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 81. ID_news Too many Australians aren’t getting a flu vaccine. Why, and what can we do about it?
2024-05-14 21:01:17 EST Source
 82. ID_news Birth by C-section more than doubles odds of measles vaccine failure | Researchers say it is vital that children born by caesarean section receive two doses of the measles vaccine for robust protection against the disease.
2024-05-14 20:16:40 EST Source
 83. ID_news Startling Findings – Entirely New COVID-Related Syndrome Discovered: “MDA5-autoimmunity and interstitial pneumonitis contemporaneous with the COVID-19 pandemic (MIP-C)”
2024-05-14 19:54:16 EST Source
 84. ID_news WHO describes MERS cluster in Saudi Arabia
2024-05-14 19:09:53 EST Source
 85. COVID19 Antibody-independent protection against heterologous SARS-CoV-2 challenge conferred by prior infection or vaccination
2024-05-14 16:42:40 EST Source
 86. Virology Is this feild hard to get into
2024-05-14 03:51:05 EST Source
 87. ID_news Chimps are dying of the common cold. Is great ape tourism to blame? | Mammals
2024-05-14 03:11:50 EST Source
 88. Coronavirus Do Not Use Cue Health’s COVID-19 Tests
2024-05-14 01:14:30 EST Source
 89. COVID19 A one of the many causes of Covids death toll on humans. Inhibiting our support species' immune chains immune webs :( pollution:::(
2024-05-13 10:35:08 EST Source
 90. ID_news CDC launching wastewater dashboard to track bird flu virus spread
2024-05-13 10:34:18 EST Source
 91. ID_news COVID-19 public education campaign by HHS saved more than 50,000 lives
2024-05-13 08:36:14 EST Source
 92. ID_news Saudi Reports 3 Cases, Including 1 Death, From Deadly MERS Coronavirus
2024-05-13 08:34:33 EST Source
 93. ID_news Biden Administration to Pay Dairy Farmers for Bird Flu Protective Measures
2024-05-13 08:32:18 EST Source
 94. ID_news New case of pertussis confirmed in Lexington, KY high school
2024-05-13 04:03:40 EST Source
 95. ID_news What to know about new COVID variants and the spread of bird flu and measles | PBS NewsHour
2024-05-13 04:01:02 EST Source
 96. ID_news Increase in pertussis cases in EU/EEA: infants under six months of age at the highest risk - During 2023 and until April 2024, EU/EEA countries have reported nearly 60 000 cases of pertussis, a more than 10-fold increase
2024-05-13 02:20:02 EST Source
 97. ID_news Texas Cities Continue Confronting Flu Season
2024-05-13 02:17:48 EST Source
 98. ID_news U of G Co-leads $ 15M Initiative to Prepare for Next Pandemic - University of Guelph, Canada
2024-05-12 16:38:09 EST Source
 99. ID_news GISAID - Arbovirus Summit 2024
2024-05-12 16:13:12 EST Source
 100. COVID19 Chloroquine Up-regulates Expression of SARS-CoV-2 receptor Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-2 in Endothelial Cells
2024-05-12 14:44:24 EST Source
 101. COVID19 New Covid 'FLiRT' variants are now more than a third of US cases
2024-05-12 11:23:30 EST Source
 102. ID_news Where COVID Has Shifted Flu and RSV Seasons | In some countries, peaks in flu hospitalizations occurred 4.3 weeks early on average relative to the pre-COVID era
2024-05-12 04:40:25 EST Source
 103. Coronavirus Weekly Discussion Thread | Week of May 12, 2024
2024-05-12 03:00:26 EST Source
 104. Virology Is it possible that viruses are alien?
2024-05-11 21:31:43 EST Source
 105. COVID19 Antiretroviral Drug Use for HIV and Alzheimer's Disease - Let’s demand similar drug trials for PASC.
2024-05-11 19:45:44 EST Source
 106. ID_news Study shows cows harbor both human and avian flu receptors in their mammary glands
2024-05-11 03:56:11 EST Source
 107. ID_news Whooping cough outbreak reported in eastern Newfoundland | most of the 42 cases of the highly contagious disease have been reported in schoolchildren, but the illness has also been seen in children as young as two months old and in seniors as old as 89
2024-05-11 03:04:06 EST Source
 108. ID_news 2023 E coli outbreak in kids in Utah traced to untreated irrigation water | Animal feces in open reservoirs implicated
2024-05-10 22:14:50 EST Source
 109. ID_news US to post influenza A wastewater data online to assist bird flu probe, official says
2024-05-10 21:48:21 EST Source
 110. Coronavirus Novavax erases doubts about its ability to remain in business
2024-05-10 18:11:42 EST Source
 111. ID_news Countries struggle to draft 'pandemic treaty' to avoid mistakes made during COVID:leaders worldwide vowed to do better next time but are still struggling to finalize a global plan
2024-05-10 16:23:58 EST Source
 112. COVID19 Novavax Surge Over 130% On $1.4 Bln Covid Shot Deal with Sanofi for NASDAQ:NVAX by DEXWireNews
2024-05-10 15:32:24 EST Source
 113. ID_news How vaccines are a key tool to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance: The O’Neill Report, ‘Tackling drug-resistant infections globally’ predicted that by 2050, AMR will be the leading global cause of death
2024-05-10 15:20:20 EST Source
 114. ID_news In effort to prevent rabies, CDC launches new rules for bringing dogs into the US | CNN
2024-05-10 15:03:52 EST Source
 115. Coronavirus Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2024-05-10 14:47:56 EST Source
 116. ID_news Farmers resist push for workers to wear protective gear against bird flu virus
2024-05-10 12:30:45 EST Source
 117. China_flu AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine after admitting it can cause rare blood clots
2024-05-10 12:08:02 EST Source
 118. Coronavirus New COVID ‘FLiRT’ variants show virus isn’t going away
2024-05-10 10:44:25 EST Source
 119. ID_news US to post influenza A wastewater data online to assist bird flu probe, official says
2024-05-10 05:18:56 EST Source
 120. Coronavirus Novavax Press Release: Novavax and Sanofi Announce Co-exclusive Licensing Agreement to Co-commercialize COVID-19 Vaccine and Develop Novel COVID-19-Influenza Combination Vaccines
2024-05-10 02:44:33 EST Source
 121. Virology Please help
2024-05-09 23:15:43 EST Source
 122. ID_news FDA considers updating blood donation guidelines to keep nation’s supply safe from malaria | it’s seeking the opinion of its independent advisers on the best way to meet its goal of zero transfusion-related cases without unnecessarily prohibiting some people from donating blood.
2024-05-09 22:28:06 EST Source
 123. ID_news Hospitalizations for RSV rose in 2021, 2022 for preschoolers | 20% of hospitalized kids needed ICU care
2024-05-09 17:46:17 EST Source
 124. ID_news Whooping cough outbreak in the UK: Sound, vaccine and everything you need to know as five babies die
2024-05-09 17:27:34 EST Source
 125. Virology Should a course of antiviral medications be always completed similarly to antibiotics, if the condition has resolved? E.g. aciclovir
2024-05-09 16:31:54 EST Source
 126. COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Risk of Postacute Psychiatric and Neurologic Diagnoses A Nationwide Danish Cohort Study
2024-05-09 16:28:09 EST Source
 127. Coronavirus Health systems and employers count economic cost of long Covid
2024-05-09 15:18:37 EST Source
 128. COVID19_sp [LIVE ON r/IAmA]: I'm Dr. Monica Wang, an Associate Professor at Boston University. Ask me anything about how social media can be used to promote positive mental health, its role in spreading health misinformation, & what we can do to shape a healthier world online.
2024-05-09 13:00:09 EST Source
 129. Virology Quasi-equivalent Icosahedral Structures
2024-05-09 12:44:33 EST Source
 130. Coronavirus Long Covid at Work: A Manager’s Guide
2024-05-09 01:04:44 EST Source
 131. ID_news Nigeriens getting vaccinated against Meningitis as epidemic death toll climbs
2024-05-08 19:28:50 EST Source
 132. Virology U.S. Tightens Rules on Risky Virus Research
2024-05-08 19:13:26 EST Source
 133. Coronavirus Classified State Department Documents Credibly Suggest COVID-19 Lab Leak, Wenstrup Pushes for Declassification
2024-05-08 19:07:18 EST Source
 134. Coronavirus Exclusive: Britain refuses to sign global vaccine treaty that would force it to give away up to fifth of jabs
2024-05-08 16:10:40 EST Source
 135. ID_news Cases in Bhutan illustrate the increasing rise of scrub typhus | A zoonotic disease associated with heavy rain, humidity and changing weather patterns, as well as the proliferation of rodents in close proximity to humans is expanding its reach.
2024-05-08 15:14:47 EST Source
 136. ID_news Nigeria: Lassa fever: NCDC records 832 cases, 152 deaths in four months
2024-05-08 15:13:31 EST Source
 137. ID_news FDA Needs More Up-to-Date Information Before Finalizing COVID-19 Vaccines for 2024-2025
2024-05-08 15:07:58 EST Source
 138. ID_news Exciting breakthrough offers hope for Long COVID patients - low dose naltrexone
2024-05-08 15:03:18 EST Source
 139. ID_news Spain health warning issued amid report of serious disease that can be 'fatal' - a case Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever was found in a Spanish town.
2024-05-08 14:55:47 EST Source
 140. Coronavirus The Post-Covid Truancy Epidemic Schools closed, then reopened, but many students still don’t attend regularly.
2024-05-08 14:47:14 EST Source
 141. Virology HTVL - testing
2024-05-08 13:52:27 EST Source
 142. COVID19 Virological characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 KP.2 variant
2024-05-08 12:30:35 EST Source
 143. COVID19_sp just bad flashbacks
2024-05-08 12:24:16 EST Source
 144. ID_news A Fight About Viruses in the Air Is Finally Over. Now It’s Time for Healthy Venting: WHO now admits the COVID virus and other germs spread “through the air.” This plain language may help improve research and action to fight disease
2024-05-08 11:41:20 EST Source
 145. Coronavirus There's a new COVID-19 variant called FLiRT: Here's what you need to know about it
2024-05-08 09:08:56 EST Source
 146. Coronavirus AstraZeneca to withdraw Covid vaccine
2024-05-08 08:46:52 EST Source
 147. COVID19 The long COVID evidence gap in England
2024-05-08 07:59:18 EST Source
 148. ID_news California city declares a public health emergency after tuberculosis sickens 14
2024-05-08 07:39:54 EST Source
 149. COVID19 Study: HHS's COVID vaccine campaign saved $732 billion in averted infections, costs
2024-05-08 07:39:30 EST Source
 150. Coronavirus AstraZeneca says it will withdraw COVID-19 vaccine globally as demand dips
2024-05-08 02:16:01 EST Source
 151. Coronavirus AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine days after side effect row, firm says decision 'commercial'
2024-05-07 23:56:55 EST Source
 152. Coronavirus AstraZeneca withdraws Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, citing surplus of newer vaccines | AstraZeneca
2024-05-07 22:42:04 EST Source
 153. ID_news Bulgaria: Nearly 800 Pertussis Cases Reported as of May 7, 2024
2024-05-07 22:08:00 EST Source
 154. ID_news South Carolina : Upstate sees uptick in whooping cough cases
2024-05-07 22:06:49 EST Source
 155. ID_news #GlobalAMRDiary - This initiative aims to magnify awareness and deepen the understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
2024-05-07 18:27:22 EST Source
 156. COVID19 @charterofrights on #maine #suddendeath
2024-05-07 18:12:48 EST Source
 157. ID_news Penn. Department of Agriculture Warns Consumers to Discard Campylobacter-Contaminated Raw Milk Products from Apple Valley Creamery, Under the ‘Pure Pastures Dairy’ Label, Sold in 12 Counties
2024-05-07 15:34:01 EST Source
 158. Coronavirus Americans arrested for allegedly swindling Canada out of 12 million COVID masks
2024-05-07 14:43:55 EST Source
 159. Virology Why they say to only worry if you have HPV 16,18,45? Is HPV as dangerous as we trnd to think?
2024-05-07 14:11:01 EST Source
 160. COVID19 Report: US Shared COVID Lab Leak Evidence With UK in Late 2020
2024-05-07 02:24:11 EST Source
 161. ID_news Quick takes: Long Beach TB outbreak, CCHF in Spain, imported Lassa fever case in France | CIDRAP
2024-05-06 19:07:04 EST Source
 162. ID_news Hepatitis B is globally underassessed and undertreated, especially among women and Asian minorities in the West
2024-05-06 18:24:10 EST Source
 163. ID_news Identifying risks of human flea infestations in plague-endemic areas of Madagascar
2024-05-06 18:23:55 EST Source
 164. ID_news Dengue is now endemic in more than 100 countries—here's what you need to know
2024-05-06 17:16:47 EST Source
 165. ID_news Industry group pushes for more progress against antimicrobial resistance
2024-05-06 17:04:50 EST Source
 166. ID_news Nigeria: Adamawa Confirms 42 Dead In Measles Outbreak, Shuts All Primary, Secondary Schools | Sahara Reporters
2024-05-06 14:42:51 EST Source
 167. ID_news ECDC reports: vaccine-preventable diseases on the rise in the EU/EEA
2024-05-06 14:41:38 EST Source
 168. COVID19 Virological characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 KP.2 variant | SATO Labs
2024-05-06 13:05:18 EST Source
 169. COVID19 Proactive vaccination using multiviral Quartet Nanocages to elicit broad anti-coronavirus responses
2024-05-06 07:52:52 EST Source
 170. ID_news Wisconsin: Whitefish Bay High School on lookout for potential cases of whooping cough
2024-05-06 03:03:07 EST Source
 171. COVID19 Something that’s been forgotten Prof. Francis Boyle proved to the world in March 2020 what covid was and how it arrived , everything you heard after this was a lie and a cover up. Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. An expert on bio weaponry
2024-05-06 01:54:12 EST Source
 172. Virology Prediction of epitope
2024-05-05 21:18:58 EST Source
 173. ID_news Pakistan: 22 children lose their lives to measles in 15 days - Daily Times
2024-05-05 18:33:56 EST Source
 174. ID_news Hong Kong: Child deaths spark urgent push for flu jabs by experts
2024-05-05 17:19:30 EST Source
 175. Coronavirus Canada’s vaccine advisory committee releases new guidance on COVID-19 shots
2024-05-05 14:59:12 EST Source
 176. ID_news Vaccine Partners Turn Rivals With First Shot for Advancing Virus: Chikungunya is usually spread through the same two species of mosquitoes that can transmit dengue. Most patients make a full recovery, but some develop arthritis, with the pain lasting for years.
2024-05-05 14:20:54 EST Source

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