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 49. Coronavirus AstraZeneca withdraws Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, citing surplus of newer vaccines | AstraZeneca
2024-05-07 22:42:04 EST Source
 50. ID_news Bulgaria: Nearly 800 Pertussis Cases Reported as of May 7, 2024
2024-05-07 22:08:00 EST Source
 51. ID_news South Carolina : Upstate sees uptick in whooping cough cases
2024-05-07 22:06:49 EST Source
 52. ID_news #GlobalAMRDiary - This initiative aims to magnify awareness and deepen the understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
2024-05-07 18:27:22 EST Source
 53. COVID19 @charterofrights on #maine #suddendeath
2024-05-07 18:12:48 EST Source
 54. ID_news Penn. Department of Agriculture Warns Consumers to Discard Campylobacter-Contaminated Raw Milk Products from Apple Valley Creamery, Under the ‘Pure Pastures Dairy’ Label, Sold in 12 Counties
2024-05-07 15:34:01 EST Source
 55. Coronavirus Americans arrested for allegedly swindling Canada out of 12 million COVID masks
2024-05-07 14:43:55 EST Source
 56. Virology Why they say to only worry if you have HPV 16,18,45? Is HPV as dangerous as we trnd to think?
2024-05-07 14:11:01 EST Source
 57. COVID19 Report: US Shared COVID Lab Leak Evidence With UK in Late 2020
2024-05-07 02:24:11 EST Source
 58. ID_news Quick takes: Long Beach TB outbreak, CCHF in Spain, imported Lassa fever case in France | CIDRAP
2024-05-06 19:07:04 EST Source
 59. ID_news Hepatitis B is globally underassessed and undertreated, especially among women and Asian minorities in the West
2024-05-06 18:24:10 EST Source
 60. ID_news Identifying risks of human flea infestations in plague-endemic areas of Madagascar
2024-05-06 18:23:55 EST Source
 61. ID_news Dengue is now endemic in more than 100 countries—here's what you need to know
2024-05-06 17:16:47 EST Source
 62. ID_news Industry group pushes for more progress against antimicrobial resistance
2024-05-06 17:04:50 EST Source
 63. ID_news Nigeria: Adamawa Confirms 42 Dead In Measles Outbreak, Shuts All Primary, Secondary Schools | Sahara Reporters
2024-05-06 14:42:51 EST Source
 64. ID_news ECDC reports: vaccine-preventable diseases on the rise in the EU/EEA
2024-05-06 14:41:38 EST Source
 65. COVID19 Virological characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 KP.2 variant | SATO Labs
2024-05-06 13:05:18 EST Source
 66. COVID19 Proactive vaccination using multiviral Quartet Nanocages to elicit broad anti-coronavirus responses
2024-05-06 07:52:52 EST Source
 67. ID_news Wisconsin: Whitefish Bay High School on lookout for potential cases of whooping cough
2024-05-06 03:03:07 EST Source
 68. COVID19 Something that’s been forgotten Prof. Francis Boyle proved to the world in March 2020 what covid was and how it arrived , everything you heard after this was a lie and a cover up. Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. An expert on bio weaponry
2024-05-06 01:54:12 EST Source
 69. Virology Prediction of epitope
2024-05-05 21:18:58 EST Source
 70. ID_news Pakistan: 22 children lose their lives to measles in 15 days - Daily Times
2024-05-05 18:33:56 EST Source
 71. ID_news Hong Kong: Child deaths spark urgent push for flu jabs by experts
2024-05-05 17:19:30 EST Source
 72. Coronavirus Canada’s vaccine advisory committee releases new guidance on COVID-19 shots
2024-05-05 14:59:12 EST Source
 73. ID_news Vaccine Partners Turn Rivals With First Shot for Advancing Virus: Chikungunya is usually spread through the same two species of mosquitoes that can transmit dengue. Most patients make a full recovery, but some develop arthritis, with the pain lasting for years.
2024-05-05 14:20:54 EST Source
 74. Coronavirus Common diabetes drug lowers SARS-CoV-2 levels, clinical trial finds
2024-05-05 12:37:18 EST Source
 75. epidemic The first reported cases of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus from domestic sick camel to humans in China
2024-05-05 09:27:58 EST Source
 76. ID_news Official City of Long Beach Statement Regarding Public Health Emergency in Response to Local Tuberculosis Outbreak; Risk to Population at Large Remains Low
2024-05-05 04:19:01 EST Source
 77. Coronavirus Weekly Discussion Thread | Week of May 05, 2024
2024-05-05 03:00:27 EST Source
 78. Virology "allergies bad this year" but doubting
2024-05-05 00:16:46 EST Source
 79. China_flu Vaccine breakthrough means no more chasing strains
2024-05-04 13:41:54 EST Source
 80. Coronavirus 2 new COVID variants called 'FLiRT' are spreading in the U.S. What are the symptoms?
2024-05-04 08:43:47 EST Source
 81. COVID19_sp Increased anxiety?
2024-05-03 22:51:48 EST Source
 82. Virology First photo of Texas farm worker with bird flu shows bleeding in eyeballs
2024-05-03 21:27:11 EST Source
 83. Coronavirus JPWeiland May 3rd Update - Infection rates are now near 2023 lows, a month earlier than 2023
2024-05-03 19:58:43 EST Source
 84. ID_news Norovirus spreading at 'higher frequency' than expected in Canada
2024-05-03 18:24:30 EST Source
 85. ID_news Oregon: Deschutes County Public Health reports rise in whooping cough cases, urges immunizations - KTVZ
2024-05-03 18:18:42 EST Source
 86. ID_news Henderson Co. NC whooping cough update: 50+ cases since early April; worst outbreak in 7 years
2024-05-03 18:14:21 EST Source
 87. ID_news Immunologists want measles, whooping cough vaccine program for older adults | RIVM reported that there were 7,187 whooping cough infections in the Netherlands in the first four months of this year. It also reported 74 measles diagnoses.
2024-05-03 18:10:16 EST Source
 88. ID_news Texas dairy farm worker's case may be first where H5N1 bird flu virus spread from mammal to human according to a new report by the CDC. All previous human cases were linked to transmission from infected birds.
2024-05-03 18:03:04 EST Source
 89. Coronavirus Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening? (Gift Article)
2024-05-03 16:40:20 EST Source
 90. ID_news Global mpox trends reveal hot spots in Africa, Europe, Americas
2024-05-03 13:06:56 EST Source
 91. ID_news Groups call for 'actionable steps' to address antimicrobial resistance
2024-05-03 12:52:28 EST Source
 92. COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 Viral Shedding and Rapid Antigen Test Performance - Respiratory Virus Transmission Network, November 2022-May 2023
2024-05-03 11:23:46 EST Source
 93. Coronavirus Lessons from COVID-19: Preparing for future pandemics means looking beyond the health data
2024-05-03 08:09:31 EST Source
 94. ID_news New Strategy Could Lead to Universal, Long-Lasting Flu Shot: Experimental vaccine targets portions of the flu virus that don’t change | Duke Today
2024-05-02 17:40:10 EST Source
 95. ID_news Syphilis surge: The great imitator strikes again
2024-05-02 17:31:44 EST Source
 96. ID_news Last chance for global pandemic agreement talks
2024-05-02 17:14:33 EST Source
 97. ID_news Dengue fever causes over 2,000 deaths so far this year in Brazil
2024-05-02 14:34:53 EST Source
 98. Virology Emergence and interstate spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) in dairy cattle
2024-05-02 14:30:53 EST Source
 99. ID_news Pandemic preparedness in question over bird flu outbreak
2024-05-02 13:27:51 EST Source
 100. Coronavirus Moderna COVID vaccine sales plummet 91 percent
2024-05-02 12:03:50 EST Source
 101. Coronavirus The future of at-home molecular testing
2024-05-02 08:16:20 EST Source
 102. ID_news Health warning to travellers heading to Bali after surge in dengue fever
2024-05-02 01:57:29 EST Source
 103. ID_news Dutch whooping cough cases top 7,000 to set new 10-year record
2024-05-02 01:55:44 EST Source
 104. COVID19 Safety, tolerability, viral kinetics, and immune correlates of protection in healthy, seropositive UK adults inoculated with SARS-CoV-2: a single-centre, open-label, phase 1 controlled human infection study
2024-05-01 16:50:51 EST Source
 105. ID_news Avian flu crosses species, infecting cats and cattle in Texas and Kansas
2024-05-01 12:27:35 EST Source
 106. China_flu Scientist Who Sequenced COVID-19 Virus Allowed to Return to Lab After Protest
2024-05-01 09:53:12 EST Source
 107. COVID19 Monthly Scientific Discussion Thread - May 2024
2024-05-01 08:00:46 EST Source
 108. ID_news Global chocolate supply under 'real threat' from virus: expert
2024-04-30 16:47:27 EST Source
 109. ID_news Analysis of cow, cat H5N1 avian flu samples raises concerns about spread to other animals | CIDRAP
2024-04-30 07:27:19 EST Source
 110. Virology Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Clade Virus Infection in Domestic Dairy Cattle and Cats, United States, 2024
2024-04-30 06:37:20 EST Source
 111. ID_news Merck Announces Positive Data for V116, an Investigational, 21-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Specifically Designed for Adults - Merck.com
2024-04-29 16:55:11 EST Source
 112. ID_news COVID-era hospital reporting set to end: Hospitals starting this week will no longer have to report data on admissions, occupancy and other indicators of possible system stress from respiratory diseases to federal officials
2024-04-29 15:04:37 EST Source
 113. ID_news There’s never a good time to drink raw milk. But now's a really bad time as bird flu infects cows
2024-04-29 14:19:30 EST Source
 114. ID_news 'Whooping cough' cases confirmed on campus | University Park Campus News | Penn state
2024-04-29 12:34:01 EST Source
 115. ID_news Measles outbreak in northeastern Nigeria claims lives of 19 children
2024-04-29 12:29:11 EST Source
 116. ID_news Cholera cases on French island of Mayotte grow to 26
2024-04-29 11:45:34 EST Source
 117. ID_news RSV Vaccine For Younger Adults Found Protective — Among these U.S. adults, 9.5% have a chronic condition that puts them at risk of severe RSV disease, & this percentage rises to 24.3% among persons 50 to 64 years of age
2024-04-28 19:33:28 EST Source
 118. ID_news Experts call for global genetic warning system to combat the next pandemic and antimicrobial resistance
2024-04-28 14:57:38 EST Source
 119. Virology What would happen if you caught covid and the flu at the same time?
2024-04-28 12:38:40 EST Source
 120. COVID19 The impact of COVID vaccination on incidence of long COVID and healthcare resource utilisation in a primary care cohort in England, 2021-2022
2024-04-28 09:24:48 EST Source
 121. Coronavirus Weekly Discussion Thread | Week of April 28, 2024
2024-04-28 03:00:25 EST Source
 122. COVID19 An amyloidogenic fragment of the SARS CoV-2 envelope protein promotes serum amyloid A misfolding and fibrillization
2024-04-28 01:46:40 EST Source
 123. Virology Human Endogenous Retrovirus-K HML-2 integration within RASGRF2 is associated with intravenous drug abuse and modulates transcription in a cell-line model
2024-04-27 22:33:14 EST Source
 124. Virology Dairy farmers are at risk for bird flu. Here's how they can stay safe.
2024-04-27 20:39:00 EST Source
 125. COVID19_sp Mask or not?
2024-04-27 19:59:49 EST Source
 126. ID_news Surgeon general urges measles vaccine among military amid rise in cases, positive member
2024-04-27 19:58:24 EST Source
 127. Coronavirus Fauci agrees to testify in Congress on covid origins, pandemic policies
2024-04-27 17:43:28 EST Source
 128. ID_news Texas officials confirm first cases of CWD in Edwards County
2024-04-27 16:36:40 EST Source
 129. ID_news DHS Confirms Case of Measles in Dane County with travel and employment in Rock County. | Wisconsin Department of Health Services
2024-04-27 16:25:16 EST Source
 130. ID_news Spike in arboviral diseases shows need for vaccine development: expert
2024-04-27 16:23:32 EST Source
 131. ID_news Whooping cough outbreak at 2 Lexington, Ky schools
2024-04-27 09:22:09 EST Source
 132. ID_news Nearly 200 people sick in norovirus outbreaks on Princess, Royal Caribbean ships
2024-04-27 09:20:51 EST Source
 133. ID_news Mpox outbreak reported in Cleveland area after 11 cases reported: What is the disease?
2024-04-27 09:19:35 EST Source
 134. ID_news Pertussis cases reported in Henderson County: Most cases are among school-aged children. | Henderson County North Carolina
2024-04-27 02:16:47 EST Source
 135. ID_news Oregon: Lane County Public Health seeing rise in pertussis cases - This new case closely follows 12 recently reported cases and brings the total to 13 pertussis cases in April 2024.
2024-04-27 02:14:19 EST Source
 136. ID_news Whooping cough cases rise in North Idaho’s Kootenai County, health officials say
2024-04-27 02:11:30 EST Source
 137. Virology Inactivated H5N1 virus in milk and Ab production/immunity?
2024-04-26 21:00:06 EST Source
 138. Virology FDA: Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) - no active virus in a limited sample of HPAl qPCR positive retail milk products, suggesting pasteurization effectively inactivates the virus.
2024-04-26 20:44:41 EST Source
 139. ID_news Invasive strep: ‘Don’t wait’ to seek care, N.S. woman warns on long road to recovery | Globalnews.ca
2024-04-26 19:59:08 EST Source
 140. ID_news Superbug from human eye drops outbreak spread to dogs: The animals were infected by a bacteria known as carbapenemase-producing carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2024-04-26 16:49:25 EST Source
 141. ID_news Doctors seeing more syphilis patients with unusual and severe symptoms, study shows
2024-04-26 16:15:29 EST Source
 142. ID_news New UV air disinfection technology could help protect against health care infections, possibly the next pandemic
2024-04-26 16:14:27 EST Source
 143. ID_news There's a second outbreak of Marburg virus in Africa. Climate change could be a factor
2024-04-26 15:05:28 EST Source
 144. COVID19_sp Dad Stuck in Rural Spain w/ Severe COVID-19 Infection: seeking any support and/or Spain-based/Spanish-speaking individuals who can advise on: a. Good pulmonologist near Andújar, Spain; b. the following medications: 1. Levofloxcico; 2. Varidasa; 3. Paracetamol; 4. Flutox Jarabe; 5. Vontolin.
2024-04-26 14:28:42 EST Source

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