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1. COVIDPrjs Be a part of our Long COVID Optimal Health Programme (LC-OHP) research project - Participant recruitment is still open - Few places left - come and join us
2022-09-21 04:05:15 EST Source
2. COVIDPrjs Today at 2:00 PM ET! NASA’s Human Powered Ventilator Webinar
2022-08-09 12:29:01 EST Source
3. COVIDPrjs Long COVID research - Optimal Health Programme
2022-06-24 03:55:12 EST Source
4. COVIDPrjs Introducing Neura Health: Expert Headache Care at Your Fingertips
2022-05-20 16:38:08 EST Source
5. COVIDPrjs Be a part of our Long COVID Optimal Health Programme (LC-OHP) research project - Participant recruitment is open
2022-05-13 05:57:47 EST Source
6. COVIDPrjs Survey on online information consumption (US only; ~10 mins to complete; 18+; $30 Amazon raffle)
2022-04-24 11:58:30 EST Source
7. COVIDPrjs Help us build a new, more efficient, and open-source vaccine clinical trial for broad-spectrum (pan-coronavirus) vaccines!
2022-04-20 09:01:59 EST Source
8. COVIDPrjs COVID Support Group: Repairing Our Lives after Trauma
2022-04-17 01:28:19 EST Source
9. COVIDPrjs [Seeking Participants] Cohabiting Romantic Partners' Relationship Quality During COVID-19 Lockdown (Ages 18-34)
2022-03-17 15:49:28 EST Source
10. COVIDPrjs [Seeking Participants] Study on Presence and Engagement levels in Online Learning (Age 18+)
2022-03-10 10:08:58 EST Source
11. COVIDPrjs Despite what state governments say, many Americans still want Covid-related masks, especially indoors!
2022-02-17 13:04:01 EST Source
12. COVIDPrjs Contribute an Interview
2022-02-10 15:13:30 EST Source
13. COVIDPrjs Scientists have developed an inhaled form of COVID vaccine. It can provide broad, long-lasting protection against the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and variants of concern. Research reveals significant benefits of vaccines being delivered into the respiratory tract, rather than by injection.
2022-02-09 18:10:07 EST Source
14. COVIDPrjs COVID Moonshot project discovers new anti-viral, credits folding@home volunteers in their paper
2022-02-05 03:12:56 EST Source
15. COVIDPrjs Imagine how much faster this could have been accomplished if open-source vaccinology was the norm.
2022-02-04 11:08:07 EST Source
16. COVIDPrjs Help scientists find new cures for COVID and earn free crypto - truly a win-win!
2022-02-01 23:30:41 EST Source
17. COVIDPrjs [Academic] US Great Plains Frontline Healthcare Workers Interview & Survey (US Great Plains, CO, IO, MN, NM, WY, MT, ND, SD, KS, NE, OK, TX, 18+)
2022-01-24 16:34:44 EST Source
18. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 pandemic and weight gain in American adults: A nationwide population-based study - ScienceDirect
2022-01-20 20:10:31 EST Source
19. COVIDPrjs ordering is live for the four free Covid home tests via USPS
2022-01-18 12:01:04 EST Source
20. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 patients show more signs of brain damage than people with Alzheimer’s disease | KTLA
2022-01-16 19:39:50 EST Source
21. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 Public Therapeutic Locator (Evusheld, Molnupiravir, Paxlovid)
2022-01-12 00:28:34 EST Source
22. COVIDPrjs New COVID vaccine from Texas could be a global game changer : Goats and Soda : NPR
2022-01-06 11:12:00 EST Source
23. COVIDPrjs Research team discovers a novel vaccine strategy to prevent SARS-CoV-2 nasal infection
2021-12-30 21:30:01 EST Source
24. COVIDPrjs Exploring the Binding Mechanism of PF-07321332 SARS-CoV-2 Protease Inhibitor through Molecular Dynamics and Binding Free Energy Simulations - PubMed
2021-12-23 07:17:08 EST Source
25. COVIDPrjs Implementation and Accuracy of BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test in Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Populations in a High-Volume Self-Referred Testing Site | Microbiology Spectrum
2021-12-22 07:26:25 EST Source
26. COVIDPrjs The Science Behind Omicron’s Rapid Spread - WSJ
2021-12-18 08:51:47 EST Source
27. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 Paid Clinical Study | Earn $200 - Bay Area, Orange County, and San Joaquin County
2021-12-16 16:40:13 EST Source
28. COVIDPrjs Omicron thrives in airways, not lungs; new data on asymptomatic cases; SARS-CoV-2 hijacks neutralizing dimeric IgA for enhanced nasal infection and injury
2021-12-15 21:05:53 EST Source
29. COVIDPrjs OSF Preprints | Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 harbors a unique insertion mutation of putative viral or human genomic origin
2021-12-04 00:27:03 EST Source
30. COVIDPrjs Omicron coronavirus variant has higher risk of reinfection than delta, South Africa researchers say - The Washington Post
2021-12-03 12:18:54 EST Source
31. COVIDPrjs South African tech startup Hyrax Biosciences vital to swift detection of Omicron variant
2021-12-03 05:07:19 EST Source
32. COVIDPrjs Streamlined NIST Tool Could Help Homeowners, Renters Reduce Airborne Exposure to COVID
2021-11-24 11:53:31 EST Source
33. COVIDPrjs Children's Picture Book Offers Life-Affirming Story About COVID-19
2021-11-16 18:17:31 EST Source
34. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 Retrospective #3: Pandemic Effects on Daily Life: Stories of Struggle, Resilience, and Hope
2021-11-10 11:48:35 EST Source
35. COVIDPrjs Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms in North America during the 2nd year of COVID-19 All adult participants welcome!!!
2021-10-27 13:48:26 EST Source
36. COVIDPrjs Glycan engineering of the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain elicits cross-neutralizing antibodies for SARS-related viruses | Journal of Experimental Medicine | Rockefeller University Press
2021-10-19 22:05:20 EST Source
37. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 Retrospective #2: Trusted (distrusted) news & information in a pandemic
2021-10-18 14:54:21 EST Source
38. COVIDPrjs Tracker for blind and low vision users
2021-10-02 07:02:48 EST Source
39. COVIDPrjs [Academic] Adolescents, Perceived Social Supports, COVID-19, and Psychological Distress. AGES 13-18
2021-09-19 19:16:25 EST Source
40. COVIDPrjs [Academic] New Rapid Tool for Cognition Following COVID-19 (18+, no neurological disorders)
2021-09-14 10:48:18 EST Source
41. COVIDPrjs Does anyone have math problem examples an architectural drafter would have to do? I’m thinking I’d like to become a drafter myself and am curious about the math involved.
2021-09-13 19:17:31 EST Source
42. COVIDPrjs SterWrap - #1 Sterile Wrapping Solutions Against COVID-19
2021-09-13 05:24:39 EST Source
43. COVIDPrjs Participants Needed for Academic Study! Ages 13-18
2021-09-07 16:10:10 EST Source
44. COVIDPrjs COVID-19-associated hospitalizations among vaccinated and unvaccinated adults ≥18 years – COVID-NET, 13 states, January 1 – July 24, 2021 | medRxiv
2021-09-04 12:14:58 EST Source
45. COVIDPrjs is wrong about covid numbers in Southern Utah (saying 0 when there have been over 1,000 in last 14 days)
2021-09-03 15:24:11 EST Source
46. COVIDPrjs Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce | NEJM
2021-09-02 09:29:35 EST Source
47. COVIDPrjs Vaccines that can protect against many coronaviruses could prevent another pandemic | Science | AAAS
2021-09-01 18:42:33 EST Source
48. COVIDPrjs [Academic survey] What do you think of the COVID-19 Certificate (a.k.a. COVID\Vaccine Passport)? (English or Portuguese speakers, 18+)
2021-09-01 09:10:48 EST Source
49. COVIDPrjs [Academic] Cognition Changes Due to COVID-19 (18+, no neurological disorders)
2021-08-30 16:25:59 EST Source
50. COVIDPrjs [Academic] Adolescent Perceived Perceived Social Supports and COVID-19
2021-08-30 15:24:52 EST Source
51. COVIDPrjs SARS-CoV-2 RBD antibodies that maximize breadth and resistance to escape | Nature
2021-08-26 20:57:29 EST Source
52. COVIDPrjs [Academic],[Survey] Exploring professional burnout in 18+ healthcare workers (Nurses/Physicians) post the introduction of vaccines during COVID-19.
2021-08-26 19:11:38 EST Source
53. COVIDPrjs Survey about COVID-19 Certificate (a.k.a. COVID\Vaccine Passport) (English or Portuguese speakers, 18+)
2021-08-26 13:48:46 EST Source
54. COVIDPrjs Survey on the impact of COVID on health and social support (UK)
2021-08-25 09:31:42 EST Source
55. COVIDPrjs My lateral flow tests consistently show positive after 50-55 mins - why doesn't this happen for others?
2021-08-24 10:25:25 EST Source
56. COVIDPrjs Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America - NewsBreak
2021-08-24 07:44:33 EST Source
57. COVIDPrjs Coping with Covid USA:
2021-08-20 14:56:26 EST Source
58. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 and OCD
2021-08-20 14:55:50 EST Source
59. COVIDPrjs Fluvoxamine vs Placebo and Clinical Deterioration in Outpatients With Symptomatic COVID-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial | Critical Care Medicine | JAMA | JAMA Network
2021-08-20 12:19:01 EST Source
60. COVIDPrjs SARS Survivors Vaccinated Against Covid-19 May Have Super-Antibodies to Coronaviruses
2021-08-19 22:11:46 EST Source
61. COVIDPrjs Searching for European participants for a study into how COVID has changed people's diets
2021-08-19 10:14:51 EST Source
62. COVIDPrjs Videos capture lethal progress of COVID-19 virus
2021-08-18 20:45:28 EST Source
63. COVIDPrjs Hoping to get more information through my master's thesis study on COVID-19 survivors
2021-08-18 11:36:37 EST Source
64. COVIDPrjs There is a app, plugin, web or whatever who help to track room capicity?
2021-08-17 15:14:36 EST Source
65. COVIDPrjs Would showing how many people have died from covid help convince anti-vaxers this is serious?
2021-08-14 21:36:01 EST Source
66. COVIDPrjs Free download. This 3d printed device improves the comfort of wearing mask. Here is the demo
2021-08-13 21:26:52 EST Source
67. COVIDPrjs SARS-CoV-2 Lambda variant exhibits higher infectivity and immune resistance | bioRxiv
2021-08-13 13:26:33 EST Source
68. COVIDPrjs Need Help & Support
2021-08-07 03:50:48 EST Source
69. COVIDPrjs Plague of Fiery Serpents and COVID-19- A biblical approach to discussing COVID-19 recommendations
2021-08-04 12:59:52 EST Source
70. COVIDPrjs Best Logistics Tracker for Delta Surge - NOW AVAILABLE
2021-08-03 12:28:49 EST Source
71. COVIDPrjs Best in Covid: up-to-date COVID-19 stats, a free iPhone app
2021-08-03 04:46:24 EST Source
72. COVIDPrjs Participants Wanted! Adolescents Perceived Social Supports and COVID-19
2021-08-01 16:01:45 EST Source
73. COVIDPrjs What are the best return to campus/faculty guidelines you know of?
2021-07-29 10:31:04 EST Source
74. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 could cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction – but vaccines do not
2021-07-27 09:24:44 EST Source
75. COVIDPrjs Personality traits related to stress and development of PTSD-like symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic one year later
2021-07-21 09:47:49 EST Source
76. COVIDPrjs I had a dream last night that scientists found out the root cause of pandemics is global warming, then they developed a 'DNA vaccine' cure which transfers plant's photosynthesis gene to human..
2021-07-17 16:31:01 EST Source
77. COVIDPrjs Eir: A Python Package for Epidemic Simulation
2021-07-16 11:42:48 EST Source
78. COVIDPrjs Flu shot might help ward off severe COVID
2021-07-12 23:50:24 EST Source
79. COVIDPrjs Scientists identify natural SARS-CoV-2 super immunity against 23 variants
2021-07-06 12:48:07 EST Source
80. COVIDPrjs New face mask prototype can detect COVID19 infection
2021-07-02 09:08:46 EST Source
81. COVIDPrjs RW Malone MRNA vaccine podcast
2021-07-01 08:30:00 EST Source
82. COVIDPrjs COVID-19 and Mental Health in the USA - Seeking volunteer participants from USA
2021-06-30 10:52:06 EST Source
83. COVIDPrjs 'Robust' immune response seen in 'mix and match' Covid vaccine study
2021-06-29 00:08:44 EST Source
84. COVIDPrjs 1 min 2021Covid-19 survey with 2020 survey's result
2021-06-22 10:02:40 EST Source
85. COVIDPrjs Paid study ($50) seeking individuals with recent COVID-19 infections
2021-06-21 08:41:53 EST Source
86. COVIDPrjs Started a discord server for covid support
2020-09-20 07:57:43 EST Source
87. COVIDPrjs Online Tracker for Long Covid Research Projects
2020-09-20 07:48:58 EST Source
88. COVIDPrjs Social Network Transmission Simulator and Resources
2020-09-19 22:59:36 EST Source
89. COVIDPrjs [Survey] Socializing during the COVID-19 Pandemic (+18)
2020-09-17 15:17:46 EST Source
90. COVIDPrjs What is that program called that you can have on your computer to do calculations to contribute to COVID-19 (and other diseases)
2020-09-16 20:08:04 EST Source
91. COVIDPrjs [Need Help] Please help us with a short survey on how you research on COVID related information!
2020-09-15 13:51:02 EST Source
92. COVIDPrjs University Of Pittsburgh Scientists Discover Biomolecule That May Neutralize Coronavirus – CBS Pittsburgh
2020-09-15 12:57:41 EST Source
93. COVIDPrjs [Repost] [Academic] Wellbeing and Meaning in Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic (US & CAD, 19+)
2020-09-14 13:09:54 EST Source
94. COVIDPrjs How has COVID and LOCKDOWN affected you? Help us understand the impact of COVID on mental health
2020-09-14 10:33:47 EST Source
95. COVIDPrjs System to track tourism business compliance with safety standards in one of Earth's 10 COVID-19-free Nations
2020-09-13 19:12:44 EST Source
96. COVIDPrjs Share your stories! Help us understand the problem of social isolation in the pandemic!
2020-09-12 17:48:01 EST Source

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