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 158689. epidemic ‘We have to open our country again,’ says Trump, showing impatience with stay-home orders
2020-04-04 21:10:59 EST Source
 158690. Virology Can you get infected with coronavirus by fluids (teardrops or whatever) when other person blinks?
2020-04-04 20:47:31 EST Source
 158691. epidemic CDC Changes Face Mask Guidelines and Now Recommends ALL Individuals to Wear Face Coverings Including a Tutorial on How to Make Them at Home
2020-04-04 18:50:58 EST Source
 158692. Virology How Does the Coronavirus Behave Inside a Patient?
2020-04-04 18:37:10 EST Source
 158693. epidemic Philippine envoy to Lebanon dies of COVID-19 complications - GMA News Online - 2 April 2020
2020-04-04 18:32:46 EST Source
 158694. Virology China Is Reopening Its Wet Markets. That's Good
2020-04-04 18:02:47 EST Source
 158695. Virology Mutation data....
2020-04-04 14:15:03 EST Source
 158696. epidemic Analysis | The most prominent voice at coronavirus briefings is the least trusted one: Trump’s
2020-04-04 12:08:54 EST Source
 158697. ID_news Measles cases total 101; 87 are in Mexico City
2020-04-04 11:57:01 EST Source
 158698. epidemic The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged
2020-04-04 10:37:42 EST Source
 158699. ID_news How The United States Failed To See The Coronavirus Crisis Coming
2020-04-04 09:58:50 EST Source
 158700. Virology 6 feet of social distancing not nearly enough: CDC’s recommendation driving some experts ‘nuts’
2020-04-04 09:21:28 EST Source
 158701. epidemic Six Feet Social Distancing Based on 1930 's Data: 25 Feet is Actual Range of a Coronavirus Sneeze
2020-04-04 08:53:15 EST Source
 158702. ID_news A German Exception? Why the Country's Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low
2020-04-04 07:41:34 EST Source
 158703. ID_news Google's COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports
2020-04-04 07:36:52 EST Source
 158704. ID_news Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks
2020-04-04 07:14:16 EST Source
 158705. Virology If viruses mutate, why isn't there one similar to HIV but airborne?
2020-04-04 06:30:25 EST Source
 158706. Virology How long does it take to develop antibody tests for a virus?
2020-04-04 06:27:46 EST Source
 158707. Virology What other strands of coronavirus are there that originated from animals and infect humans?
2020-04-04 01:04:42 EST Source
 158708. epidemic Editorial: Navy Capt. Crozier's coronavirus decision was the right thing to do. Fired? He's a hero.
2020-04-03 23:41:30 EST Source
 158709. Virology 2017 - Bat cave solves mystery of deadly SARS virus — and suggests new outbreak could occur
2020-04-03 22:41:22 EST Source
 158710. Virology It’s here! It’s an older version, but it checks out. A long-awaited replacement to my 1999 version that the USPS lost over a decade ago.
2020-04-03 21:40:22 EST Source
 158711. epidemic Data Visualization Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases & Deaths Country By Country
2020-04-03 21:26:53 EST Source
 158712. Virology Question: can someone help me explain to my 90-year-old father why colloidal silver won’t protect against COVID-19?
2020-04-03 21:04:18 EST Source
 158713. Virology Based on research a tobacco smoke particle is 0.6 μm and a coronavirus cough aerozol particle is ~10 µm. Does this mean that a mask that neutralizes the tobacco smoke odor is capable of neutralizing the coronavirus droplets? Would this be a valid test to check a mask 's efficiency?
2020-04-03 19:19:37 EST Source
 158714. Virology ELI5: How do treatments for SARs-CoV-2 work?
2020-04-03 18:02:42 EST Source
 158715. epidemic Probability Comparison: Coronavirus Cases
2020-04-03 11:50:22 EST Source
 158716. Virology Question re: viral transmission outdoors. Can COVID-19 travel across large distances if there is wind?
2020-04-03 11:10:40 EST Source
 158717. Virology ARDS seen in SARS CoV2 infection
2020-04-03 02:52:18 EST Source
 158718. Virology Hi Virology. I would like to know if I somehow harbor antibodies for COVID-19.
2020-04-02 23:57:20 EST Source
 158719. Virology Honest question about masks which I haven't seen discussed. Could wearing a mask increase your viral load and raise the risk of a worse outcome in presymptomatic disease as you are shedding less of the virus?
2020-04-02 22:45:24 EST Source
 158720. Virology NYT OP ED: Princeton Biochemist Suggests Low Dose Covid Exposure Less Dangerous
2020-04-02 22:41:06 EST Source
 158721. epidemic Coronavirus Spread by Country until April 3!
2020-04-02 22:28:09 EST Source
 158722. epidemic Coronavirus Update: Is social distancing helping California?
2020-04-02 20:40:17 EST Source
 158723. ID_news Bodies pile up on streets in Ecuador as coronavirus spreads
2020-04-02 20:15:41 EST Source
 158724. ID_news FDA loosens constraints on blood donations from MSM, other groups because of COVID-19
2020-04-02 20:14:56 EST Source
 158725. ID_news FDA clears IND application for natural killer cell-based COVID-19 therapy
2020-04-02 20:14:27 EST Source
 158726. ID_news Global COVID-19 total races past 1 million mark
2020-04-02 20:13:54 EST Source
 158727. epidemic Australia seizes faulty coronavirus protective equipment - abc.net.au - 2 April 2020
2020-04-02 19:32:31 EST Source
 158728. epidemic Epidemics of The Last Century
2020-04-02 17:31:31 EST Source
 158729. epidemic Covid-19 known cases cross a million mark.
2020-04-02 17:06:32 EST Source
 158730. Virology Rapid Expert Consultation on the Possibility of Bioaerosol Spread of SARS-CoV-2 for the COVID-19 Pandemic | Results consistent with--but not proven--aerolosization of virus
2020-04-02 16:16:39 EST Source
 158731. epidemic Scientists may have found mutated coronavirus sub-type which lasts 49 days - Metro - Apr. 1, 2020
2020-04-02 15:20:41 EST Source
 158732. Virology Can SARS-CoV-2 infect human gut epithelium?
2020-04-02 14:31:08 EST Source
 158733. epidemic SARS: total cases, fatalities, fatality ratio, female cases, median age range - Countries Compared
2020-04-02 09:38:19 EST Source
 158734. epidemic Fauci socks, Fauci doughnuts, Fauci fan art: The coronavirus expert attracts a cult following
2020-04-02 09:17:04 EST Source
 158735. Virology Could Selank (a tuftstin analogue) and related peptides play a role in the fight against Covid-19?
2020-04-02 08:10:46 EST Source
 158736. Virology Is it/would it be possible to train dogs to smell/detect a virus and/or a contaminated person?
2020-04-02 07:50:33 EST Source
 158737. epidemic Coronavirus Pandemic In United States: Real Time, US County Map, News
2020-04-02 05:32:39 EST Source
 158738. epidemic Florida governor: We'll take state residents only from Zaandam cruise ship
2020-04-01 18:13:53 EST Source
 158739. epidemic Coast Guard Tells Cruise Ships With COVID-19 Cases To Stay Away From U.S. Ports
2020-04-01 14:25:57 EST Source
 158740. Virology The human Virome: What is our understanding of its function to date
2020-04-01 13:18:41 EST Source
 158741. epidemic The number of actual Coronavirus cases is realistically at least multiple times the number of confirmed cases
2020-04-01 12:13:27 EST Source
 158742. Virology Question on testing for virus half lives on carbon steel and other surfaces.
2020-04-01 11:01:11 EST Source
 158743. Virology Help analyzing Antiviral plate assay data
2020-04-01 10:36:36 EST Source
 158744. ID_news MSF surprised that Iran put a stop to our coronavirus COVID-19 response
2020-04-01 09:25:15 EST Source
 158745. ID_news US COVID-19 deaths top China's; data show impact on those with chronic disease
2020-04-01 09:22:44 EST Source
 158746. ID_news India: 4th death due to 'monkey fever' reported in Shivamogga, Karnataka
2020-04-01 09:22:16 EST Source
 158747. ID_news Live chat today at 11 a.m ET: The coronavirus pandemic - STAT
2020-04-01 09:21:41 EST Source
 158748. epidemic Why does the curve flatten at all?
2020-04-01 08:07:06 EST Source
 158749. Virology Data-Against-Covid.org would love to assist you with your COVID-19 related data and analysis problems!
2020-04-01 06:28:48 EST Source
 158750. epidemic Trump calls on Florida to allow Zaandam to dock: “They are dying on the ship”
2020-04-01 04:45:25 EST Source
 158751. epidemic China promotes bear bile as coronavirus treatment, alarming wildlife advocates | National Geographic | 25 March 2020
2020-03-31 20:22:55 EST Source
 158752. epidemic Africa is woefully ill-equipped to cope with covid-19 | The Economist | 26 March 2020
2020-03-31 19:47:13 EST Source
 158753. Virology Layman here. Would like some experts thoughts on scientific points addressed in COVID conspiracy-esqe post, mainly dual-use gain-of-function research and zoonotic jump timeframes
2020-03-31 18:02:10 EST Source
 158754. epidemic What are the most devastating pandemics in human history? In true scale
2020-03-31 13:40:12 EST Source
 158755. Virology Question about zoonotic transmission through ingestion of fish
2020-03-31 13:31:30 EST Source
 158756. epidemic Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19 | JAMA Insights | 3/26/2020
2020-03-31 12:51:28 EST Source
 158757. Virology Questions about viral load
2020-03-31 10:47:04 EST Source
 158758. epidemic 🌍📈 The Mathematics of Epidemics
2020-03-31 10:44:55 EST Source
 158759. Virology A question about catching a cold while in isolation.
2020-03-31 08:46:49 EST Source
 158760. epidemic Coronavirus Update: Data Visualization Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases By Country
2020-03-31 07:45:11 EST Source
 158761. Virology Can viral infections be fought with decoy bacteria?
2020-03-31 05:27:54 EST Source
 158762. Virology Coronavirus has a different genome sequencing in India compared to say Italy. Can this be possible at all?
2020-03-31 02:46:20 EST Source
 158763. epidemic Another simpler infographic for people that still make the “but the flu tho” argument
2020-03-31 01:23:17 EST Source
 158764. ID_news Mayor Garcetti on when LA might return to ‘normalcy’ and have a COVID-19 vaccine
2020-03-30 22:32:36 EST Source
 158765. Virology SARS survivers might be immune to Covid-19?
2020-03-30 21:05:23 EST Source
 158766. Virology Professor Britt Glaunsinger of UC Berkeley gives a lecture on the molecular virology of SARS-CoV-2. WARNING: advanced material (advanced undergrad or graduate-level).
2020-03-30 20:25:21 EST Source
 158767. epidemic Hello everyone! I made an infographic for the pathogenesis of COVID-19, thought someone might find it interesting here. Please stay safe and home!
2020-03-30 20:14:52 EST Source
 158768. Virology Viral Vaccines Infographic: accuracy check
2020-03-30 15:40:43 EST Source
 158769. Virology Coronavirus tests produced in Maine give results within minutes
2020-03-30 14:06:12 EST Source
 158770. Virology We're a group of university students across Canada trying to make literature on COVID19 more accessible to the public by breaking down recent papers into terms people without life science backgrounds can understand
2020-03-30 13:39:21 EST Source
 158771. Virology Can anyone suggest published papers on covid 19 ,its infection mechanism available on NCBI or any journal?
2020-03-30 09:02:01 EST Source
 158772. epidemic Hungary: jail terms for spreading coronavirus misinformation
2020-03-30 03:53:03 EST Source
 158773. Virology Could blood group play a role in coronavirus infection
2020-03-30 03:16:18 EST Source
 158774. Virology Why viruses aren't alive: A reductio ad absurdum
2020-03-30 00:45:39 EST Source
 158775. Virology I just ordered a new Fields
2020-03-30 00:07:17 EST Source
 158776. epidemic Pandemic Comparison Covid-19
2020-03-29 22:44:02 EST Source
 158777. ID_news New York state surpasses 1,000 coronavirus deaths
2020-03-29 20:29:23 EST Source
 158778. epidemic I remember reading this in January while I was in Boston for work. Chilling
2020-03-29 19:53:57 EST Source
 158779. Virology False positives with PCR testing?
2020-03-29 16:06:41 EST Source
 158780. Virology If for every 100 people on a population of 1 million you take saliva samples and mix, then test for the coronavirus in the mix will you get an accurate enough statistical measurement of the spread of a virus? Would this work?
2020-03-29 16:01:35 EST Source
 158781. epidemic COVID19 USA case map by county by day (University of Chicago Center for Spatial Data Science)
2020-03-29 15:58:29 EST Source
 158782. epidemic CORONAVIRUS: How Did it Really Start and How Do We Stop it From Happening Again?
2020-03-29 14:48:21 EST Source
 158783. ID_news Here is a distribution of recorded Covid-19 cases in Iceland (which tests broadly, even people with no symptoms) and the Netherlands (which tests narrowly, only those with severe symptoms)
2020-03-29 13:07:07 EST Source
 158784. ID_news National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening
2020-03-29 13:05:41 EST Source

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