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 154945. Virology Life in Our Phage World! is a wonderfully illustrated Book about Phages. Best thing, its free to Download.
2020-05-18 20:11:43 EST Source
 154946. Coronavirus Govt pays penalty to idle power cos, force majeure not applied
2020-05-18 20:11:37 EST Source
 154947. Coronavirus ‘She Was Loved’: 15-Year-Old Daryana Dyson From Baltimore Dies From Coronavirus
2020-05-18 20:10:07 EST Source
 154948. China_flu 'I cannot stress this enough: This will kill you.' Fox News host Neil Cavuto was shocked by Trump's announcement that he's taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus.
2020-05-18 20:03:29 EST Source
 154949. COVID19_sp Feeling drained from all the takers in my life
2020-05-18 19:53:27 EST Source
 154950. COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 is well adapted for humans. What does this mean for re-emergence?
2020-05-18 19:43:53 EST Source
 154951. China_flu r0 above 1.0 again - lot's of cases in vienna
2020-05-18 19:23:38 EST Source
 154952. Coronavirus Centivax Antibodies Neutralize the Pandemic Coronavirus, Independently Confirmed by Three Research Laboratories (USAMRIID, Stanford, and UTMB/GNL)
2020-05-18 19:22:24 EST Source
 154953. Coronavirus Moderna shows positive results on virus vaccine trials
2020-05-18 19:15:39 EST Source
 154954. Coronavirus CDC releases new coronavirus guidelines for reopening schools amid COVID-19 pandemic
2020-05-18 19:14:45 EST Source
 154955. Coronavirus Tyson poultry plant remains closed past USDA head's reopening goal
2020-05-18 19:13:35 EST Source
 154956. Coronavirus France ordered to end coronavirus ban on worship
2020-05-18 19:13:34 EST Source
 154957. Coronavirus NL marks 11 straight days of no new reported cases of COVID-19
2020-05-18 19:12:49 EST Source
 154958. Coronavirus Utah sees dramatic rise in domestic violence 911 calls during "lockdown"
2020-05-18 19:10:56 EST Source
 154959. Coronavirus ‘You can easily kill someone you love’: Cooper speaks out against those attending Triad ‘COVID-19 parties’
2020-05-18 18:59:04 EST Source
 154960. China_flu Compare real life Coronavirus billboards to fiction. Life imitates art.
2020-05-18 18:57:20 EST Source
 154961. Coronavirus The New Face of Restaurant Hospitality Wears a Mask
2020-05-18 18:56:10 EST Source
 154962. Coronavirus Politicians return to 'surreal' Australian Parliament House but the public won't be back anytime soon
2020-05-18 18:55:25 EST Source
 154963. COVID19_sp Should I Wash My Hair???
2020-05-18 18:53:36 EST Source
 154964. China_flu Sweden Vs Rest of The World (VIRUS MEME)
2020-05-18 18:46:19 EST Source
 154965. Coronavirus Top Conn. Health Aide Disappears From Virus Briefings, Then Is Fired
2020-05-18 18:45:21 EST Source
 154966. Coronavirus Hispanic leaders demand Austin, Texas, step up coronavirus response for Latinos amid high cases, deaths
2020-05-18 18:42:40 EST Source
 154967. Coronavirus Georgia, a particularly hyper aggressive state in 'reopening', makes it look like cases go down when in fact they doctored their graphs with misleading information.
2020-05-18 18:37:35 EST Source
 154968. Coronavirus Where New Yorkers Moved to Escape Coronavirus
2020-05-18 18:35:56 EST Source
 154969. Coronavirus Navajo Nation Surpasses New York infection rate
2020-05-18 18:35:04 EST Source
 154970. Coronavirus Fourteenth Mendocino County case traced to Mother’s Day live stream church service
2020-05-18 18:35:00 EST Source
 154971. China_flu Comparing Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps - How it Affects Your Privacy
2020-05-18 18:33:49 EST Source
 154972. China_flu US woman arrested for spitting in nurse’s face, claiming to have coronavirus
2020-05-18 18:33:39 EST Source
 154973. China_flu Google bans Podcast Addict app after 9 years for letting users play podcasts that reference COVID-19. Google says it needs to be authorized by official government entities or public health organizations.
2020-05-18 18:18:59 EST Source
 154974. COVID19_sp sad and missing family
2020-05-18 18:15:06 EST Source
 154975. COVID19 Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for the Treatment of COVID-19 Infection
2020-05-18 17:59:22 EST Source
 154976. COVID19 Ivermectin and Nitazoxanide Combination Therapy for COVID-19
2020-05-18 17:57:45 EST Source
 154977. Coronavirus Dr. Nevan Krogan Interview zur Coronavirus Pandemie [GER]
2020-05-18 17:55:14 EST Source
 154978. Coronavirus Italy reopens shops, bars and restaurants as 10-week lockdown eases
2020-05-18 17:54:44 EST Source
 154979. Coronavirus Alaska company makes PPE to benefit the hearing-impaired
2020-05-18 17:53:23 EST Source
 154980. Coronavirus Medicaid Clinics And Doctors Have Been Last In Line For COVID-19 Relief Funding
2020-05-18 17:51:13 EST Source
 154981. COVID19_sp The current situation is starting to hit me mentally [23M]
2020-05-18 17:36:59 EST Source
 154982. China_flu Why are so many people selling their houses during the pandemic? Are they planning to buy a cheaper house? A condo would increase their chances of infection.
2020-05-18 17:23:40 EST Source
 154983. China_flu "After receiving a pledge of financial support from China, the World Health Organisation said review will make recommendations for the future"
2020-05-18 17:20:33 EST Source
 154984. China_flu Wuhan lab staff should clear up coronavirus rumors and lies and defend institute’s name, says scientist
2020-05-18 17:09:59 EST Source
 154985. China_flu The Workers' Party (PT) of Brazil will present a formal petition to initiate an impeachment against the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro for his mismanagement in the face of the health crisis that the country is going through due to COVID-19.
2020-05-18 17:05:01 EST Source
 154986. China_flu Merkel: Coronavirus pandemic will be overcome quicker if world works together
2020-05-18 17:04:30 EST Source
 154987. Coronavirus Trump says he's been taking hydroxychloroquine for a 'few weeks'
2020-05-18 16:38:27 EST Source
 154988. COVID19_sp Grocery delivery people keep showing up without masks. Do I leave a comment about it in my rating?
2020-05-18 16:11:52 EST Source
 154989. COVID19_sp Loneliness: feel like I'm slipping back
2020-05-18 16:02:19 EST Source
 154990. COVID19 Tocilizumab for Hemophagocytic Syndrome in a Kidney Transplant Recipient With COVID-19
2020-05-18 15:55:50 EST Source
 154991. COVID19_sp Quarantine existential crisis/anxiety/depression
2020-05-18 15:41:50 EST Source
 154992. COVID19 Anti-Spike, anti-Nucleocapsid and neutralizing antibodies in SARS-CoV-2 hospitalized patients and asymptomatic carriers
2020-05-18 15:00:23 EST Source
 154993. COVID19 Infectious SARS-CoV-2 in Feces of Patient with Severe COVID-19
2020-05-18 14:55:24 EST Source
 154994. COVID19 Retrospective Pooled Screening for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in late 2019
2020-05-18 14:55:08 EST Source
 154995. COVID19 Estimating the Global Infection Fatality Rate of COVID-19
2020-05-18 14:53:43 EST Source
 154996. COVID19 Nicotinic Cholinergic System and COVID-19: Identification of a Potentially Crucial Snake Toxin-Like Sequence in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein
2020-05-18 14:43:46 EST Source
 154997. Coronavirus NYC mayor: Swimmers at beaches will be 'taken right out of the water'
2020-05-18 14:33:30 EST Source
 154998. Coronavirus CDC warns of possible measles outbreak as vaccinations for children fall during coronavirus pandemic
2020-05-18 14:29:07 EST Source
 154999. Coronavirus Report: Treasury Fund to Ease Virus Crisis Off to Slow Start
2020-05-18 14:28:29 EST Source
 155000. Coronavirus 600,000 more students in Shanghai return to school as COVID-19 visibly wanes
2020-05-18 14:26:37 EST Source
 155001. Coronavirus How we're using AI to discover new antibiotics: « Collins explains how they pivoted their efforts to begin developing a series of tools and antiviral compounds to help fight COVID-19. »
2020-05-18 14:26:05 EST Source
 155002. COVID19_sp I can’t keep blaming the pandemic for my shitty behavior
2020-05-18 14:21:29 EST Source
 155003. COVID19_sp Looking for some support about keeping family, myself and others safe as a college student..
2020-05-18 14:18:58 EST Source
 155004. Coronavirus Chinese elite journalism school Tsinghua stops admitting students to focus on shaping global opinion of China in response to Covid19 fallout.
2020-05-18 14:09:42 EST Source
 155005. Coronavirus Fast in, first out: Denmark leads lockdown exit
2020-05-18 14:01:44 EST Source
 155006. Coronavirus 67 coronavirus infections confirmed at Helsinki's Suursuo Hospital
2020-05-18 14:00:46 EST Source
 155007. Coronavirus Buffalo can begin reopening tomorrow
2020-05-18 14:00:20 EST Source
 155008. Coronavirus Not enough evidence to conclude air conditioners spread CoViD19
2020-05-18 13:58:12 EST Source
 155009. Coronavirus More than 1,800 private planes landed in UK during Covid-19 lockdown
2020-05-18 13:55:31 EST Source
 155010. China_flu Utah went all-in on an unproven Covid-19 treatment, then scrambled to course-correct
2020-05-18 13:55:07 EST Source
 155011. China_flu India has done well in dealing with coronavirus pandemic: Harsh Vardhan
2020-05-18 13:53:50 EST Source
 155012. China_flu Coronavirus: All Bay Area counties to allow retail store curbside pickup
2020-05-18 13:53:07 EST Source
 155013. China_flu Canada’s nursing home crisis: 81 percent of coronavirus deaths are in long-term care facilities
2020-05-18 13:52:48 EST Source
 155014. Coronavirus Chile coronavirus death toll is 450
2020-05-18 13:52:20 EST Source
 155015. China_flu Harvard Professor Says It’s OK to Fly
2020-05-18 13:52:13 EST Source
 155016. Coronavirus Vermont Judge closes gym that opened despite lockdown after state attorney general sues owner
2020-05-18 13:51:55 EST Source
 155017. China_flu Poll: Majority of US voters want country to remain closed for now
2020-05-18 13:51:33 EST Source
 155018. Coronavirus New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise In Early, Limited Trial
2020-05-18 13:51:14 EST Source
 155019. China_flu Coronavirus: OneBlood running antibody tests as part of donating
2020-05-18 13:51:05 EST Source
 155020. China_flu France offers a case study in the battle between privacy and coronavirus tracing apps
2020-05-18 13:50:29 EST Source
 155021. Coronavirus Coronavirus Cases Surge in Texas Panhandle As State Continues To Reopen
2020-05-18 13:49:59 EST Source
 155022. China_flu Only 10% of Swiss are immune to Covid-19
2020-05-18 13:49:50 EST Source
 155023. Coronavirus It’s US that fears probe on virus origin: Global Times editorial
2020-05-18 13:49:39 EST Source
 155024. China_flu An Australian study of how coronavirus spread in 15 schools found a transmission rate of far less than 1%, Business Insider
2020-05-18 13:49:23 EST Source
 155025. China_flu POTUS backs Australia's push for COVID-19 inquiry, Xi taps the brake
2020-05-18 13:49:00 EST Source
 155026. China_flu UK expands COVID-19 testing to anyone aged five or over who have symptoms
2020-05-18 13:45:59 EST Source
 155027. Coronavirus Can I Be Evicted During Coronavirus? Look up your address
2020-05-18 13:45:42 EST Source
 155028. China_flu Indonesian villagers catch Covid-19 after opening casket, bathing corpse
2020-05-18 13:44:36 EST Source
 155029. China_flu Asians in the US least likely to get coronavirus infection, data suggests
2020-05-18 13:43:22 EST Source
 155030. Coronavirus Prepare for cell-tower attacks by 5G/COVID-19 conspiracy theorists
2020-05-18 13:43:10 EST Source
 155031. China_flu Sars antibodies can block Covid-19 infection: Study
2020-05-18 13:42:23 EST Source
 155032. China_flu United States and Kingdom - Dr. John Campbell
2020-05-18 13:42:06 EST Source
 155033. China_flu US auto industry returns to life after coronavirus lockdown
2020-05-18 13:42:01 EST Source
 155034. China_flu Taiwan a 'distinct global leader' in COVID-19 fight: Saint Vincent
2020-05-18 13:40:25 EST Source
 155035. China_flu Taiwan backs "legitimate demand" for coronavirus probe after China blocks country from World Health Assembly
2020-05-18 13:39:58 EST Source
 155036. China_flu US slams WHO and China for excluding Taiwan from key meeting
2020-05-18 13:39:41 EST Source
 155037. China_flu US, China in 'medical arms race' over coronavirus vaccine
2020-05-18 13:38:46 EST Source
 155038. Coronavirus [crosspost - AMA in r/IAmA] Hi, I’m Keshia Clukey, a reporter covering the coronavirus pandemic in New York state. AMA!
2020-05-18 13:37:22 EST Source
 155039. COVID19 Is sleep apnoea a risk factor for Covid-19? Findings from a retrospective cohort study
2020-05-18 13:36:55 EST Source
 155040. Coronavirus UHN-U of T-led study shows antiviral drug can speed up recovery of COVID-19 patient
2020-05-18 13:35:29 EST Source

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