:40:27 EST Source
 73. Virology Freeze drying/lyophilisation stability of SARS in freeze dried colostrum powder
2024-05-17 00:41:15 EST Source
 74. Virology By what mechanism does the coronavirus change it's surface antigen?
2024-05-16 01:37:26 EST Source
 75. Virology Is this feild hard to get into
2024-05-14 03:51:05 EST Source
 76. Virology Is it possible that viruses are alien?
2024-05-11 21:31:43 EST Source
 77. Virology Please help
2024-05-09 23:15:43 EST Source
 78. Virology Should a course of antiviral medications be always completed similarly to antibiotics, if the condition has resolved? E.g. aciclovir
2024-05-09 16:31:54 EST Source
 79. Virology Quasi-equivalent Icosahedral Structures
2024-05-09 12:44:33 EST Source
 80. Virology U.S. Tightens Rules on Risky Virus Research
2024-05-08 19:13:26 EST Source
 81. Virology HTVL - testing
2024-05-08 13:52:27 EST Source
 82. Virology Why they say to only worry if you have HPV 16,18,45? Is HPV as dangerous as we trnd to think?
2024-05-07 14:11:01 EST Source
 83. Virology Prediction of epitope
2024-05-05 21:18:58 EST Source
 84. Virology "allergies bad this year" but doubting
2024-05-05 00:16:46 EST Source
 85. Virology First photo of Texas farm worker with bird flu shows bleeding in eyeballs
2024-05-03 21:27:11 EST Source
 86. Virology Emergence and interstate spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) in dairy cattle
2024-05-02 14:30:53 EST Source
 87. Virology Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Clade Virus Infection in Domestic Dairy Cattle and Cats, United States, 2024
2024-04-30 06:37:20 EST Source
 88. Virology What would happen if you caught covid and the flu at the same time?
2024-04-28 12:38:40 EST Source
 89. Virology Human Endogenous Retrovirus-K HML-2 integration within RASGRF2 is associated with intravenous drug abuse and modulates transcription in a cell-line model
2024-04-27 22:33:14 EST Source
 90. Virology Dairy farmers are at risk for bird flu. Here's how they can stay safe.
2024-04-27 20:39:00 EST Source
 91. Virology Inactivated H5N1 virus in milk and Ab production/immunity?
2024-04-26 21:00:06 EST Source
 92. Virology FDA: Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) - no active virus in a limited sample of HPAl qPCR positive retail milk products, suggesting pasteurization effectively inactivates the virus.
2024-04-26 20:44:41 EST Source
 93. Virology Plaque assay results section for thesis
2024-04-26 09:38:53 EST Source
 94. Virology I hate to sound melodramatic but as virologists, do you think we need to head for the hills this year?
2024-04-26 01:08:07 EST Source
 95. Virology Best Medical/Clinical Virology online video lectures?
2024-04-25 18:17:32 EST Source
 96. Virology How can I store a viral specimen?
2024-04-24 15:41:08 EST Source

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