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 157825. ID_news Measles case reported in Somerset County NJ, contact tracing underway
2024-06-15 12:59:45 EST Source
 157826. ID_news Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome cases in Japan hit record high | since the beginning of this year reached 977 as of June 2. That's a 2.8-fold increase from the same period last year and already more than that year's total of 941 ― the highest figure ever registered
2024-06-15 14:12:24 EST Source
 157827. Virology Natural Infection with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A/H5N1 Virus in Pet Ferrets
2024-06-15 15:39:19 EST Source
 157828. ID_news Possible measles exposure at Franciscan Urgent Care - West Seattle - King County, Washington: The child was not vaccinated, and the infection was likely associated with travel outside the United States.
2024-06-15 12:30:48 EST Source
 157829. Coronavirus Yes, Everyone Really Is Sick a Lot More Often After Covid
2024-06-15 08:38:36 EST Source
 157830. ID_news Gavi to boost access to life-saving human rabies vaccines in over 50 countries: Gavi, WHO and UAR
2024-06-15 09:58:04 EST Source
 157831. COVID19 Duration of Symptoms and Association With Positive Home Rapid Antigen Test Results After Infection With SARS-CoV-2
2024-06-15 08:09:00 EST Source
 157832. Coronavirus Too many children with long COVID are suffering in silence. Their greatest challenge? The myth that the virus is 'harmless' for kids
2024-06-15 18:38:56 EST Source

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