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 154561. COVID19 Can post-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19 be considered as an outbreak response strategy in long-term care hospitals?
2020-05-20 03:09:46 EST Source
 154562. Coronavirus UN refugee aid warns: Ovid 19 outbreak and monsoon season coincide in Bangladesh
2020-05-20 03:09:46 EST Source
 154563. Coronavirus CDC director says US ready to reopen, predicts thousands more contact tracers
2020-05-20 03:08:53 EST Source
 154564. China_flu A new drug can stop coronavirus 'without vaccine', say Chinese researchers
2020-05-20 03:08:34 EST Source
 154565. China_flu As of Wednesday, every state will be somewhere along the road toward a full reopening
2020-05-20 03:07:40 EST Source
 154566. China_flu Six feet distancing not enough to stop coronavirus transmission in light winds: Study
2020-05-20 03:04:47 EST Source
 154567. Coronavirus Russians spend more money on video games amid quarantine — retailers
2020-05-20 03:04:34 EST Source
 154568. Coronavirus UK women bear emotional brunt of Covid-19 turmoil – poll
2020-05-20 03:03:27 EST Source
 154569. China_flu Polish schools may remain closed until the end of June
2020-05-20 03:02:09 EST Source
 154570. China_flu Type 1 diabetics more likely than type 2 to die of coronavirus – study. Almost a third of Covid-19 deaths in England have been associated with diabetes, NHS finds.
2020-05-20 03:00:57 EST Source
 154571. China_flu Number of bleach-related incidents up in Belgium due to COVID-19 fears
2020-05-20 02:57:10 EST Source
 154572. Coronavirus Magic Johnson offering $100 million in loans to minority-owned businesses left out of PPP loans
2020-05-20 02:56:43 EST Source
 154573. China_flu Taiwan reports 13th day without new coronavirus cases. Taiwan goes 38 days without new local coronavirus infection, 402 released from hospital.
2020-05-20 02:54:40 EST Source
 154574. China_flu China trade growth 'unsustainable' if coronavirus not controlled: Minister
2020-05-20 02:53:54 EST Source
 154575. China_flu Coronavirus: Tiananmen vigil organiser calls for candles to be lit across Hong Kong
2020-05-20 02:53:05 EST Source
 154576. China_flu Russia awaits US ventilator aid as coronavirus cases near 300,000
2020-05-20 02:52:36 EST Source
 154577. China_flu China's new coronavirus outbreak shows signs the virus could be changing
2020-05-20 02:51:44 EST Source
 154578. Coronavirus 'New normal' anything but as countries continue to reopen
2020-05-20 02:40:30 EST Source
 154579. Coronavirus Summer Koshien baseball tournament (Japan's prestigious high school baseball tournament) canceled due to coronavirus pandemic
2020-05-20 02:38:33 EST Source
 154580. Coronavirus Taiwan reports 13th consecutive day without new coronavirus cases
2020-05-20 02:34:57 EST Source
 154581. Coronavirus Coronavirus borders stay closed as interstate rivalry heats up - Australia
2020-05-20 02:32:27 EST Source
 154582. China_flu COVID-19 adds to dangers for Bangladeshi journalists
2020-05-20 02:18:58 EST Source
 154583. Coronavirus U.S. births fall, and virus could drive them down more
2020-05-20 02:17:51 EST Source
 154584. China_flu These 20-Somethings Survived Coronavirus, But Their Symptoms Won't Go Away
2020-05-20 02:17:18 EST Source
 154585. China_flu Italy reports sudden spike in coronavirus cases as lockdown rules relax
2020-05-20 02:13:44 EST Source
 154586. China_flu PAMPANGA, Philippines: Police raid underground Chinese coronavirus hospital in Clark resort
2020-05-20 02:11:42 EST Source
 154587. Coronavirus Police raid underground Chinese coronavirus hospital in Clark resort
2020-05-20 01:53:29 EST Source
 154588. COVID19 New Zealand’s COVID-19 elimination strategy
2020-05-20 01:42:39 EST Source
 154589. Coronavirus New COVID-19 rules will change intimate atmosphere of restaurants, expert says
2020-05-20 01:33:08 EST Source
 154590. Coronavirus Planned Parenthood affiliates improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus stimulus funds, feds say
2020-05-20 01:31:49 EST Source
 154591. Coronavirus People keep breaking illegal Cannonball Run records during lockdown.
2020-05-20 01:24:07 EST Source
 154592. Coronavirus 4 month pregnant nurse in Indonesia who never handled Covid-19 patients, tested positive and passed away a week after test result came out
2020-05-20 01:22:18 EST Source
 154593. Coronavirus Amphan super cyclone hits North East states of India. Making social distancing a challenge.
2020-05-20 01:21:00 EST Source
 154594. Coronavirus Hundreds gather along Boulder Creek prompting warnings from health officials
2020-05-20 01:20:47 EST Source
 154595. China_flu Was Florida’s COVID-19 data purged? State officials calls for investigation
2020-05-20 01:20:10 EST Source
 154596. China_flu Hard pandemic times raise sex sales in Japan. Condom makers, love hotels and adult toy peddlers are all seeing firm sales in virus-hit Japan.
2020-05-20 01:19:32 EST Source
 154597. China_flu Jacinda Ardern flags four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19 | World news
2020-05-20 01:17:42 EST Source
 154598. Coronavirus To Stem COVID, This Small Indiana City Decided To Test All Public-Facing Employees
2020-05-20 01:17:11 EST Source
 154599. China_flu ‘You’re not alone, Louie.’ N.J. nurses wouldn’t let a coronavirus patient with no family die alone.
2020-05-20 01:14:19 EST Source
 154600. China_flu Black South Carolina residents more than twice as concerned about coronavirus than whites, poll finds
2020-05-20 01:13:46 EST Source
 154601. China_flu Navajo Nation surpasses New York state for the highest Covid-19 infection rate in the US
2020-05-20 01:13:24 EST Source
 154602. Coronavirus Shakespeare's Globe May Not Survive Pandemic, U.K. Lawmakers Warn
2020-05-20 01:12:54 EST Source
 154603. China_flu 3,000 people gather for Florida block party without masks despite restrictions, get into fight with police
2020-05-20 01:12:50 EST Source
 154604. China_flu Annie Glenn, widow of astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn, dies of coronavirus complications at age 100
2020-05-20 01:12:05 EST Source
 154605. China_flu States accused of manipulating COVID-19 statistics to make situation look better
2020-05-20 01:10:47 EST Source
 154606. China_flu CDC: 38% of the attendees at an Arkansas church over a week contracted coronavirus
2020-05-20 01:10:27 EST Source
 154607. China_flu Argentine scientists working on low-cost two-hour coronavirus test
2020-05-20 01:09:34 EST Source
 154608. China_flu As Europe slowly exits lockdown, Sweden hunkers down for long haul
2020-05-20 01:09:08 EST Source
 154609. China_flu COVID-19: US extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders
2020-05-20 01:08:35 EST Source
 154610. Coronavirus Can watching your blood sugar help fight COVID-19? - "Journal of Medical Virology, that control of blood glucose by diet and exercise, as well as better control of blood sugar in diabetics, especially when ill with COVID-19, may possibly help control the severity of the disease and even its spread."
2020-05-20 01:08:20 EST Source
 154611. Coronavirus US ultra-Orthodox yeshivas are holding underground classes in violation of rules
2020-05-20 01:06:17 EST Source
 154612. China_flu Coronavirus: UK's Cambridge University will hold its lectures online from October
2020-05-20 01:06:13 EST Source
 154613. China_flu France looks past Google, Apple for coronavirus contact tracing
2020-05-20 01:05:52 EST Source
 154614. China_flu Coronavirus: Australia opens up domestic life further as China dispute lingers
2020-05-20 01:05:26 EST Source
 154615. China_flu Schools reopen in South Korea as coronavirus fears ease
2020-05-20 01:04:56 EST Source
 154616. China_flu Japan's coronavirus crisis sparks calls for revamping the school year
2020-05-20 01:04:30 EST Source
 154617. Coronavirus China to develop COVID-19 vaccine as global public good, reflects nation's intl generosity: analysts
2020-05-20 01:01:06 EST Source
 154618. Coronavirus Serbia coronavirus death toll is 234
2020-05-20 01:01:01 EST Source
 154619. Coronavirus Jacinda Ardern flags four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19
2020-05-20 00:59:56 EST Source
 154620. China_flu Thousands of people showed up to a DeLand, Florida block party. Police came to shut it down.
2020-05-20 00:57:22 EST Source
 154621. Coronavirus Nearing Eid Mubarak, Indonesians flock malls and reopened ports despite death number's rising and partial lockdown still ensued
2020-05-20 00:56:42 EST Source
 154622. Coronavirus Hard pandemic times raise sex sales in Japan
2020-05-20 00:51:46 EST Source
 154623. Coronavirus Blood thinners for thrombosis and cancer patients when covid-19 is suspected
2020-05-20 00:51:14 EST Source
 154624. Coronavirus Austria man sentenced to 10 months for refusing to wear a face mask. If one cannot tolerate alcohol, one sholdn't drink it: judge.
2020-05-20 00:50:52 EST Source
 154625. Coronavirus Coronavirus: CCTV shows man licking cash before paying in shop
2020-05-20 00:50:10 EST Source
 154626. Coronavirus Bolsonaro touts chloroquine as Brazil coronavirus crisis deepens
2020-05-20 00:38:06 EST Source
 154627. Coronavirus Labcorp expanding antibody testing for $10
2020-05-20 00:35:34 EST Source
 154628. Coronavirus A community mourns a Brooklyn physician who died fighting coronavirus
2020-05-20 00:35:26 EST Source
 154629. China_flu CONCERNED MICROBIOLOGIST: Were Novel SARS-Like Coronaviruses Known to be an Imminent Threat Since 2015?
2020-05-20 00:18:44 EST Source
 154630. Coronavirus Norway coronavirus death toll is 233
2020-05-20 00:16:43 EST Source
 154631. Coronavirus CDC guidelines, released at last, offer low-key guide to reopening
2020-05-20 00:15:49 EST Source
 154632. Coronavirus Justice Department warns California about its coronavirus restrictions on churches
2020-05-20 00:14:44 EST Source
 154633. Coronavirus Khabib Nurmagomedov's father in medically induced coma in Russia, fighter's manager says
2020-05-20 00:06:27 EST Source
 154634. China_flu DAILY UPDATE Coronavirus % growth for MAY 19
2020-05-20 00:03:54 EST Source
 154635. Coronavirus Oregon High Court Keeps State Virus Restrictions in Place
2020-05-20 00:03:23 EST Source
 154636. China_flu Chinese city put under Wuhan-style lockdown after fresh Coronavirus outbreak
2020-05-19 23:58:45 EST Source
 154637. Coronavirus ‘I woke up in a free country’ — Costco shopper gets bounced from store after refusing to wear a mask
2020-05-19 23:57:55 EST Source
 154638. Coronavirus How British Columbia successfully managed the coronavirus
2020-05-19 23:51:47 EST Source
 154639. Coronavirus Workers file class-action lawsuit against McDonald's over coronavirus precautions
2020-05-19 23:46:07 EST Source
 154640. Coronavirus South Korea coronavirus death toll is 263
2020-05-19 23:39:10 EST Source
 154641. China_flu Trump Administration to End National Guard COVID Deployments One Day Before GI Bill Benefits Kick In
2020-05-19 23:31:07 EST Source
 154642. China_flu Millions of Newly Jobless in China Pose a Looming Threat to Xi: China hasn’t confronted unemployment on this scale since the 1990s.
2020-05-19 23:28:30 EST Source
 154643. Coronavirus Florida State Officials call for investigation into whether or not COVID-19 data was purged
2020-05-19 23:27:41 EST Source
 154644. Coronavirus Palm Beach County emerging COVID-19 hot spot? Leaders say no
2020-05-19 23:25:42 EST Source
 154645. Coronavirus Frontline doctor calls Canada's COVID-19 vaccine deal with China "dangerous"
2020-05-19 23:20:43 EST Source
 154646. Coronavirus Japan mulls ending state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures
2020-05-19 23:18:54 EST Source
 154647. COVID19_sp Question about Hand sanitization
2020-05-19 23:13:14 EST Source
 154648. Coronavirus Numerous states accused of manipulating or bungling COVID-19 data
2020-05-19 23:12:49 EST Source
 154649. ID_news 35 of the 92 people (38%) who attended services at a rural Arkansas church March 6–11 tested positive for the coronavirus, ultimately killing three
2020-05-19 23:08:17 EST Source
 154650. China_flu While Waiting for Coronavirus Vaccine, 18 New Antibodies Have Been Discovered by the US Army
2020-05-19 23:07:31 EST Source
 154651. Coronavirus Ultraviolet light to zap coronavirus on New York City subways, buses
2020-05-19 23:05:39 EST Source
 154652. Coronavirus Putin says coronavirus situation in southern Russia's Dagestan is difficult
2020-05-19 23:04:49 EST Source
 154653. Coronavirus COVID-19 cases in the United States over time (OC, interactive)
2020-05-19 23:04:26 EST Source
 154654. COVID19_sp Question about future of social distancing
2020-05-19 23:03:21 EST Source
 154655. Coronavirus CDC releases detailed guidance on reopening that had previously been shelved by White House
2020-05-19 22:52:52 EST Source
 154656. Coronavirus Bay Area scientists say they're one step closer to engineering cure for COVID-19
2020-05-19 22:50:45 EST Source

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