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 154465. China_flu Only NJ, NY, Illinois meet federal guidelines to reopen: ProPublica
2020-05-29 08:15:28 EST Source
 154466. China_flu Canada lacks legal options to compel vaccination, say experts
2020-05-29 08:14:44 EST Source
 154467. Coronavirus Insurers’ Offers of Free Care for Coronavirus Are Often Confusing and Limited
2020-05-29 08:14:33 EST Source
 154468. China_flu South Africa has virus testing backlog of nearly 100,000
2020-05-29 08:13:59 EST Source
 154469. Coronavirus Critics say lockdowns will be more damaging than the virus. Experts say it's a false choice
2020-05-29 08:12:35 EST Source
 154470. China_flu Hong Kong health authorities confirmed 13 new imported coronavirus infections on Friday, the highest daily jump in nearly six weeks, although no local transmissions were recorded for the 15th day in a row.
2020-05-29 08:11:54 EST Source
 154471. China_flu Bosnia: Officials, firm owner arrested over ventilator deal
2020-05-29 08:10:52 EST Source
 154472. COVID19 The association between treatment with heparin and survival in patients with Covid-19
2020-05-29 08:10:09 EST Source
 154473. China_flu Whoever invents a coronavirus vaccine will control the patent – and, importantly, who gets to use it
2020-05-29 08:09:15 EST Source
 154474. China_flu Indonesian minister slammed for ‘coronavirus is like your wife’ remarks
2020-05-29 08:06:41 EST Source
 154475. China_flu Covid-19 situation not disastrous due to govt's effective measures: Dr Zafar
2020-05-29 08:05:40 EST Source
 154476. Coronavirus Sweden - Public Health Authority update: 36476 (+749) confirmed cases and 4350 (+84) deaths
2020-05-29 08:03:14 EST Source
 154477. COVID19_sp The longer the virus goes on the more I want to give up
2020-05-29 07:57:30 EST Source
 154478. Coronavirus Chapel Hill dog that tested positive for COVID-19 probably never really had the virus, USDA reports
2020-05-29 07:54:52 EST Source
 154479. Coronavirus Survey reveals that one third of Russians are coronavirus skeptics
2020-05-29 07:53:06 EST Source
 154480. Coronavirus What’s up with the housing market in the pandemic: why housing prices aren’t dropping
2020-05-29 07:45:23 EST Source
 154481. COVID19_sp I’m an RN that is growing more depressed and anxious.
2020-05-29 07:44:34 EST Source
 154482. Coronavirus Can coronavirus spread through lake and pool water? Here's what we know
2020-05-29 07:43:58 EST Source
 154483. Coronavirus An incomplete list of COVID-19 quackery
2020-05-29 07:32:26 EST Source
 154484. China_flu No correlation between obese rate in population and mortality rate & deaths per M pop in 21 countries
2020-05-29 07:32:16 EST Source
 154485. Coronavirus Another threat looming in the fight against coronavirus: anti-vaxxers
2020-05-29 07:31:26 EST Source
 154486. Coronavirus 18 places in England and Wales which may not yet have passed the peak
2020-05-29 07:28:12 EST Source
 154487. Coronavirus What's new in the last 6 months besides COVID 19 across specialities
2020-05-29 07:25:47 EST Source
 154488. Coronavirus Virus protection adds new wrinkle to Southwest heat relief
2020-05-29 07:24:44 EST Source
 154489. Coronavirus Is it safer to drive or fly during the pandemic? The answer isn’t that clear.
2020-05-29 07:24:33 EST Source
 154490. China_flu China Health Commission destroyed samples of early COVID patients
2020-05-29 07:23:06 EST Source
 154491. Coronavirus How the Pandemic Turned Brené Brown Into America’s Therapist
2020-05-29 07:21:35 EST Source
 154492. Coronavirus Coronavirus: How New Zealand can be the first in the world to put an end to Covid-19
2020-05-29 07:20:37 EST Source
 154493. Coronavirus Over 1,000 coronavirus deaths in Brazil for the third straight day
2020-05-29 07:17:11 EST Source
 154494. Coronavirus The [UK] government is paying the Sun and Daily Mail for positive coverage of its coronavirus response
2020-05-29 07:16:03 EST Source
 154495. Coronavirus India: Monkeys run away with COVID-19 test samples in Meerut, locals fear spread of infection
2020-05-29 07:01:57 EST Source
 154496. Coronavirus Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) writes to WHO disagreeing with HCQ assessment. Says International doses 4 times higher than the Indian trials.
2020-05-29 07:01:55 EST Source
 154497. Coronavirus Japan bans foreign travellers from 110 other countries over Covid-19
2020-05-29 06:51:03 EST Source
 154498. COVIDPrjs Does your company offer discounts due to the pandemic? - join the HR To The Rescue project.
2020-05-29 06:42:56 EST Source
 154499. Coronavirus Infection risk half in kids, but they spread coronavirus: Study
2020-05-29 06:40:11 EST Source
 154500. Coronavirus Coronavirus: Fraud victims have lost more than £4.6m to virus-related scams
2020-05-29 06:39:24 EST Source
 154501. Coronavirus Hundreds of South Korea schools close again after reopening
2020-05-29 06:34:53 EST Source
 154502. Coronavirus Detroit reports first day without COVID-19 deaths since March
2020-05-29 06:33:33 EST Source
 154503. Coronavirus Older and immunocompromised people don’t deserve to be second-class citizens
2020-05-29 06:32:33 EST Source
 154504. Coronavirus For Families Already Stretched to the Limit, the Pandemic Is a Disaster
2020-05-29 06:32:14 EST Source
 154505. Coronavirus As the pandemic cancels flights, Uruguay turns its airport into a drive-in
2020-05-29 06:28:46 EST Source
 154506. Coronavirus Sweden's economy actually grew in the first quarter after it opted against a full virus lockdown
2020-05-29 06:23:49 EST Source
 154507. COVID19 Three in four parents kept children home due to COVID-19 (Australia)
2020-05-29 06:23:41 EST Source
 154508. Coronavirus Meet Papille, the French cat who survived coronavirus | Reuters Video
2020-05-29 06:09:49 EST Source
 154509. Coronavirus Latvian 'Stop Covid' app first of its kind in the world (developed with Apple-Google specifications) / Article / Eng.lsm.lv
2020-05-29 06:04:06 EST Source
 154510. Coronavirus UK coffee industry COVID impact report - The Impact of Covid-19 on Cafés and Coffee Shops – Strategic Analysis, May 2020
2020-05-29 06:00:50 EST Source
 154511. Coronavirus COVID-19 in Malaysia : New Cases Jump To 103, Mostly Foreign Workers
2020-05-29 05:59:29 EST Source
 154512. Coronavirus Coronavirus may remain active in high 40s C for 6-12 hours
2020-05-29 05:52:43 EST Source
 154513. COVID19 Death threats after a trial on chloroquine for COVID-19
2020-05-29 05:44:26 EST Source
 154514. China_flu Children with perplexing syndrome linked to covid-19 may be experiencing deadly ‘cytokine storm’. New York physicians propose early theory, detailing four case studies that were remarkably similar.
2020-05-29 05:28:49 EST Source
 154515. China_flu Israel tests 100,000 to prevent pandemic ‘second wave’
2020-05-29 05:27:29 EST Source
 154516. China_flu Spain records single coronavirus death in 24-hour period
2020-05-29 05:26:37 EST Source
 154517. China_flu 'We are losers in this crisis': research finds lockdowns reinforcing gender inequality. Campaign groups warn women across Europe risk being pushed back into traditional roles.
2020-05-29 05:26:06 EST Source
 154518. China_flu Inslee announces new requirements to slow spread of COVID-19 in agriculture industries where outbreaks are on the rise
2020-05-29 05:24:57 EST Source
 154519. China_flu Texas nursing homes struggled with infection control long before COVID-19
2020-05-29 05:24:25 EST Source
 154520. China_flu Brazil: Covid-19 cases spike among processing plant workers
2020-05-29 05:23:00 EST Source
 154521. China_flu Florida Sen. Rick Scott accuses NY of trying to tax Sunshine State residents to 'backfill' budget. Senator doesn't believe states should get more coronavirus relief money from US government.
2020-05-29 05:22:17 EST Source
 154522. China_flu Taiwan records first new case of COVID-19 in seven days. The new patient is a man in his 20s, who went to Russia in February to study and returned to Taiwan on Tuesday.
2020-05-29 05:21:35 EST Source
 154523. Coronavirus Bangladesh sees highest single-day spike with 2,523 new Covid-19 cases, 23 deaths
2020-05-29 05:21:03 EST Source
 154524. China_flu China should have stopped coronavirus at source, will announce 'certain decisions' today: Trump
2020-05-29 05:20:35 EST Source
 154525. China_flu This is What The Plan Was, Spread Coronavirus in The Whole World: Harbhajan Singh Slams China
2020-05-29 05:20:14 EST Source
 154526. China_flu Trump courts Africa to counter coronavirus — and China. The administration is trying to signal that African countries can look to the U.S. instead of China, which is facing its own backlash in the country.
2020-05-29 05:19:47 EST Source
 154527. Coronavirus Why Thailand isn't reopening to international tourists yet (People are on high alert even at near zero cases per day, pushing for domestic travel instead)
2020-05-29 05:16:03 EST Source
 154528. COVID19 How Sweden wasted a ‘rare opportunity’ to study coronavirus in schools
2020-05-29 05:11:30 EST Source
 154529. Coronavirus The British pilot in Vietnam that has been in critical condition with COVID-19 has woken up from a coma and is capable of basic communication. He may require a double lung transplant, and he might be repatriated back to England.
2020-05-29 05:09:09 EST Source
 154530. Coronavirus South Korea Seeks to Tighten Workplace Controls After Recent Spike in Cases
2020-05-29 05:07:13 EST Source
 154531. COVID19 How countries are using genomics to help avoid a second coronavirus wave
2020-05-29 05:02:54 EST Source
 154532. COVID19 Monkey Heist - Monkey runs away with covid 19 test samples ; Locals fear spread of infection.
2020-05-29 05:00:36 EST Source
 154533. Coronavirus India is now Ranked #1 in number of Covid cases and 2nd in number of deaths in Asia
2020-05-29 04:57:59 EST Source
 154534. Coronavirus California records highest single-day increase in coronavirus cases
2020-05-29 04:57:53 EST Source
 154535. Coronavirus Spain set to introduce permanent basic income scheme to rebuild economy post-coronavirus
2020-05-29 04:37:57 EST Source
 154536. China_flu Local Report: China flair has Taiwan map in it. Why? We already have a Local Report: Taiwan flair.
2020-05-29 04:37:54 EST Source
 154537. Coronavirus [Japan] Japan turns to two-headed bird in hope of ending coronavirus pandemic
2020-05-29 04:36:25 EST Source
 154538. Coronavirus Maine closes emergency operations center after 7 employees show virus symptoms: Its occupancy has generally been 14 people in recent weeks, with all workers maintaining a distance of more than six feet from each other
2020-05-29 04:34:06 EST Source
 154539. Coronavirus [Japan] Japan’s farming and fisheries schools struggle to move lessons online
2020-05-29 04:32:29 EST Source
 154540. Coronavirus [Japan] Abe may self-isolate after attending G7 summit in U.S.
2020-05-29 04:30:02 EST Source
 154541. Coronavirus S. Korea abolishes 5-day rotation system for mask distribution, increasing purchase quantity from three to five for under 18 years old
2020-05-29 04:29:33 EST Source
 154542. COVID19 Pathogen Stimulated Histamine Production and Release by Neutrophils as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Preventing Progression of COVID-19
2020-05-29 04:26:50 EST Source
 154543. Coronavirus Coronavirus cases mounting the highest among states that reopened early
2020-05-29 04:15:35 EST Source
 154544. Coronavirus [Japan] Blue Impulse jets fly over Tokyo to salute medical workers
2020-05-29 04:05:03 EST Source
 154545. COVID19 COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam
2020-05-29 03:53:06 EST Source
 154546. Coronavirus Indonesia rolls out public shaming for coronavirus violators
2020-05-29 03:52:32 EST Source
 154547. Coronavirus Taiwan to resume face mask exports next month
2020-05-29 03:44:44 EST Source
 154548. Coronavirus Russia: 387 623 cases (+8 572), 159 257 recovered (+8 264), 4 374 dead (+232)
2020-05-29 03:44:37 EST Source
 154549. Coronavirus Millions Relying on Pandemic Aid Can See Its End, and They’re Scared
2020-05-29 03:44:20 EST Source
 154550. Coronavirus Skåne - Swedish strategy but Danish death figures - Aftonbladet - May 29, 2020
2020-05-29 03:39:53 EST Source
 154551. COVID19 Comprehensive Transcriptomic Analysis of COVID-19 Blood, Lung, and Airway
2020-05-29 03:39:34 EST Source
 154552. epidemic €1000 & 30 Hours - Is This The Future Of COVID-19 Travel?
2020-05-29 03:31:04 EST Source
 154553. COVID19 Single-dose replicating RNA vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in nonhuman primates
2020-05-29 03:27:03 EST Source
 154554. Coronavirus [Singapore] - 611 New Cases of COVID-19 Infection
2020-05-29 03:20:23 EST Source
 154555. Coronavirus Coronavirus: 10,000 Iranian health workers infected, says deputy health minister
2020-05-29 03:10:09 EST Source
 154556. Coronavirus Coronavirus is launching us into a new era of poverty, crisis and global conflicts
2020-05-29 03:05:55 EST Source
 154557. China_flu Scientists warn of false-negative results with Covid-19 virus tests - what are the SA implications?
2020-05-29 02:58:07 EST Source
 154558. Coronavirus The Pandemic Ad Salutes You
2020-05-29 02:58:06 EST Source
 154559. China_flu GOP lawyer fights California governor on stay-at-home orders
2020-05-29 02:57:10 EST Source
 154560. China_flu Canada sees fewer than 1,000 new coronavirus cases for 3rd consecutive day - National
2020-05-29 02:56:44 EST Source

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