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 481. Coronavirus Is It Dangerous to Keep Getting COVID-19?
2024-01-11 11:37:17 EST Source
 482. Coronavirus Covid kills nearly 10,000 in a month as holidays fuel spread, WHO says
2024-01-11 09:01:51 EST Source
 483. COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 BA.2.86 enters lung cells and evades neutralizing antibodies with high efficiency
2024-01-11 01:12:01 EST Source
 484. Coronavirus Can’t Think, Can’t Remember: More Americans Say They’re in a Cognitive Fog. Adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s are driving the trend. Researchers point to long Covid as a major cause.
2024-01-10 23:42:05 EST Source
 485. Coronavirus We Are in a Big Covid Wave. But Just How Big?
2024-01-10 21:17:46 EST Source
 486. ID_news Delawareans may have been exposed to measles at health provider amid Philadelphia outbreak
2024-01-10 21:02:18 EST Source
 487. Coronavirus From “Immunity Debt” to “Immunity Theft”—How COVID-19 Might Be Tied to Recent Respiratory Disease Surges
2024-01-10 20:32:55 EST Source
 488. COVID19_sp Did I reinfect myself just two days before I should have been fine? That's the main point of this but I also just really, really needed to get out my plight I hate this situation I'm in with every ounce of being
2024-01-10 20:12:03 EST Source
 489. Coronavirus Why are 1,500 Americans still dying from COVID every week?
2024-01-10 17:44:20 EST Source
 490. COVID19 Conversion of monoclonal IgG to dimeric and secretory IgA restores neutralizing ability and prevents infection of Omicron lineages
2024-01-10 13:56:57 EST Source
 491. Coronavirus Vegetarians 'less likely to get Covid-19 than meat eaters'
2024-01-10 13:08:10 EST Source
 492. Coronavirus Interior Health drops all COVID-19 rapid tests at facilities | Globalnews.ca
2024-01-10 13:04:14 EST Source
 493. Coronavirus Spain makes face masks mandatory in hospitals as flu and Covid cases surge
2024-01-10 07:49:59 EST Source
 494. Coronavirus Nurosym Treatment for Long Covid
2024-01-10 07:32:22 EST Source
 495. COVID19 Vegetarian and plant-based diets associated with lower incidence of COVID-19
2024-01-10 04:40:45 EST Source
 496. Virology Anyone have a study plan?
2024-01-10 03:05:53 EST Source
 497. Virology Would a rabies exposure and vaccine protect against HIV
2024-01-09 20:55:02 EST Source
 498. COVID19 COVID-19 public health emergency of international concern (2020-23)
2024-01-09 18:06:06 EST Source
 499. Coronavirus Moderna says it hit its 2023 COVID vaccine sales goal
2024-01-09 15:17:07 EST Source
 500. Coronavirus With COVID on the rise, your at-home test may be taking longer to show a positive result
2024-01-09 14:56:42 EST Source
 501. Coronavirus I Was Exposed to COVID-19. How Long Will It Take for Symptoms to Start?
2024-01-09 14:54:27 EST Source
 502. COVID19 Immunological imprinting shapes the specificity of human antibody responses against SARS-CoV-2 variants
2024-01-09 14:11:30 EST Source
 503. COVID19 Influence of Seasonality and Public-Health Interventions on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Northern Europe
2024-01-09 14:07:10 EST Source
 504. Virology Plaque assay and foci images
2024-01-09 13:52:33 EST Source
 505. Coronavirus A discovery in the muscles of long COVID patients may explain exercise troubles
2024-01-09 11:57:53 EST Source
 506. Coronavirus Coronavirus levels in Boston-area waste water have surged to second-highest point since pandemic began
2024-01-09 09:19:16 EST Source
 507. COVID19_sp Waiting room full of people with Covid?
2024-01-09 08:28:56 EST Source
 508. COVID19 WHO petition - Ammendments deadline is Jan 27th 2024.
2024-01-08 22:06:31 EST Source
 509. Virology Virus ELISA questions:
2024-01-08 21:05:58 EST Source
 510. Coronavirus With COVID-19 cases rising in Chicago, there’s no expiration date on the importance of masking up
2024-01-08 20:35:06 EST Source
 511. Coronavirus Spain considers nationwide hospital mask rule, as flu, COVID hit Europe
2024-01-08 20:33:11 EST Source
 512. COVID19 Real-World Effectiveness of BNT162b2 Against Infection and Severe Diseases in Children and Adolescents
2024-01-08 20:28:18 EST Source
 513. ID_news Nigeria records at least 219 Lassa fever deaths in 2023
2024-01-08 18:22:56 EST Source
 514. ID_news Emergency room overflow: Flu cases ‘on the rise’ across Tarrant County | “Entire families are coming in positive since it’s pretty contagious.”
2024-01-08 18:08:59 EST Source
 515. ID_news Health Department Update on Measles Outbreak – January 8 | 2 new confirmed cases of measles, for a total of 8 confirmed cases of measles (7 Philadelphia cases, one non-Philadelphia case). | City of Philadelphia
2024-01-08 17:52:16 EST Source
 516. Coronavirus COVID-19 May Be Linked to a Long-Term Decrease in Cognitive Abilities in Hospitalized Patients
2024-01-08 17:51:24 EST Source
 517. COVID19 Long COVID is associated with severe cognitive slowing
2024-01-08 17:46:20 EST Source
 518. COVID19 Brain Health After COVID-19, Pneumonia, Myocardial Infarction, or Critical Illness - PubMed
2024-01-08 17:38:17 EST Source
 519. Coronavirus Brain Health After COVID-19, Pneumonia, Myocardial Infarction, or Critical Illness
2024-01-08 17:36:58 EST Source
 520. COVID19 The Association of Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injury to Acute and Long COVID-19 Outcomes
2024-01-08 17:21:19 EST Source
 521. COVID19 Covid-19 Clinical Outcomes and N-Acetylcysteine (Covinac Study): A Grade Compliant Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials, Molecular Docking, and Dynamics Simulations with Mpro of Sars-Cov-2
2024-01-08 15:59:28 EST Source
 522. Coronavirus COVID-19 Activity Increases as Prevalence of JN.1 Variant Continues to Rise. (Updated 01-05-2024)
2024-01-08 14:32:59 EST Source
 523. Virology Hantavirus information
2024-01-08 13:08:14 EST Source
 524. Virology Causes of false positive HIV tests
2024-01-08 11:53:03 EST Source
 525. Virology Creating a virus
2024-01-08 11:45:28 EST Source
 526. ID_news Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory and UConn Health are rigorously investigating why vaccines don’t work as well in some older adults. - UConn Today
2024-01-08 06:29:18 EST Source
 527. Virology Can you be HbSAtg negative and HbSAb negative after recovery?
2024-01-08 06:10:54 EST Source
 528. ID_news RSV Vaccines Would Greatly Reduce Illness if Implemented Like Flu Shots: potentially reduce millions of dollars in annual outpatient and hospitalization costs, < Yale School of Public Health
2024-01-08 05:49:19 EST Source
 529. COVID19_sp thank you for caring
2024-01-08 04:29:45 EST Source
 530. ID_news Health Canada Approves Pfizer’s Bivalent Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine for Older Adults and Infants Through Maternal Immunization | Pfizer Canada
2024-01-08 03:40:31 EST Source
 531. COVID19 Higher COVID-19 pneumonia risk associated with anti-IFN-α than with anti-IFN-ω auto-Abs in children
2024-01-08 03:26:44 EST Source
 532. Coronavirus Any WHO guidance or follow-up on NIH concurrent rise of strep alongside coronavirus? (article from 2021) seeing uptick of strep immediately following covid lately
2024-01-08 03:03:07 EST Source
 533. Virology Why don’t common viruses, such as influenza, become progressively more infectious?
2024-01-07 23:37:33 EST Source
 534. Coronavirus COVID-19 has tested us. Will we be ready for the next pandemic?
2024-01-07 22:32:11 EST Source
 535. ID_news Infectious disease specialists say brace yourself for respiratory viruses packing a 1-2 punch | abc7.com
2024-01-07 19:33:03 EST Source
 536. Coronavirus Neighbourhood amenities may have helped youth mental health and stress early in the pandemic
2024-01-07 19:09:32 EST Source
 537. Coronavirus JN-1 Variant of COVID-19 Reveals New Symptoms: Anxiety and Sleep Troubles
2024-01-07 17:21:22 EST Source
 538. Coronavirus Gray matter thickness may be reduced in specific brain areas after SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection
2024-01-07 16:51:39 EST Source
 539. ID_news Pennsylvania - Pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak in area prompts advice from St. Luke’s - lehighvalleylive.com
2024-01-07 16:13:54 EST Source
 540. Coronavirus Coronavirus FAQ: My partner/roommate/kid got COVID. And I didn't. How come?
2024-01-07 13:03:49 EST Source
 541. COVID19 Rapid Emergence and Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Advanced HIV Infection
2024-01-07 12:57:29 EST Source
 542. COVID19 A stapled lipopeptide platform for preventing and treating highly pathogenic viruses of pandemic potential
2024-01-07 12:56:17 EST Source
 543. COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 infection in immunosuppression evolves sub-lineages which independently accumulate neutralization escape mutations
2024-01-07 12:52:28 EST Source
 544. Coronavirus Weekly Discussion Thread | Week of January 07, 2024
2024-01-07 03:00:23 EST Source
 545. Coronavirus The U.S. is facing the biggest COVID wave since Omicron. Why are we still playing make-believe? by Eric Topol | LA Times
2024-01-06 22:46:51 EST Source
 546. COVID19 AIDS and COVID-19 are two diseases separated by a common lymphocytopenia
2024-01-06 21:17:58 EST Source
 547. Coronavirus Hydroxychloroquine use in COVID pandemic may have led to 17,000 deaths
2024-01-06 20:04:02 EST Source
 548. Coronavirus The US is starting 2024 in its second-largest COVID surge ever.
2024-01-06 17:31:30 EST Source
 549. Virology Career Advice?
2024-01-06 16:53:08 EST Source
 550. Coronavirus Key Cause of Long COVID Fatigue Revealed in New Study
2024-01-06 14:34:29 EST Source
 551. Virology Is there any beneficial viruses that are real.
2024-01-06 13:59:53 EST Source
 552. COVID19 An mRNA vaccine encoding the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain protects mice from various Omicron variants
2024-01-06 01:55:46 EST Source
 553. COVID19 Features of acute COVID-19 associated with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 phenotypes: results from the IMPACC study
2024-01-06 01:53:43 EST Source
 554. Coronavirus JN.1 represents 'very serious evolution' of Covid virus, say global experts
2024-01-05 22:34:08 EST Source
 555. Coronavirus Covid: India logs 760 new cases, active caseload at 4,423
2024-01-05 22:21:39 EST Source
 556. Coronavirus Analysis: 'Pandemic is far from over,' expert says as new variant spurs major COVID resurgence
2024-01-05 22:18:10 EST Source
 557. ID_news Health department warns of measles cluster among unvaccinated residents that originated with CHOP patient:...two unconfirmed cases are among people exposed to an infected person who spent time at a day-care center in violation of quarantine
2024-01-05 15:33:48 EST Source
 558. Coronavirus COVID-19 cases are rising again. Here's how to check if your at-home tests are expired.
2024-01-05 12:05:32 EST Source
 559. COVID19 Higher COVID-19 pneumonia risk associated with anti-IFN-α than with anti-IFN-ω auto-Abs in children | Journal of Experimental Medicine
2024-01-05 11:01:39 EST Source
 560. ID_news Antimicrobial resistance linked to a million African deaths in 1 year
2024-01-05 07:11:53 EST Source
 561. COVID19 Prototype mRNA vaccines imprint broadly neutralizing human serum antibodies after Omicron variant-matched boosting
2024-01-05 03:29:36 EST Source
 562. COVID19 Lethal Infection of Human ACE2-Transgenic Mice Caused by SARS-CoV-2-related Pangolin Coronavirus GX_P2V(short_3UTR)
2024-01-05 03:21:25 EST Source
 563. ID_news Health experts warn of whooping cough outbreaks in these areas: health departments in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Suffolk County, New York, have both recently alerted the public of outbreaks within their respective schools.
2024-01-05 01:11:33 EST Source
 564. Virology Help troubleshooting ELISA for virus specific Ab
2024-01-04 22:46:10 EST Source
 565. Coronavirus No Reduction in Long COVID Risk with Paxlovid, New Research Shows
2024-01-04 17:59:40 EST Source
 566. Coronavirus [Singapore] Covid-19 wave ending, with sharp fall in patients admitted to hospitals and ICUs
2024-01-04 16:27:58 EST Source
 567. Virology Correlation between Epstein-Barr and Covid
2024-01-04 10:56:02 EST Source
 568. Coronavirus Another covid wave hits U.S. as JN.1 becomes dominant variant
2024-01-04 09:09:08 EST Source
 569. Coronavirus Brain damage caused by COVID-19 may not show up on routine tests, study finds | COVID-19 can severely injure the brain, but these changes can go undetected — and last for months
2024-01-04 08:32:01 EST Source
 570. Coronavirus World Health Organization says COVID-19 pandemic is not over
2024-01-04 08:13:38 EST Source
 571. Coronavirus Long Covid causes changes in body that make exercise debilitating – study: Experts say severe muscle damage, mitochondrial problems and microclots may explain impact of working out
2024-01-04 08:05:33 EST Source
 572. COVID19 Learning from prepandemic data to forecast viral escape
2024-01-04 07:36:38 EST Source
 573. Coronavirus Mask Mandates Return in U.S. Hospitals as Flu and COVID-19 Spike
2024-01-04 07:34:32 EST Source
 574. Coronavirus Research examines underlying processes of physical fatigue in Long-covid patients.
2024-01-04 05:50:28 EST Source
 575. COVID19 Muscle abnormalities worsen after post-exertional malaise in long COVID
2024-01-04 05:44:30 EST Source
 576. ID_news Doctors expect COVID, flu, RSV infections to spike after holiday gatherings: "Typical for us is the days leading up to New Year's Eve is a big spike and then a second slightly larger spike is usually in the week after New Years,"
2024-01-04 04:34:31 EST Source

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